A Comprehensive Guide to the top Universities in Australia

Study Abroad Team 26/07/2023

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According to the QS World University Rankings (Subject) 2022, almost 37 universities have been selected from Australia. Subject rankings are crucial when students or applicants consider Australian universities for their selective study area. 

Choosing among 1200 Australian college offering over 20,000 study courses can be difficult. Seeking the most suited college for specified needs can be a challenge. Some aspirants may wish to find the cheapest nursing courses in Australia for international students, while others may want to join a top-most University offering nursing courses. 

Potential international students can start by looking at all the top-ranked colleges and universities in Australia to gather details about the availability of courses and know the average or minimum test scores required by each college. This can provide a wholesome knowledge of every University, its global standing, and the average test score needed to gain admission. 

Comprehensive Guide to Top Universities in Australia for The Year 2023:

Melbourne University or Unimelb 

Established in 1853 by the founder Hugh Culling Childers, Melbourne University is the 2nd oldest in the world, imparting research studies and higher education to aspirants. The University of Melbourne boasts an impressive staff intent on making discoveries and inroads into scientific research. Indian students studying abroad have the greatest opportunity to learn all basic subjects before selecting one subject in a particular field.  

The campus has 11 academic centers, such as Walter and Eliza Institute of Medical Research, Grattan Institute, and Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. Courses at Unimelb include MS, MBA, BE, BTech, MIM, MIS, MEng, BSC, and MEM. Average fees for a BA degree - 101,856 AUD to 115 812 AUD and the average fees for a BSC degree - 126,136 AUD to 162,224 AUD. 

University of Sydney or USyd

Established in 1850, Sydney University is again an open research university and is acclaimed as one of the top global universities. The sprawling campus houses several courses related to social work, pharmacy, arts, architecture, faculty of science, economics, pharmacy, and veterinary science. The institute features various programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students. It also offers liberal studies degrees and other specialist and professional degrees. 

 The main courses are subdivided into subjects like architecture, planning and design, art and social sciences, medical health, business, music, and social work. The students can learn from highly experienced faculty staff. It is one of the few universities that offers student scholarships for Masters in Australia. Courses offered include MBA, MIS, MS, BBA, MEng, BE/Btech, BSc, MA, and MArch. USyd average annual fees cost about 50,000 AUD. 

University of Queensland 

Founded in 1909, the University of Queensland was built in Brisbane, Queensland. The University comprises three major campus areas:

● St. Lucia - Attended by most of the students for regular classes 

● Gatton - Houses the department of agricultural science and veterinary science

● Herston - Houses the clinical health care and services

Queensland University’s academic departments include economics, business, engineering, architecture, law, information technology, social sciences, biomedical sciences, health & behavioral sciences, and science. The University provides a study calendar based on semester evaluations. Ranked 50th in the top universities ranking list of 2023, Queensland University remains one of Australia's most sought-after educational academies. The average annual tuition fee for students is about AUD 34,000. 

UNSW or University of New South Wales 

The renowned University of New South Wales or UNSW is also an open-research Australian University developed to embrace emerging trends of growing technology. UNSW also rewards its hardworking Ph.D. students with scholarships for Masters in Australia. Aspiring international and domestic students are offered undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees, and doctoral degree course educational programs in their chosen fields. 

UNSW Department of Studies offers courses including faculty of business school, faculty of medicine, faculty of law, faculty of art & design, faculty of social sciences, and faculty of engineering & science. The faculty members are fully trained, certified, and experienced to pass on their rich knowledge and practical insight to the students. The annual fee for UNSW University is about 17,000 AUD.  

Monash University 

Monash University, a public academy, was established in 1958. Situated in Southeast Australia, Victoria, Monash University comprises many faculty and classes, including economics, business, engineering, IT, law, medicine, health science, business, nursing, pharmacy, and pharma sciences. The study calendar depends on course semesters. 

Students can select honor programs and research-based studies. The University holds 57th rank in the list of top universities ranking 2023. The average annual fee for studying at the prestigious Monash University is approximately AUD 37,050. 

Adelaide University 

Founded in 1874, it is the continent's 3rd oldest academy of higher learning. Adelaide University houses more than 7850 international students representing a hundred different nations. The University offers 360 undergraduate programs and 198 postgraduate programs. Adelaide University also offers advanced degrees based on the latest research techniques and advanced technology. 

The University offers courses in agriculture, finance, animal & veterinary sciences, architecture, business, economics, arts, dentistry, defense, energy, mining, and more. Approx tuition fee for a Master's in finance is around 61,000 AUD, and the executive Master's is approximately 120,000 AUD.

Australian National University or ANU

Founded in the year 1946, ANU is known as an open research university with four main centers, the School of Physical Sciences, School of Pacific Science, Medical Research School, and School of Social Science. The Council of ANU has been conducting many cultural activities and other co-curricular campaigns over the years. 

The Australian National University includes 7 colleges that are fully integrated with learning and research. ANU offers several programs such as undergraduate degree courses, postgraduate degree courses, and professional degree courses. Indian students studying abroad in Australia can enjoy a relaxed learning atmosphere on the ANU campus. Courses offered include MS, MBA, MIM, MEng, BE/Btech, BSc, and MIS. Average tuition fees range between 29,628 AUD and 45,360 AUD. 

UTS or University of Technology Sydney 

UTS is ranked 135th on a global scale as one of the best universities in the world. Founded in 1988, it is centered around research-driven learning and working alongside industries and communities. UTS offers 184 undergraduate programs and 124 postgraduate programs. Students can enroll in any of the 13 courses offered by UTS in the field of business, computer science and engineering, nursing, medicine, IT, health care, arts, social studies, architecture, and more. 

The average tuition fee for the UG program for a graduate diploma in media arts & production fee is 33792 AUD (1 year), BE/BTech engineering fee is 27,963 AUD (5 years). The graduate diploma in business administration fee is 38064 AUD (1 year). 

Western Australia University 

It is one of the most reputed universities to get into the top 100 list of top universities. UWA enjoys a superior status among other Australian academies due to the vast number of international faculty members and their citations for every faculty member. 

UWA is ranked 90th in world university rankings. More than 25000 students study in the University, of which 4000 are from foreign origin. There are more than 75 research facilities in UWA and receive substantial yearly funding from WA institutions. The approx annual fee for UWA is around 35,000 AUD. 

Curtin University 

The main campus area is located in Bentley with three more off-site campuses within the city of Perth. Curtin University is a global academy with campuses in far-off countries such as Singapore, Dubai, and Malaysia. Students from around 45 countries gain admission at Curtin University. 

The faculty comprises skilled members from 15 different nations. Besides global campuses, Curtin University boasts numerous mini campuses offering professional courses to aspiring students. The approx annual fee for Curtin University is around 29,000 AUD to 39,000 AUD. 

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    To study MBA in the USA, you need to follow these steps: 1. Research and select the universities you want to apply to based on your preferences and eligibility. 2. Take the required exams such as GMAT or GRE, and TOEFL or IELTS if you are an international student. 3. Prepare a strong application package including transcripts, essays, letters of recommendation, and resume. 4. Apply to the universities of your choice following their application deadlines and instructions. 5. Upon acceptance, apply for a student visa and make necessary travel arrangements. Please note that the specific requirements and procedures may vary by university, so it is important to carefully review the information provided by each institution.

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