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Overseas Education

Sowrya Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is a company that offers guidance in the fields concerning studying abroad, migrating overseas, settling abroad, working abroad and investing overseas. We provide customised services to our clients to guarantee that they have an easy time when moving to a whole new country. Our objective has not only been to ensure that our esteemed clients find the best universities when they go abroad to study, to be able to establish businesses in the foreign country or to get employment overseas but also to see to it that they are satisfied with our services, settle conveniently. As a result, many who have chosen our services over the years have testified to have had the best transition into the foreign country for the different purposes they were undertaking. Why Choose Sowrya? Sowrya Consultancy has been in existence since 2006. Over the years, we have gained the necessary experience to be able to guide anyone with any of their overseas endeavours. We have a staff of dedicated professionals who offer nothing but the best services in the industry. Our expertise is more certainly what you need when you want to move abroad to study, work, invest, or settle. Our skilled experts spend most of their time every day keeping tabs on emerging immigration trends in any country. We stay informed every time to ensure that our advice and guidance is always in line with what will be expected of you should you move to the foreign country. This current strategy is aimed at giving high level customised services to our clients to fully understand their needs and provide the detailed specifics geared towards the best outcome. At Sowrya, we are determined to provide our customers with legal information regarding immigration in any country in the world. We maintain a free flow of information between our clients and us to answer any question, thanks to our active customer service. To give you a deeper insight into what we deal with, let us look into the services we offer. Student Visas Quality education is something that everyone would want. For this reason, many people choose to study abroad in the world-renowned universities. Studying abroad has the effect of broadening the horizon of a student's thinking making them better in their fields of specialisation. The qualifications gained from these universities have a worldwide recognition making any holder competitive in the job market. It is evident that most of the top institutions have been on the forefront of using technology in coming up with breathtaking inventions. This is an excellent opportunity for international students to be exposed to technology in the advancement of their studies. All these benefits, among others, will come if the students integrate with the local culture they find there. At Sowrya, we understand how much students need the advantages that come with studying abroad when they pursue their careers. That is why we are dedicated to offering our student clients the best guidance. We stand by the students from the time of getting a placement in their university of choice abroad to the right way of obtaining their student visas. Moreover, we advise them on how to best cope with the culture of the foreign country, as well as the existing the available scholarships as students. Furthermore, we provide coaching for the standardised tests that international students have to pass to study in most countries. On top of our objectives when taking our clients through the process of exploring abroad is to help them reach their potential in education to put them on the map and make them competitive in the world job market. Work Abroad When one secures a job abroad, many a time they do not know where to start from. However, having a partner who understands the whole process like the back of their hands can be very assuring. Well, that partner is Sowrya Consultancy. Many people have lost their shot at such lifetime opportunities for lack of information. We understand the whole procedure from the application of a job vacancy to the time of starting the job. While many countries would want an applicant to go through the process of getting a visa, some states require that your employer gets the permit for the foreign worker. Our knowledge in the many countries will help you to choose the right country to work in. Some countries may seem to have many job opportunities, but their laws on foreign workers may be stiff. At such instances, we might offer a better alternative for our clients. Once our clients have already got a job in a foreign country, we take them by the hand and guide them through the process of applying for a work visa. Different nations have different regulation when it comes to foreign workers applying for a job in their countries. While some may seem complicated to you, our professionals have been studying them for years now. We understand how each one of them works and what is required. Most workers moving abroad would want to go with their families. In many instances, the immigration may seem difficult, but not when using the guidance from Sowrya Consultancy. Over the ten years that we have been in existence, we have helped many families to move with one or many of their members who had secured a job in a foreign country. We take over everything that our clients literally sit back and watch us working things through. Migrate Overseas Migrating overseas can be a more complicated process than what many people may anticipate. The recent incidences of terrorism in many countries across the globe have led to the implementation of stiff immigration policies. From the documentation to the security and medical checks, nothing is left to chance. That is where Sowrya comes in. As mentioned earlier, we always use updated information when offering our services. As such, we know the new implementations and prepare our clients beforehand. We have a deeper understanding of whether an immigrant would need a visa to enter a particular country, the documents that they would need during the application of a permit if they will need to and what checks they will have to pass once they touch down at the foreign. We believe in early preparations, and that is exactly what we encourage our clients to do every time. The last thing any traveller would want is to have their visa application delayed yet the day of departure is nearing. We understand the frustration anyone would go through when they fail to meet a deadline due to such delays in the visa application. That is why to do everything to avert such inconveniences and ensure that our clients do not miss their flight. We help our customers to have a precise definition of what they want to do in the foreign country, and the much time they would want to spend there to determine the visa they will need and the required documents for the application of the same. Settle Abroad It may come a time when one wants to move to another country to start a life. This transition is not as smooth as it may sound. One would need to understand how to go about settling in the new country without affecting whatever they had gone to do. Proper guidance on the understanding of the stages of settling in a new country is undeniably required at such times. The good news is that Sowrya Consultancy is ready to help at such times. Delayed settlement can have dire effects not only on the individual or the whole family moving abroad but also for the immigration. For instance, one is unlikely to concentrate on their studies or work in the foreign country when they have not fully settled. Unless one gets it right, they will waste a lot of time on it. We have helped many individuals and their families to settle in the new environment. While others may take up to two years to settle, those who choose to use our services have been able to settle as soon as possible owing to our settling strategy that they find very effective. We help our clients understand the stages of settling in a foreign country by discussing each in detail and indicating what they would expect. Investing Abroad It is the dream of every business to expand its territories top reach as much market as possible. As an individual investor, being able to spot an opportunity in a different country is among the qualities that make you the best at what you do. However, some factors about the foreign country that either business of a private individual is supposed to know may be well beyond the knowledge of the board or the person respectively. That is when the services of an experienced body are meant to be outsourced. One such agency, which has the relevant experience in investing abroad is Sowrya Consultancy. We have a group of dedicated professionals on matters investment, keeping tabs on the economic trends in the respective countries and the world as a whole. We advise our clients on the best countries to invest in abroad and where their businesses have more potential for growth. We do this by bringing the factors to consider before investing in a foreign country into consideration. Also, there is the part of the documentation that will allow one to establish a business in a given foreign country and the requirements. Our detailed guidance while maintaining an open line of communication with our clients has seen many companies take root in a foreign country and prosper over the years. We cherish effective customer relationships for the success of their businesses. Temporary and Dependent Visas One essential part of moving abroad understands the visas one will need. This is mainly determined by the intended period of stay and the purpose of the visit. For a short period remains usually require a temporary visa and when moving to a relative or a permanent resident in the country, one is bound to hold a dependent visa in many countries. As trivial as the terms may sound, the process of acquiring each can be very complicated and sophisticated and mindblowing. Unless one is prepared to face the complications that may arise, it is easy for many people to give up the whole process. Luckily, we are here to help such people. We will take over the entire thing with you only required to sign here or there. Our guidance is very involving you will feel like we are all over the place. Our experienced experts on matters visas take the task of helping our clients to acquire the right visa according to their primary purpose of stay. Using the services offered by our professional experts, our clients have testified to have been the best informed compared to the other immigrants. As such, they always know what to do at the required time making their lives smoother. Sowrya understands that relocation to a new country can be stressful. That is why we offer a range of student support services including: Professional Advice for higher education AbroadStudent counsellingUniversity Selection & Application ProcessScholarship Assistance for Eligible studentsVisa GuidancePre and Post-departure BriefingCoaching for GRE/IELTS Exams  

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26 May, 2023

Communication 5/5 responsiveness 5/5 good price 5/5 ontime services 5/5 Service Quality 5/5

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13 Apr, 2023

Thanks Communication 5/5 responsiveness 5/5 good price 5/5 ontime services 5/5 Service Quality 5/5

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29 Mar, 2023

Communication 5/5 responsiveness 4/5 good price 3/5 ontime services 3/5 Service Quality 3/5

Averneni bindusri Hyderabad
Foreign education entrance exam coaching
07 Mar, 2023


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