Ivy- League Schools: Ranking The Easiest And Hardest To Get Into For 2023

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Overview of Ivy League Schools: Gateway to Opportunities

Elite facilities, ultra-modern learning infrastructure, unmatched employment prospects, and meticulous admission procedures – these features define Ivy League Schools. The humble roots of these schools date back to 1954, with the establishment of the NCAA Conference for Division I.

Historically, the initial elitism of these universities originated in the world of sports. But with time, they emerged as renowned global institutes for education. Aspiring scholars can pursue a course from a top-ranking Ivy League school in 2023 for a lucrative career. Here is the compiled list of reasons to pursue a bachelor's or masters in the USA for Indian students:

Excellent Alumni Networks

With terrific alumni networks, these universities offer scholars an excellent support system. A solid alumni network uplifts students' experiences from recruitment to graduation besides a wide assortment of opportunities, including:

  • Industry-driven mentorship
  • World-class experience
  • Internships
  • Employment and more

Abundant Resources

The academic environment of these colleges encompasses libraries, enormous space to practice Broadway performances, and access to research work. Scholars get access to these resources. With them, they discover incredible scopes and, most importantly, a degree of individuality.

Profitable Career

In these universities, students can earn globally-acknowledged degrees and pioneering academic faculties. The best part of gaining admittance to these institutes is that they have built a legacy of alumni from all streams. So, these colleges hire graduates directly from the source and offer high-paying salaries.

With these opportunities, gaining admittance to an Ivy League School becomes highly profitable. Besides building networks with like-minded individuals, scholars can discover best-in-class facilities and learn from professionals.

Ivy League Abroad Programs: In-Demand Courses in 2023

Scholars who want to study abroad can choose any of the in-demand courses in Ivy League universities:

  • Computer Science: Computer Networking, Computer Forensics, Cyber Security, Software Engineering, and more
  • Business & Management Studies: Marketing & Sales, Digital Marketing, International Business, and Finance
  • Engineering studies: Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Management, Chemical Engineering, and more
  • Medicine: Medical Technology, Optometry, Dietetics, Pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacy
  • Mathematics: Computational Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Analysis, Pure Mathematics, Topology & Foundations
  • Economics & Econometrics: Finance, Data Analysis, Statistics & Probability, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics
  • Dentistry: Oral Biology, Radiology, Periodontology, Healthcare Ethics, Law, etc.

Among all the courses offered, healthcare jobs in the USA have emerged at 15% from 2019 to 2023. IT and management fields may also rise by 10% to 15%.

Comparison of Top Ivy-League Schools: Ranking from Top to Bottom

The renowned Ivy League consists of eight top-graded universities. Here's a list of accredited Ivy League Schools based on their top to bottom ranking:

1. Harvard University (Cambridge)

Securing a seat in one of the accredited Ivy League schools like Harvard is every aspirant's dream. But gaining admittance to this university requires carving a niche in the domain. It might be extracurricular activities, sports, or any volunteering work.

The admission committee looks for a stellar profile alongside a drive to learn. Excellent marks are crucial. But what's more important are volunteering and extracurricular activities that make the application attract attention.

Students should display an intense passion for their domain expertise. Applicants also need to display exemplary leadership in their workspace. It is one of the best medical colleges in the USA for Indian students.

2. Princeton University (Princeton)

Over two-and-a-half centuries, this university has earned a reputation in the academic sphere. 1746 witnessed the advent of this educational institute in New Jersey.

The university welcomes applications from scholars worldwide. The best part of studying at this university is that Princeton doesn't limit financial aid for international undergraduates. Considering the financial aid procedure, Princeton treats both US and international students likewise.

3. Yale University (New Haven)

New Haven, the captivating coastal town, is home to the prestigious Yale University. With its advent in 1701, it offers the best courses for masters in the USA for Indian students. It intended to expand and share knowledge, inspire innovation, and preserve scientific information and culture for the future generation.

Fast forward to 2023, and this university does not compromise on its core objectives. Even after three centuries later, Yale University partners with the hometown, people, and global institutions to:

  • Promote unity
  • Boost cultural awareness
  • Educate and train the next generation of leaders

Medical aspirants can gain admittance to this university, one of the best medical colleges in the USA for Indian students.

4.University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)

In the United States, it is the fifth oldest university to offer undergraduate and post-graduate programs. Three centuries have passed, and U Penn has kept establishing longest-standing traditions with various events (including campus tours, receptions, parties, etc.).

The university is a great choice to apply for a master's in the USA for international students, regardless of a degree of familiarity and Jewish background. It offers intriguing ways for members to connect and engage with Jewish culture. The university's athletic teams are the NCAA's Division I members, competing in the Ivy League conference.

5. Columbia University (New York)

Calling Columbia one of the most reputable universities in the world is an exaggeration. Its diverse student body, academic excellence, and world-class faculty are the reasons behind its earned reputation.

It attracts a diverse & international faculty, student body, and staff that support research & teaching on global issues. Besides, it also creates academic relationships with different regions and countries.

6. Cornell University (Ithaca)

With the highest acceptance rate of Ivy League universities, Cornel University offers scholars more than 100 areas of study. So, pursuing a master's in the USA for Indian students from this institute can be a lucrative choice. It's a private university that features beautiful natural surroundings. Another specialty of the university is the strong bond among graduates.

Scholars can study under a world-class faculty, including the following:

  • Pulitzer Prize winners
  • MacArthur awardees
  • Nobel laureates

7. Brown University (Hanover)

Brown's open curriculum allows students to explore various majors & subjects of the university. Even if a student selects a major, they can assess other subjects. The education process of this university gears scholars toward experimental learning and growth.

Like other Ivy League universities, Brown also has a distinctive culture of exploration and openness. The academic scenario is less challenging, with the college attracting like-minded individuals.

8. Dartmouth University (Rhode Island)

Students and professors both have a cooperative nature. The inclusive social spaces & environments and multiple courses are the key elements that attract international scholars to attend the university. Eleazar Wheelock established the college in 1769, chartered before the American Revolution.

Easiest Ivy League Abroad Schools to Join for Indian Students 

Admission to one of the Ivy League universities is competitive. These universities have an average acceptance rate of 7%, so they are highly selected. Listed below are the easiest colleges that allow Indian aspirants to join as students:

1. Cornell University

Established in 1865, this university is the youngest Ivy League school. In 2023, 3,218 first-year students gained admittance to this university. Indian scholars account for 2.6% of the whole student body. The admission percentage of this university is 10.9%.

2. Dartmouth University

Dartmouth is the most accessible Ivy League university after Cornell. In 2015, its acceptance rate was 10.3%, where 2,120 students gained admittance. But this year, the acceptance rate has fallen to 6%, with 1,798 scholars enrolling their names for admission.

3. Brown University

Brown University has a 6.6% acceptance rate and admits 2% more students than Harvard.

4.University of Pennsylvania

Established in 1740, the University of Pennsylvania is a private institute for graduate and undergraduate education. The acceptance rate for Penn 2023 is 5.9%.

Hardest Ivy League Abroad Schools to Get Into Indian Students

Given below are the hardest Ivy League abroad schools for Indian students (starting from challenging to the most challenging institutes):

1. Yale University

With a strong passion for improving the lives of less fortunate & underserved scholars, this Ivy League institution is academically rigorous and extremely competitive. So, the acceptance rates tend to drop 10 percent in the most current years.

2. Princeton University

Princeton University is one of the oldest colleges consistently ranked among the top-ranking Ivy League schools. As per their admission records, the acceptance rate is 5.8%.

3. Columbia University

This Ivy League university offers a distinguished and distinctive learning environment for graduate/undergraduate students in professional and scholarly domains. The acceptance rate of Columbia University is 5.3%.

4. Harvard University

Harvard is a premium institute having a longstanding legacy. This university is a world of holistic excellence for higher education. For Indians, the average acceptance rate is not more than 5%.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Securing a seat in one of these Ivy League universities is not seamless, given the notorious acceptance rates. As an Indian scholar, one must be careful about the preparation tips. Shortlisting the universities is important, but what's more crucial is to keep oneself updated with admission criteria.

For example, while applying for medical education, a student should learn the MBBS in America for the Indian student's fees structure.

Note that admission criteria differ from one university to another. So, scholars cannot neglect the basic requirements for international education, including the following:

  • Standardized examination scores in TOEFL/IELTS
  • Academic transcripts for grades starting from the 9th standard and so on
  • Valid visa and passport
  • Recommendation Letters
  • An impressive bio or essay
  • Financial evidence

A scholar who wants to study in the USA must evaluate them to qualify for a course. They are the GPA score (at least 4), SAT/ACT scores, SOP, and extracurricular activities. After assessing these criteria, the likelihood of getting admission to one of these universities increases.

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