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Computer Science and Data Science - Course, Admission, Cost, Scholarships and Career

Study Abroad Team 20/12/2023

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Looking forward to studying Computer Science and Data Science courses in the USA? It is the top destination for Indian students as you get an opportunity to be placed in Silicon Valley. Universities in the United States offer concentrations in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cyber security, and Management Information Systems, making the USA an ideal destination for students.

Highlights of the Course

With over 60 top Computer Science and Data Science colleges to study in USA, students are offered bachelor, master, and doctoral courses and taught to analyze, manage, and interpret huge amounts of data with diverse applications. 

Data Science is an interdisciplinary subject that stands on the pillars of mathematics, computer science, and statistics.

Why Study Computer Science and Data Science Course in the USA?

Choosing Computer Science and Data science courses to study in the USA gives you an upper hand, as substantiated by the statistics,

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that between 2018 and 2028, the number of jobs in computer science will increase by 15%. 
  • In the US, computer science specialists can anticipate a 10% pay raise every 15 months. 
  • The unemployment rate for graduates in computer science is a low 5%. 
  • About 45% of current workers in the computer science industry have a foundational degree in computer science.

Both degrees can help you develop successful professions as the tech sector grows with increased employment opportunities, providing opportunities for creativity and innovation and a well-rounded education.

According to Indeed, ‘The average yearly compensation for software engineers and data scientists in the United States is $102,234 and $121,103, respectively'. The country’s affiliation with a variety of businesses is an added advantage.

Types of Computer Science and Data Science Courses in the USA

There are at least 800 institutions that offer computer science and data science degrees and courses in the USA.

Computer Science

This is the study of the theory and practice of computation, programming, and software design. It covers topics such as algorithms, data structures, software engineering, database management, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, and more.  You can pursue a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree in computer science from various universities in the USA. 

Data Science

This is the study of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large and complex data sets using various methods, tools, and techniques. Topics such as machine learning, data mining, extensive data analysis, data systems and processing, and deep learning are taught as a part of the course.  You can pursue a Master’s or Doctoral degree in data science from various universities in the USA. 

The master’s degrees in data science are offered in different degrees and specializations. Apart from the degrees, data science courses in the US are also offered under various specializations. The most popular data science specializations are given below:

  • Data Science statistics
  • Health Data Science
  • Computer Science Data Engineering
  • Biomedical Data Science
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Computer Science Big Data Systems
  • Business Analytics and Data Science
  • Complex Systems and Data Science

Business Analytics

This is the study of how to use data and analytics to solve business problems and improve decision-making. Topics such as statistics, optimization, modeling, and visualization are well-understood. There is a Master’s degree in business analytics to pursue from various universities in the USA. 

List of Universities Offering Computer Science and Data Science Courses

Here is the list of top institutes offering courses on Computer Science and Data Science in the USA,

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Stanford University.
  • Harvard University.
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  • University of Chicago.
  • University of Pennsylvania.
  • Princeton University.
  • Yale University.

Admission Process to Computer Science and Data Science Courses in the USA

To understand the program's reputation, faculty expertise, and available resources, research on the programs and the Universities.


It includes possessing a Bachelor's degree with an aggregate GPA of 3.0 GPA out of 4.0 in a related field such as Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or a relevant discipline and a GRE score that is in the range of 290-330. The score required may vary depending on the university.

Documents Required

  • Letters of Recommendation – Obtain the required number of letters of recommendation from professors, employers, or other professionals who can speak to your academic and professional qualifications.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) & Resume - Write a compelling statement of purpose that outlines your academic and professional background. Tailor your SOP to each specific program.
  • Portfolio (if applicable) -Some programs may require a portfolio of your work, especially for design or project-based disciplines. Prepare a portfolio showcasing your relevant projects and achievements.
  • Financial Documentation - Indian students may need to provide proof of financial ability to cover tuition and living expenses.

Proficiency Test

  • English Proficiency – For Indian students/ non-native English speakers, it is essential to qualify in 
    • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or 
    • IELTS (International English Language Testing System).
  • Standardized Tests – 
    • GRE (Graduate Record Examination) or 
    • GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test).

The requirements for the standardized tests vary with different Universities.

Visa Process

F1 Student Visa

Students applying for a program that requires more than 18 hours of study in a week require an F1 visa in the USA. This includes all undergraduate programs as well as graduate programs like MS in the US or MBA in the USA. 

F-2 Visa

Spouses or children accompanying F-1 visa recipients will travel on an F-2 visa.

Cost of Studying Computer Science and Data Science in the USA

Tuition Fees

The MS in Data Science program fees can range between USD 21,000 and USD 75,000 per annum (approx.) for Indian students.

The average cost of studying MS in Computer Science in the USA is around 78,000 USD for the total program, with a minimum cost of 13,272 USD for the entire program at the University of California- Berkeley to a maximum of 141,000 USD for the complete program in Yale University for Indian students.

Cost of Living

The estimated student living cost in the USA is between $10,000 - $25,000 (USD) per academic year, making the average monthly expenses in the USA for Indian students to be $900 - $2,000 or 74,000 - 1,60,000 (INR).

Scholarships to Computer Science and Data Science in the USA

The scholarships offered for Computer Science and Data Science students include,

  • Kummer Vanguard Scholars Program.
  • Kummer Innovation and Entrepreneurship Doctoral Fellows Program.
  • Philosophy Graduate Student Tuition and Fee Scholarship for Fall Applicant
  • STEM Scholarship.
  • Creative Arts and STEM Scholarships.
  • CEC Dean's International Master's Academic Scholarship.
  • Allene Huanani Wong Scholarship.

Scholarships in the USA for Masters in Computer Science

Many different sources in the United States offer Master's degree scholarships in Computer science, including Universities, government initiatives, commercial businesses, and non-profit foundations. The following are well-known scholarships and initiatives that you may look into:

  • Fulbright Scholarship - This helps Indian and other International students doing master's degrees in the USA. Refer to the Fulbright website for information about the scholarships.
  • Microsoft Tech Scholarship - Microsoft and other Tech-giants offer Scholarships to Master's students studying Computer-related courses in the USA. Check out their websites for more information.
  • Google Women in Tech Scholarship - This Scholarship can be favorable to women studying Computer science. Look at Google's scholarships for more details.
  • IBM Fellowship Awards - IBM mostly focuses on Ph.D. students, but there might be opportunities for Master's students as well. Check IBM's website to learn more about eligible students.
  • ACM-W Women's Scholarship - ACM provides scholarships for Women studying Computer science in the USA. Go to ACM-W's website for more info.
  • IEEE Computer Society Scholarships - IEEE Computer Society has scholarships for computer science students for Indian and International students. Visit their website for more details.
  • NPSC Fellowship - NPSC supports students in Physical sciences, including computer science. Check their website for how to apply and avail the scholarship in advance.
  • Hertz Foundation Grad Fellowship - The Hertz Foundation offers fellowships for graduate students in applied sciences, including computer science. This helps them take up a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Check out their website for more information.

When applying for these scholarships, look at their requirements and the time to submit your application. If you have specific universities in mind, check with them directly about any scholarships they might offer to Indian and International students.

Job Opportunities in Computer Science and Data Science in the USA

  • Analytics Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Data Visualization Specialist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Analyst

FAQ on Computer Science and Data Science courses to study in USA

1. Is Data Science an excellent course to study in the USA?

With a master's or doctoral degree, data scientists have a solid educational foundation that enhances their abilities and knowledge, which is advantageous to businesses. They are therefore presented with attractive and appealing packages. In the US, a data scientist can expect to make an average of $115,187 annually.

2. Can I get a job in the USA as a data scientist?

For the past four years in a row, Glassdoor has reported that data scientists are among the most sought-after job positions in the USA. According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of data scientists will increase by 27.9% by 2026 as there will be a greater need for qualified professionals with expertise in this field.

3. What are the qualifications to become a Data Scientist in the USA? 

Data scientists must be proficient with computers. To enter the field of data science, one must generally hold a bachelor's degree in mathematics, statistics, computer science, or a similar discipline. Nonetheless, some employers favor or demand a master's or doctoral degree from applicants.

4. What is the duration of a data science course in the USA?

Although most American colleges provide a two-year MS in data science program, some also offer a master's in data science as a one-year course. A master's degree may require a student to take more courses than expected to finish the required number of credit hours.

5. What is the eligibility for admission in Data Science?

  • 50% overall for a science or engineering degree includes math, statistics, computer science, and information technology as one of the key disciplines. 
  • 50–60% on class 10, +2 exams, and foundational programming, statistics, and math understanding.  
  • 50–70% aggregate in Science or Engineering upon graduation.
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