Exploring The Different Accommodation For Indian Students In Australia

Study Abroad Team 07/08/2023

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Study and Living Expenses in Australia 

Australia is one of the safest countries in the world for international students and has a vibrant student culture. This makes it one of the top destinations for Indian candidates who want to pursue an educational future abroad. The costs of studying and living in Australia can be considered expensive by most Indian standards, but it is worth it. 

Knowing the study and living expenses will help Indian students studying abroad prepare for their stay in the country.it is essential to understand that living expenses are not just rent or accommodation one has to pay but also the cost of traveling from the university campus to the accommodation on most days.

As far as tuition fees are concerned, it will be between AUD 9000 and AUD 50000 per annum for a Bachelor’s degree course. It will be between AUD 9000 and AD 54,000 for a Master’s degree course. This will vary from one university to another depending on where the university is located and the stream the candidate has opted for.

The living expenses will depend on a few factors, such as the location of the accommodation, food preferences, and commuting options. After taking these into account, the living expenses for an Indian student will be around AUD 35000 per year, including accommodation, grocery internet, transport, and other miscellaneous costs.

Types of Accommodations for Indian Students in Australia 

Indian students who wish to study in Australia have many options regarding the accommodations they can live in. The most important thing to understand is that Australian universities usually have very little or no in-house or campus housing, and students are expected to stay in off-campus housing, which they pay for themselves. Here are the types of accommodation Indian students can avail of in Australia:


These is one of the best options for international students looking for accommodation in Australia. This involves the student living with an Australian family in their home. It suits international students who want to learn the Australian way of life. These are great ideas for secondary students or those studying a short-term course. Both single and shared rooms are available, and the rent for such accommodation is usually comparatively inexpensive. Usually, it will involve included meals, though a self-catered option may also be available for students who want to cook.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and guest houses are excellent options for Indian students who want cheap accommodation yet want some social interaction during their stay. Kitchen and bathroom facilities will be shared, and the cost will usually be between $80 and $135 a week.

Rental Properties

This is another way for students to access cheap accommodation in Australia. Several students stay together on a rental property and share the rent and other expenses. Setting up a household with friends can be fun and exciting, yet save oneself money. Rental accommodation will cost around $100 to $400 per week, and when this money gets divided among friends, it can be pretty inexpensive.

Residential Colleges 

Residential colleges provide students with several opportunities and services. They are great for meals and accommodation and provide cleaning and residential and social services. However, they may be more expensive than some modes of accommodation available in Australia.

University-Approved Apartments

These are good for students who can spend more money than usual on accommodation and may involve them taking an apartment for rent. Some universities provide this. The benefit of going for university apartments is they are more secure because they are university-approved. Also, there is the option of fully self-catered housing, which means students can cook what they want.

Managed Student Apartments 

These are another excellent option for Indian students who are looking for accommodation in Australia. Managed student apartments mean that students stay off-campus but cleaning and other services get included in what they pay. These are great if the student does not want to do chores and would rather have someone do it through this accommodation option will cost more.

Halls of Residence 

These provide comfortable and safe accommodations for students near the university they are studying. Living in this type of accommodation is inexpensive and enables the students to form networks and connections socially. Fun events are constantly organized, facilitating social interactions between students. It can cost between $160 and $440 per week.

Things to Consider Before Choosing an Accommodation in Australia

  • Research: The first thing to do when a candidate plans to study abroad in Australia is to do proper research. There are several websites to research, including one with information about real estate in Australia.

  • Have a Budget: Calculating tuition fees and living expenses properly will help make the final decision on accommodation easy.

  • Check with the university: Though university-approved accommodation is a rarity in Australia, it is good to check in with the university. They may not have campus housing, but they may be able to provide a list of reliable homestays or hostels one can use the services of.

  • Short-term Options: Short-term options are a great way to save money for Indian students planning to study in Australia. These offer a lot of flexibility in terms of the area to live in and the amount of money spent.

  • Scams Beware: Scams are going on around real estate and accommodation, and being aware of them is a good option. It is best to avoid deals that look too good to be true. Check the Condition of the Property: Before deciding and paying any money for accommodation, looking around the property is necessary. Also, reading the rental agreement before signing on the dotted line is a great idea.

  • Getting Renter’s Insurance: This is optional, but for an Indian student wishing to make Australia home for higher studies, getting it will protect against many unknown costs.

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