Comparing mBA Tuition fees across the countries

Study Abroad Team 09/06/2023

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Studying MBA in a foreign university would seem very exciting to most Indian students. When somebody opts for an MBA course in a foreign land, it exposes them to different cultures, widens their horizon, and sharpens those skills to help them become reliable management leaders. 

Many reputed universities worldwide are known to offer well-designed management courses that prove beneficial to foreign students. While some of these universities are based in the United States, others are in Australia. 

Almost every developed country out there, which puts a lot of emphasis on academics, has educational institutions known to be suitable for MBA aspirants. After understanding business culture and management skills from a foreign university, a student is bound to get a lot of good job opportunities. 

However, before an individual joins any management institute in a foreign country, they should be aware of the tuition fees charged by different universities worldwide. Getting an idea about the same would be helpful while applying for an education loan for studies abroad. 


Australia has some of the best educational institutions offering MBA programs worldwide. Every year, the country attracts many international students who wish to pursue an MBA course offered by an Australian university. Though Australia doesn’t have as many management institutions as there are in the US and the UK, the ones it has boast formidable reputations.

Two of Australia's most reputed business schools are the Monash Business School and the Melbourne Business School. While the tuition fee for the two-year MBA program at the Monash Business School is $46,000, an applicant must pay $57,000 to enroll in a one-year MBA program at the Melbourne Business School. 

There are many other reputed business schools in Australia that one can choose from as well. The total tuition fees charged by AGSM MBA in the University of New South Wales, which offers a 16-month long MBA program, is $55,000. Those planning to opt for an education loan for studies abroad should know this. 

The Australian National University ANU College of Business and Economics ANU offers a two-year MBA program. Students who wish to opt for this program must pay $55,000 annually. The 18-month-long MBA program the La Trobe Business School offers costs $35,000.

The United Kingdom

When an Indian student lists the countries they would want to pursue an MBA course in, one can expect the United Kingdom or the UK to feature in it. Many MBA students in UK-based universities are from different Asian countries. The number of Indian students in these universities is quite high.

While the average tuition fee for an MBA course in the UK is $70,000, the cost varies depending on the university, location, and other factors. The total tuition fees for the London Business School, which happens to be the most reputed management institute in London, amounts to £10,200. 

The University of Cambridge also proves to be one of the best options for international students wanting to pursue an MBA course abroad. To study at this institute, a student must pay a tuition fee of £70,000. The MBA program offered by the Alliance Manchester Business School lasts 18 months, and one has to pay £60,000 as tuition fees. 

The University of Oxford and the Imperial College Business School offer year-long MBA programs. While the former charges £72,000 as tuition fees, the latter asks for £65,000. While applying for study abroad loans, these are some of the details students should know. 

Comparing mBA Tuition fees across the countries


When the craze for getting an MBA degree was at its peak in India in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, many students flocked to American universities. Their success stories encouraged other Indian students to walk on the same path. Indian students continue to show a lot of interest in universities based in the US for doing their MBA.

While Stanford and Harvard are some of the first names that come to a student’s mind when they plan to pursue an MBA course in the States, many other universities have made a name for themselves in the last few decades. Those who plan to study in the USA with a scholarship will also have a lot of options to choose from. 

The Stanford Graduate School of Business offers an MBA program whose duration is 21 months and charges $65,000 as tuition fees from students. The Harvard Business School, on the other hand, offers a 24-month-long MBA program. The tuition fee charged by the university for the same is $60,000. 

Students planning to opt for an MBA course in the US must check the curriculum offered by the Kellogg School of Management, which is a part of the reputed Northwestern University. The college offers an MBA program which lasts for 24 months. The total amount of money a student has to pay for this course is $65,000. 

The University of Chicago has the Booth School of Business, which offers a 21-month-long MBA program. The fee for an MBA course in this institution is $65,000. Similarly, Dartmouth College houses the Tuck School of Business, which offers a 24-month MBA program valued at $65,000. 


Singapore has become the new favorite destination for Asian students who plan to enroll in an MBA program. Singapore has always boasted of a multicultural society, which has been one of the biggest reasons international students are taking admissions in Singaporean universities.

The duration of a management program offered by a particular university in Singapore could differ from another course provided by a different university. While the National University of Singapore or NUS offers an MBA program for 17 months, the management course offered by the INSEAD lasts 10 months.

At $43,000, the tuition fees charged by the National University of Singapore and the Singapore Management University or SMU are the same. For its 12-month-long MBA program, the Nanyang Technological University charges a tuition fee of $38,000. Those who wish to apply for the 18-month-long management program offered by SIM University should be ready to pay $28,000 as the tuition fee. 

New Zealand

In the last few years, a few countries have been increasing their intake of international students who wish to do an MBA course. New Zealand features on top of that list. The universities in New Zealand offer world-class management courses and their tuition fee tends to be lower than that of universities based in other countries.

For management courses, one of the most reputed universities in New Zealand happens to be the University of Auckland Business School. Students are offered to participate in a two-year long management program by paying $29,000 as the tuition fee. The management courses offered by the Auckland University of Technology School of Business last for 12 – 18 months and the average tuition fee charged by the institution fee is $30,000. 

If a student is operating on a lower budget, they can opt for the one-year-long management program offered by the University of Waikato Management School valued at $17,000. At $18,000, the Victoria University Faculty of Commerce and Administration charges a similar tuition fee for a 16-month-long program. Students must also check for New Zealand scholarships for international students. 

International students who are sure about doing a full-fledged two-year-long MBA course must consider applying to the Massey College of Business. The total tuition fee charged by the university is $25,000. The Canterbury University College of Business and Economics is another college that can be considered. It offers a 15-month-long MBA program and charges a tuition fee of $33,000.


After completing their MBA course in Canada, international students can look for work opportunities there. This is one of the most important reasons why students from India and other countries prefer to come to Canada and enroll in an MBA program offered by one of the universities. 

The amount of money an international student has to spend on their MBA course in Canada depends on the university they opt for. The duration of the course also plays an important role here. Students can also apply for scholarship in Canada-based universities. 

The two-year-long MBA program offered by the Rotman School of Management, which comes under the University of Toronto, costs $37,000 annually. The HEC Montreal, on the other hand, offers a year-long management program valued at $23,000. 

The total tuition fee charged by the Sauder School of Business is $46,000. The Ivey Business School, which is a part of the University of Western Ontario, charges $66,000 for its two-year management program. $28,000 is the annual tuition fee the Desautels Faculty of Management charges for its 20-month-long management program.


Students planning to go to a European country to do their MBA should opt for Germany. The country is known for its well-structured education system and high-quality educational facilities. Many German universities offer scholarships to students who intend to do an MBA course there. Students who want to apply for a scholarship in Germany to do an MBA should visit the official website of the business schools for details. 

Germany's most reputed business schools are the Mannheim Business School, EU Business School, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, European School of Management and Technology, Otto Beisehm Graduate School of Management and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. 

If an international student gets admission to a public management institute in Germany, they wouldn’t be required to pay a tuition fee. However, they would have to pay the semester fee between $200 and $300. The average tuition fees in private management institutes range from $15,000 to $35,000. 

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