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Study in Switzerland – Highlights

Studying in Switzerland offers a unique educational experience. The country has a diverse education system with 12 cantonal universities, 9 universities of applied science and arts, and 20 teaching universities. Switzerland is home to around 1000 Indian students. While tuition fees can be high, the country provides scholarships and financial aid. The Swiss higher education system is highly esteemed, attracting 76,257 international students, with 74.1% enrolled in universities and 25.8% in universities of applied sciences and teacher education.

Switzerland is known for its high standard of living, with an average wealth per adult of $564,653 in 2020, more than twice the global average. The country offers a safe and clean environment, contributing to an impressive average life expectancy of 83.6 years in 2019. Switzerland's efficient railway system, with about 5,132 km of tracks, provides convenient transportation options for students. Studying in Switzerland offers top-notch education, a quality lifestyle, and diverse cultural experiences for international students.

Core Facts About Switzerland

Education in Switzerland

Universities and Colleges 24
Indian Students in Switzerland (2023) 750+
Post-Study Work Permit Yes
Permanent Residence Yes (Employment & Family Reunification)

University / College Stats

Students Placed High
Primary Language German, French, Italian, and Romansh
Popular Course Applied Sciences, Business and Management, International Affairs, Computer Science
Scholarships Government-funded, University-specific, private scholarships

Why Study in Switzerland?

Here are the five compelling reasons why Indian students should consider studying in Switzerland,

  • Academic Excellence and Innovation: Swiss universities consistently rank among the top globally. Institutions like ETH Zurich, EPFL, and the University of Zurich offer cutting-edge research facilities and world-class faculty.
  • Multilingual Environment: Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Studying here allows students to learn or improve their language skills. Many universities offer programs in English, making it accessible for international students.
  • Quality of Life and Safety: Switzerland consistently ranks high in quality-of-life indices. Its picturesque landscapes, efficient public transport, and safety make it an ideal place to live and study. Students can explore outdoor activities, from skiing in the Alps to relaxing by pristine lakes.
  • Internationally Recognized Degrees: Swiss degrees are globally respected. The country’s strong ties with industry and research institutions provide networking opportunities. Graduates from Swiss universities have excellent job prospects worldwide.
  • Central Location in Europe: Switzerland’s central location allows easy travel to neighbouring European countries. Exposure to diverse cultures enriches students’ lives. Weekend trips to France, Italy, or Germany are feasible.

Universities and Courses

Top Universities in Switzerland for Indian Students


QS Rankings

World Report Ranking

ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich)



École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)



University of Zurich



University of Basel



University of Bern



University of Geneva



University of Lausanne



USI Università della Svizzera italiana



University of St. Gallen



University of Fribourg



Popular Courses Offered by Top Universities in Switzerland

Switzerland’s decentralized education system provides a wide array of possibilities for international students to receive a quality education. Students can opt for undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD programs at prestigious Swiss universities. Some of the popular courses are:

  • Hotel & Hospitality Management
  • Business Management
  • Banking & Finance
  • International Law
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Switzerland – Intakes:

Autumn/ Fall Intake – September to February


Spring Intake – February to June

Cost of Studying in Switzerland

Tuition Fees - Bachelors

Private University

Varies (CHF 5,000 to CHF 24,000)

Public University (Out of State)

Under CHF 1,000

Public University (In-State)

Under CHF 1,000

Tuition Fees - Masters and Doctorate

CHF 3,000 to CHF 13,000

Living Expenses

CHF 1,600 to CHF 2,000 per month

Scholarships for Indian Students in Switzerland

Scholarship Name



Application Process

Swiss Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students

Available for international students, including Indian students.

Covers tuition fees and living expenses.

Apply directly to the Swiss government or Swiss embassy.

ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarships

Specifically for master’s and doctoral students at ETH Zurich.

Covers tuition fees and provides a monthly stipend.

Apply through ETH Zurich’s official channels.

University of Lausanne Masters Grants for Foreign Students

Available for master’s students from any country.

Covers partial tuition fees.

Apply directly to the University of Lausanne.

EPFL Excellence Scholarships

For master’s students at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

Covers tuition fees and provides a living allowance.

Apply through EPFL’s official channels.

Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships

Available for master’s students at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva.

Covers tuition fees and may include a stipend.

Apply directly to the Graduate Institute.

Student Visa in Switzerland

Type of Visa

Duration of Stay

Application Process

Processing Time

C Visa (Short Stay)

Up to 90 days

Apply for summer schools, seminars, or language courses.

Around 10-15 days

D Visa (Long Stay)

More than 90 days

Required for studying, working, or residing in Switzerland.

Eight to ten weeks

Documents Required for Students Visa Application

  • Valid Passport
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Proof of Finances
  • Health Insurance
  • Passport Photographs
  • Visa Application Form
  • Language Proficiency
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Proof of Payment
  • CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Required Entrance Exams to Study in Switzerland

When it comes to studying in Switzerland, Indian students aiming for master’s programs typically need to meet certain requirements. Here are the key exams you might need to clear:

English Language Proficiency Exams

  • IELTS: A minimum IELTS score of 7 is often required.
  • TOEFL: A score of at least 100 (internet-based) or 600 (paper-based) is commonly accepted.
  • CAE (Cambridge English Advanced): Some universities may consider CAE scores as well.

Work Opportunities in Switzerland for Indian Students

Switzerland offers a favourable environment for international students seeking employment. Internships, part-time jobs, and post-study work permit provide avenues for gaining experience. High-demand sectors like finance, IT, and engineering offer promising career prospects. Building networks and improving language skills enhance job opportunities. Additionally, research positions and academia contribute to Switzerland’s dynamic work landscape. The country’s high quality of life further makes it an attractive destination for career growth.

Job Roles

Maximum Annual Salary (Swiss Francs)

Top Management

Approximately 120,000

Public Service Positions

Approximately 120,000

Auditors and Tax Advisors

Approximately 10,000 (INR 8.16 lakh)

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Study in Switzerland
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