Best International Travel Insurance to Look For in 2023

Study Abroad Team 28/07/2023

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Many reputed insurance companies offer travel insurance policies. While working professionals, people traveling with families, and businessmen avail of travel insurance policies, the importance of these policies for students has not been discussed widely.Indian students, who travel from India to a foreign country to pursue a course or program, need a travel insurance policy as much as anybody else does.

While shifting to a foreign country, international students temporarily need travel insurance to safeguard their belongings and cover any expense that could arise from a medical emergency or some other reason. Travel insurance policies also benefit students while traveling to and back from home during and after the holidays.

Here are some of the best international student travel insurance to look for in 2023:

Reliance Student Travel Insurance Plan

This travel insurance plan offered by Reliance proves to be very helpful to Indian students studying in a foreign country and dealing with a financial crisis. One of the reasons this travel insurance appeals to many students is that they don’t have to get any paperwork done or go through a medical test to get it.

The Reliance Student, Travel Insurance Plan, is offered in five variants. While the lowest price variant is the basic plan, the platinum plan is the most valued one. There are also other variants like standard, silver, and gold. The students will get different benefits based on the plan they opt for.

This travel insurance plan, among other things, covers many medical expenses, including transportation, medical evacuation, pre-existing diseases, and mortal remains repatriation. It also helps a student when they suffer from or are dealing with a personal accident, loss of passport, study interruption, personal liability, dental treatment, sponsor protection, a bail bond, or accidental death.

Suppose a student buys a standard, platinum, silver, or gold plan. In that case, they will get the opportunity to get additional coverage for treatment for drug and alcohol dependency, nervous disorder or mental health treatment, mammographic examination, and pregnancy-related hospitalization.

Bharti AXA Smart Traveler Student

Before an Indian student leaves for a foreign to study, they tend to feel worried about dealing with situations like illness, accident, and other mishaps. When students invest in Bharti AXA Smart Traveler Student, they will not be bothered by these thoughts. When an international student speaks to a study abroad consultant, this is one of the policies they would be advised to take up.

A student has to go through a series of steps or procedures to get an insurance policy to their name. Even if the applicant suffers from a minor disease, they will be required to go for a check-up conducted by the organization. Standard, silver, gold, and platinum are the four variants a student can choose from while investing in this travel insurance policy.

Apart from covering the student's medical expenses, this travel insurance policy also considers personal accidents, legal expenses, loss of important documents or passports, study interruption, personal liability, compassionate visits, disability, accidental death, bail bond, and sponsor protection.

By paying a 10% premium on the travel insurance cost, an international student can avail of add-on coverage for medical expenses pertaining to alcohol and drug dependency and childbirth and pregnancy.  

Star Student Travel Protect Insurance

The Star Student, Travel Protect Insurance, has been designed specifically for students who are studying overseas. When an international student suffers from some hazard that is medical or non-medical, they can turn to their travel insurance. Gold, silver, and standard are the three variants of this insurance policy.

Those who opt for this travel insurance can expect coverage of their emergency medical expenses, personal accident, sponsor protection, study interruption, dental emergency assistance, bail bond, loss of passport or baggage, and compassionate visit. If an Indian student is about to study in a UK-based university, they should invest in this insurance and then look for UK student accommodation.

Best International Travel Insurance to Look For in 2023

Chola Student Travel Protection Plan

The Chola Student, Travel Protection Plan, has been structured to ensure international students' safety and well-being. This insurance policy covers a variety of travel and medical risks. While purchasing the policy, the student does not have to go through a medical check-up. This plan is available in three different variants, platinum, silver, and gold.

Some things covered by this insurance policy are medical expenses, medical treatment, loss of passport, bail bond, personal liability, sponsor protection, compassionate visit, study interruption, and loss of baggage.

Care Student Explore

Care Student Explore, formerly referred to as Religare Student Explore, is a travel insurance policy that has been designed specifically for international students. Apart from securing their international travel, it also covers medical and non-medical emergencies. A student can get this policy without undergoing any medical check-ups.

Students also get the chance to customize this policy as per their requirements. When they speak to the insurance provider, they can tell them what they expect the policy to cover.

Apart from offering students sponsor protection, this policy also covers medical expenses, loss of passport, bail bond, compassionate visit, loss of devices like laptop and tablet, loss of international driving license, and personal liability. It also provides students with funds in an emergency.

Future Student Suraksha

The Future Student Suraksha is one policy that does not just secure a student's travel but also safeguards them from several other risks and challenges they could face while studying in a foreign country. Many Indian students studying abroad choose to invest in this policy.

In the past, there have been several instances wherein Indian students have suffered from assault or some other attack in a foreign land. This is one insurance policy that covers felonious assault and the medical and legal expenses that arise out of it. It covers several other things, including tuition fees, medical expenses, personal accidents, loss of passport, maternity benefits, and personal liability.

Universal Sompo Student Travel

When a student traveling abroad to pursue a course ends up losing their passport, they get stuck in a very difficult situation. They will have to apply for a fresh passport, which would cost some money. If they have a policy by Universal Sompo Student Travel, they can look forward to this expense being covered.

The three variants that international students can choose from are primary, buddy, and intellectual. Apart from covering the loss of a passport and other similar expenses, this insurance policy also looks after the liabilities, compassionate visits, hijack distress allowance, check-in baggage delay, and study interruption.

Royal Sundaram Travel Secure – Travel Plan

For Indian students studying in a foreign university, this proves to be one of the best policies. This policy covers all kinds of difficulties or challenges international students could encounter while studying abroad. A student can acquire this policy without producing any medical reports. The process is simple, and the insurance provider will take them through it.

Once a student opts for the Royal Sundaram Travel Secure – Travel Plan, they can choose from five different variants: diamond, platinum, titanium, silver, and gold. Apart from covering an international student’s medical expenses, this policy covers dental health treatments, bail bonds, and physiotherapy.

Oriental Overseas Mediclaim – Employment and Study

As a company, Oriental offers overseas travel insurance policies to everyone. However, this policy is designed for international students and job holders. The Oriental Overseas Mediclaim – Employment and Study plan safeguards students against travel and financial and medical risks while studying abroad.Along with medical expenses and repatriation, this insurance policy covers personal accidents, liabilities, passport loss, and check-in baggage issues.

Tata AIG Student Guard

Regarding student travel insurance policies, this overseas health insurance policy provided by TATA AIG Insurance tops the list. The robust reputation of the company has made it easy for students to opt for this policy. This policy is easily accessible and proves to be convenient even for students who have never taken insurance of any kind.

Like many other travel insurance plans, this is available in multiple variants. Apart from Plan A and Plan B, students can also choose from Ultimate, Ultimate Plus, and Supreme. The Tata AIG Student Guard offers coverage on medical expenses arising from sickness and accident, personal liability, study interruption, compassionate visits, dental pain treatment, and bail bonds.  

National Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies

Indian students studying abroad sometimes deal with sudden exigencies that lead to their education being disrupted or coming to a halt. When international students invest in National Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies, they can expect to be safeguarded against such adverse situations.

Whether students must pay their medical bills or seek compensation for lost baggage, they can turn to this policy. It also offers contingency insurance, repatriation, medical evacuation, and emergency reunion coverage. While considering travel insurance abroad policies, this is one plan a student cannot afford to overlook.

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