Essential Tips and Resources for Indian Students in Canada

Study Abroad Team 31/07/2023

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According to a research report, more than 2, 00, 000 students from India joined a college or university in Canada to pursue their higher studies. When Indian students list the countries, they could study in, Canada often emerges as the top. When a student based in India reaches out to a study abroad consultant, they become further aware of Canada’s significance as an educational hub.

Apart from having some of the top-ranking universities in the world, Canada also offers an excellent quality of life. When an Indian student starts researching the educational system in Canada, they realize they have a lot of options to choose from.

Even if somebody is on a budget, they can shortlist a few institutions to pursue their higher education. Many Indian students' study in Canada on scholarships that cover most expenses. Before going to Canada to pursue higher studies, it would be a good idea for Indian students to remember a few tips that will help them during their stay there.

Important Tips for Indian Students in Canada:

Look For a Mentor in The University

When an Indian goes to a foreign country to study, they might feel lost for some time. Initially, they might get overwhelmed with all the information they receive. Many bright students do not perform well while studying in a foreign country as they don’t have a clear idea of how to do things.

To ensure that their foreign education proves successful or of some value, Indian students should find a mentor who can guide and lend support to them in their journey. From offering guidance while putting together assignments to providing tips on building a social circle, a good mentor can be helpful in several ways. A senior or somebody in their second or final year of college would be an excellent mentor to a first-year Indian student studying in Canada.

Read Up on The Canadian Culture

After arriving in Canada, an Indian student could witness certain things that could surprise or shock them. While some students get over a culture shock quickly, many struggle to cope. If an Indian student comes across one culture shock after another, they might start feeling homesick and feel the urge to get back home.

Canada is different from India in several ways. Therefore, before going to Canada, an Indian student must read up on the different cultural habits and practices of the people based in Canada. Apart from reading books and magazines, they can also look up the internet for information. Having knowledge or awareness about certain things will help them deal with them.

Finalize an Accommodation Near Your College

A lot of Indian students struggle to find suitable accommodation after moving to Canada to pursue their higher studies. This is because most of them start looking for accommodation after reaching Canada. When they don’t find the right accommodation, they keep moving from one place to another, adversely affecting their studies.

Looking for student accommodation is as challenging as finding the right UK student accommodation. Once an Indian student has decided to study in Canada, they need to start researching accommodation facilities in the country. While doing this, they must keep a budget in mind. Their friends or relatives based in Canada can help them in this process.

Apply for Scholarships in Canada

Studying in any foreign country would cost a lot of money. A student has different options at their disposal when it comes to funding their foreign education. A student should consider applying for scholarships before applying for a foreign education loan or borrowing money from somebody. Many meritorious Indian students go to study in Canada after securing a scholarship.

Many colleges and universities based in Canada offer well-structured scholarships to international students. While some of these scholarships cover the college fee of the student, many scholarships take into account several other expenses like their medical expenses, travel expenses and accommodation.

Use Resources Effectively

Most reputed colleges and universities in Canada are known for having a mix of local and international students. Most of these educational institutions, in fact, consciously work towards offering the kind of resources that could attract students from different countries towards them. These resources are often designed keeping in mind the preferences of international students.

While applying to different Canadian universities, Indian students must know about the resources offered. They can use them properly when they have complete knowledge about the same. Apart from academic resources related to academics, these institutions also offer resources that could help them in several other spheres while studying in Canada.

Participate in Extra-Curricular Activities

When an Indian student comes to Canada to pursue higher studies, they spend most of their time buried in books. Apart from the urge to do well in their studies, they also feel the pressure of living up to their parents' expectations and creating something valuable out of the money spent on their foreign education.

While focusing on studies is very important, students must also find the time to participate in extra-curricular activities and bring their non-academic skills to the fore. For instance, if an Indian student studying at a Canadian university has trained in music, they should join a music-based group in the college and participate in events that would bring their talent to the forefront.

Get a Health Insurance in Canada

Many companies offer health insurance for international students planning to study in Canada. When an Indian student is pursuing a course or program in Canada, they need to be even more conscious about their health. Investing in a good health insurance policy before enrolling in a course or a program is very important.

Even if students have been healthy, they must remember that taking precautions is very important. A health insurance policy will cover their expenses when they suffer from an illness or have an unfortunate accident. While opting for a health insurance policy, an international student checks the kind of benefits or coverage it is offering.

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