Visa Process For International Students To Study in Canada

Study Abroad Team 31/01/2024

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Different Types of Canadian Student Visas 

Students in India planning to pursue further studies in Canada have a lot of opportunities in store for them. The country is beautiful and has world-class institutions and universities. Anyone from India who wishes to do their higher studies in Canada needs a student Visa from India for the purpose. Depending on the eligibility and situation of a student, they can opt for a type of student visa. Let's look at some of the important types of student Visas available in Canada.

  1. Study Permit: This Visa will allow students to stay in the country for the duration of the course or program. However, one needs to be eligible for the permit, which means one should have the acceptance of a particular Canadian university to get it. Of course, the student will need to provide other proofs such as financial support, English language proficiency, and proof of enrolment, among other documents.
  2. Student Direct Stream Program: This is a Visa that students can get if they are in a hurry and need faster approval. There are certain eligibility criteria and requirements to be met, but eligible Indian students will be able to receive their study permit in as little as 20 days.
  3. Quebec Acceptance Certificate: If a student wants a study permit for the French-speaking province of Quebec, they can opt for this. To get it, the government of Quebec will issue the permit, and the student has to meet certain criteria to live and study there.

Requirements for the Application for a Canada Student Visa 

An Indian student with dreams of studying in Canada must fulfill certain requirements to get a Canada student Visa. Perhaps the most important factor in getting the Visa application granted is the condition of the candidate's finances. The Canadian government must be able to see in black and white that the candidate will be able to support themselves with the money they have in their bank accounts or by sponsorship by a family member or close relative.               

Apart from this requirement, here are the things that will be required to be considered for a student Visa to Canada.

  • LOI: A letter of admission from a college or university in Canada.
  • Verification: Relevant police check report and medical exam report.
  • Proof of Finances: This can include a student bank loan certificate, Guaranteed Investment Certificate, bank statements for the last 4 months, and letters from a sponsor who has promised funds. Another proof of finances one can submit is if the candidate has got a scholarship which will help them fund their higher education in Canada.
  • Biometrics: There may be a need to submit biometrics. This is usually done at an approved Visa center in India.
  • Proof of Identity: This will be needed for the candidate and anyone accompanying them, including family members. Proof of identity can include a birth certificate and a valid passport.
  • English Language Proficiency Exam Score: Canada is an English-speaking country, and any student who wishes to pursue higher studies must be comfortable reading, writing, and listening to English. That is why sitting for an English language proficiency exam is not just necessary; it is crucial for a Visa. IELTS and TOEFL are some of the test scores that can be submitted for this purpose.
  • Statement Of Purpose: A strong, clearly-worded Statement of Purpose lets a university or educational institution know the candidate's purpose, goals, and future plans. The SOP should mention exactly why the student has chosen Canada as their destination for study and why they have chosen the particular course or program.
    Getting all documents ready before the start of the Visa process will prove helpful.

Who Can Apply for a Canadian Student Visa? 

As an Indian student who wishes to pursue higher education at a Canadian university, my application is subject to meeting a few requirements, education-wise. A candidate needs to know who can apply for a student Visa in the country.

They should have scored at least 50% in a UGC or AICTE-backed university for their undergraduate exam. Also, there should preferably be no gap year. If a graduation course is for 3 years, the candidate must have completed it within that time frame.Regarding backlogs, the candidate must have less than 10 backlogs to be eligible for a Canadian student Visa.

The Application Process for a Canada Student Visa 

Applying for a Canadian student Visa means performing the following steps:

Online: This is a good way to apply for a student Visa for Indian students who have a few basics set up. One needs a credit card to make payment and a scanner and camera to create electronic copies of documents one needs to send to relevant authorities. Even if the online method is chosen, a finger scan will be required, which can be done at the local Visa Application Center. Also, the candidate will have to visit the VFS office to submit the physical passport, proof of fee payment, and application form.

On Paper: To do this, the application form has to be downloaded for the student Visa. There will be an instruction guide with all the information one needs to apply. However, one can apply on paper only under two conditions:

  • If the candidate has a disability, that does not permit them to apply online.
  • If the candidate is a stateless, refugee, or non-national resident.

Paying the Processing Fee

No matter how the candidate applies for the Canadian student Visa, proof of Visa fee payment is essential. This is non-refundable. A study permit will cost 150 CAD. It is important to check the current exchange rate to know exactly what it costs in Indian money.

A candidate can make the payment online using a credit card and offline by drawing up a demand draft to the High Commission of Canada. It can also be paid to the VAC in cash. There may be a service charge to be paid to VAC.After submitting the application for a student Visa, the candidate will have to pay a biometric fee of 85 CAD.

Waiting Time: If an Indian student is applying for a Visa from India itself, then the processing time will be 9 weeks. If someone does the same while in the country, the processing time will be 4 weeks. The Canadian consulate website allows a candidate to know the exact status of the Visa by tracking the application. This way, a candidate will know exactly how long it can take for the Visa to arrive.

How Long Does a Canadian Student Visa Take to Process? 

For an Indian student with big dreams of studying in Canada, it can be tough to wait for Visa approval after one has been approved for admission to a college there! However, as long as all formalities are done, the application form and requisite documents submitted, and all fees paid, the process will not take a long time. The biometrics has to be done soon after the application is sent across.

After the biometrics are received by relevant Visa authorities, most Visa applications are approved within 20 days.The take-home from that for an Indian student is, to make sure that all documents get submitted on time and no delays are done with biometrics as well. This way the chances of the Visa getting approved fast are high.

What to do if a Canada Study Permit is Declined?

In case one's Canada study permit gets declined for some reason, the candidate can do 2 things:

  • Appeal: If the candidate strongly believes that their application was valid and there has been a mistake on the part of the authorities and hence the decline, they can appeal the decision. A request for reconsideration can be made.
  • New Application: The candidate can also submit a new application. This can be an extremely important task to rule out any issues that may have caused the refusal in the first place. If authorities demand updated documents, care must be taken to make it happen. For this, an experienced educational counselor can work with wonders.
  • With several top universities in Canada, the country has become quite the hotbed for foreign students. It has a sizeable Indian population as well. It is normal to wonder how difficult it is to get a student Visa to Canada. In 2022, around 40% of students applying for the Visa got approved, so the success rate is not very high. Proper counseling can certainly help with that. At, get expert help and support to study abroad in Canada. They have excellent educational counselors who have real-life experience in helping Indian students pursue their educational dreams abroad and they know all the ins and outs.
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