A Guide To Fully Funded Ph.D. Scholarships for International Students

Study Abroad Team 27/12/2023
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Best Fully Funded Ph. D Scholarships for International Students

Academically inclined students often want to get into a Ph.D. program. It lets them study further and understand the subject more deeply and even do research on it. However, if one wishes to pursue a Ph.D. from a foreign university, receiving funding for it can be difficult. That is why there are some great Ph. D scholarships available for international students. Such Ph.D in abroad with scholarships can make meritorious students’ dreams come true.

Here’s a list of the fully funded ones:

Yale University Scholarships

Anyone who wishes to pursue their Ph.D. in the USA should try for this fully funded scholarship from a top university. It can be a great opportunity of studying in the USA and pursue academic brilliance at an Ivy League college.

Turkey Government Scholarship

Turkey is a wonderful country with warm and hospitable people. It also offers international students access to a comfortable lifestyle. Turkiye Burslari Scholarship gives fully funded scholarships to international students who want to do their Ph.D. in the country. It gives the student a maximum of 1600 TL per month to cover tuition fees and living costs, accommodation, and health insurance.

Chinese Government Scholarships

This is a scholarship given by the Chinese government to international students who want to pursue their Ph.D. in the country. It can be used to cover basic health insurance, accommodation, and tuition fees

DAAD Scholarship Germany

With this scholarship in Germany, an international student can get full funding together Ph. D from a top German university. It gets a doctoral student 1,2000 Euros per month for expenses and tuition fees.

MEXT Scholarships Japan

If a student has the dream of pursuing a Ph.D. from Japan, then this is the fully funded scholarship that could get the process started. It is a wonderful country to live and study in. The MEXT scholarship will cover tuition fees, accommodation, round fare air travel expenses as well as a monthly living allowance. It is one of the best Ph. D scholarships for Indian students.

Fullbright Scholarships, USA

This is one of the most popular fully funded scholarships in the USA that many Indian/ international students avail of. The scholarship will cover tuition fees, full accommodation fees, a living stipend, airfare, as well as health insurance.

Bangkok Government Scholarship

This is a great scholarship to get for Ph.D. aspirants since it covers 100% of tuition fees. It also covers accommodation costs and a living cost stipend every month.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

This offers Ph.D. students a stipend of £17,500 every year which covers academic development funding, and health insurance. Apart from this, it also gives a monthly stipend as a family allowance.

Stanford University Scholarships

This is another fully funded Ph.D. scholarship for Indian/international students that covers full tuition fees, living allowance, academic expenses, and travel expenses. This helps an eligible candidate study in USA with scholarship.

Why Get Ph. D from a Foreign Country?

There are benefits to getting a Ph.D. from a foreign country. If the foreign country one wishes to pursue their Ph.D. from has a better education system, then it can be a great choice. Here are some good reasons for getting into a Ph.D. program from abroad.

  • Good Funding Available: It can actually be less expensive to do a Ph.D. from a foreign university than to do it in one’s country. And with a good scholarship, it can be done for almost nothing.
  • Better Network: When a candidate works at a Ph.D. at a foreign university, they get a better network of people and a wider range to work with.
  • Global Perspective: It can introduce one to different cultures and different places which can be a stepping stone for a global career.

Which Country is The Best for Fully Funded Scholarships for Ph.D.?

While there are loads of countries that offer fully funded Ph.D. programs to international students, the USA can be considered the best. Not only does it have ample scholarship programs specifically aimed at international candidates, but it also offers comfortable student living and safety. No doubt the top universities offering Ph.D. programs are known for their amazing educational environment.

Tips to Maximise Chances of Getting a Ph.D. Scholarship Abroad

Having a clear picture of what the scholarship process will involve will help maximize the chances of getting one.

  • Research about the University: It is imperative to research the university and find out what its goals and missions are and what kind of scholars they expect. Molding the scholarship application in a way that fits the university’s idea of a scholar is a good place to start. Good research is the key to understanding the ideal student profile so that the chances are higher of getting the scholarship.
  • Time: Getting a scholarship for Ph.D. programs can take some time and energy so having that to invest is important. Hoping for the best by applying to just one scholarship and waiting is a bad idea. Instead, the best thing is to apply for multiple fully funded scholarships for international students. Giving the time to search for good scholarships that will take care of tuition fees and living costs abroad and the paying is a good idea.
  • Evaluation of Students: Ph.D. programs are different from graduate and postgraduate programs. While awarding scholarships for Ph.D. programs, universities will often evaluate a student’s profile checking to see whether they agree with it. For instance, some universities will want students with good leadership skills while some will want students with an interest in extra-curricular activities. Keeping in mind these intricate points about each scholarship and applying likewise will help.
  • Apply Soon: Not waiting till the last date to apply is also necessary. When a student applies for a Ph.D. program scholarship early, there is less number of contenders. This increases the chances of being approved for one. Being quick in making decisions and applying to many scholarships early is crucial.
  • Write a Strong SOP: Any international student who wishes to pursue higher studies at a foreign university must write a strong Statement of Purpose. The university gets a glimpse of the student through the SOP and it is one of the most important things that could lead to either success or failure in getting a scholarship. Avoiding general statements and being extremely specific in what one intends to do in their time as a Ph.D. scholar is critical.
  • Prepare Documents Beforehand: Not wasting any time and preparing documents to submit beforehand for the scholarship is important. When a candidate knows he wants to get their Ph.D., starting the process by keeping all documents needed handy will pave the way for a smooth application submission process. It will also keep the stress away.
  • Proofread Everything: After writing the SOP and filling up the application form, proofreading everything helps. In fact, getting the SOP read by a favorite professor can truly help a candidate shine on paper. Make changes necessary for a great application.

The lofty dreams of getting a Ph.D. can open up some amazing doors of opportunity for an international student. With fully funded scholarships especially aimed at international students, it is now easier than ever to do so. Starting the application process as early as possible will increase the chances of full-funded scholarships. The candidate can then be free of financial worries as they pursue academic brilliance at their preferred university.

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