A Guide To Finding The Best University Abroad After The 12th

Study Abroad Team 09/06/2023

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The Scope of Studying Abroad 

Studying abroad after high school can be a life-changing experience for a student. By choosing to study abroad, students will access numerous opportunities in the future. Pursuing an undergraduate degree abroad is one of the best ways for an international student to acquire experience and skills.

Higher education experts opine that students can benefit by enrolling at foreign universities. Therefore, the scope of seeking admission to a foreign college or university after high school is vast. Here are some reasons why studying abroad can benefit aspirants' personal and professional development.    

  • Studying abroad after the 12th can help a candidate become a global citizen. By being a global citizen early in their career, the student can develop independent decision-making skills.
  • A UG degree from a foreign university helps get recognized by reputed employers worldwide. Students can also get the chance for a stay-back option after graduation.
  • Pursuing a UG degree abroad allows a student to be self-reliant.
  • By enrolling in foreign universities, aspirants can develop time and money management skills.
  • Through internships, aspirants can learn how to work in a workplace with diverse employees.
  • For MBA in the UK for Indian students, aspirants should know about the degree’s scope. Students should also learn about the eligibility criteria to enroll in an MBA degree in the UK.  

A Guide To Finding The Best University Abroad After The 12th

How to Study Abroad after 12th?

Studying abroad is not a simple process when the student isn’t aware of the formalities. It requires the student to fulfil specific criteria. For instance, students should clear English proficiency tests with a good band score. Moreover, they should be able to manage expenses associated with studying.

But with proper planning, aspirants can accomplish their objective of enrolling in a foreign university after 12th. Studying abroad can help one become more self-reliant while improving communication skills. Here are some steps to guide a student to study abroad after 12th.

Recognizing the Ideal Field

This is the primary step for which the aspirant should plan while deciding to study abroad. Usually, students will get a vast range of degrees to pursue at the undergraduate level. However, the students should be wise and select the right subject that suits their interests. For instance, to pursue MBA in UK for Indian students, one must be aware of the top B-Schools.

Selecting the Right Destination 

If students want to make the most of their degree, they should select the correct country. Cultural values, opportunities, expenses, etc may influence the study abroad destination of an aspirant. Some of the most popular destinations for students after high school are Canada, Australia, Germany, etc.

Choose the Best University for Pursuing a UG Degree 

After selecting the field of study and destination, students after high school need to choose the best university. The best university selection criteria should depend on the course availability, fees, and research opportunities.

Students should also carefully consider the application deadline and other prerequisites. Here are some other factors that a student must pay attention to while selecting a foreign university.

  • The range of subjects being taught at the university
  • The location of the university
  • The on-campus amenities  
  • The budget required to cover all the costs
  • The ability of the university to prepare a candidate for future workplace challenges
  • While deciding to pursue a PhD in UK, aspirants can consider these questions.  

Appearing for Standardized Tests 

Students should undertake standardized examinations to qualify for the selected course. Based on the course and university, the requirements of test scores may vary. Therefore, students should consult with their respective universities to learn more. Some of the standard standardized tests candidates must prepare for are:

  • PTE

These tests assess the proficiency of students in the English language.

Applying to the Universities Shortlisted by the Students 

Within the stipulated deadline, students should complete all the formalities of applying to foreign universities. Aspirants should keep all their supporting documents, like marksheets and test score reports, handy while applying. After successfully submitting and verifying all these documents, students can expect favorable responses from foreign universities.

Procedure to Study Abroad after 12th 

While deciding to pursue PhD in UK, students should be aware of the following procedures.

  • Identifying the best country with good prospects
  • Students should have a valid passport
  • Aspirants should be able to pay for the application form
  • Submitting all the relevant documents required before the application deadline
  • Applying for suitable scholarships for master’s in Germany

The Types of Exams One Needs to Appear for to Study Abroad 

The following are the common types of exams students should appear for after high school to study abroad.

  • NEET 

For MBBS in Germany, for Indian students, one should take the NEET exam. Indian students should appear for the NNET exam to optimize their chances of seeking admission to medical schools worldwide. Aspirants should aim for a better score to seek admission to the reputed medical colleges in the world.

  • English Language Proficiency Examinations 

The English Language Proficiency Examinations measure the candidate’s English proficiency in a practical and everyday context. English Language Proficiency Examinations, or ELP exams, usually have varying score requirements based on the course and university selected.


If a student is aspiring to seek admission to a management college or a B-School, they should appear for the GMAT/GRE test. For GMAT, it is essential for aspirants to score more than 550. On the other hand, for GREs, the student should score 270 and above.

  • MCAT 

The Medical College Admission Test, commonly called MCAT, is a standardized examination. It is a multiple-choice test that assesses the critical skills of students aspiring to study medicine. For MBBS in Germany for Indian students, aspirants should appear for this test.

What are the Scholarship Opportunities Available for Students in Foreign Universities?

It is standard for students to feel stressed about the astronomical costs of moving abroad. But at the same time, numerous funding opportunities are available to help the aspirants cover the costs. Here is the list of scholarships based on countries available to Indian students after high school.

Scholarships to Study in the USA 

ü Tata Scholarship Fund for Cornell University

ü The Yale Silver Scholar Program

ü Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship

Scholarships to Study in the UK 

ü Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree Scholarship

ü The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

ü The Rhodes Scholarship

Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in Australia 

ü Griffith Remarkable Scholarship

ü The John Allwright Fellowship

ü The Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship

The aspirants should also know the eligibility criteria while applying for these scholarships. A UG scholarship aims to eliminate the monetary burden on students and help them study in their dream college abroad.

The Best Universities to Consider for Foreign Education 

If the aspirant is looking to pursue a master’s in Germany, they should seek admission to the right universities. Similarly, students after high school must shortlist the best universities in which they can pursue their higher studies.  


The top universities in the UK are:

ü University of Oxford

ü University of Warwick

ü Imperial College London


ü New York University

ü Columbia University

ü Harvard University


ü University of Amsterdam 

ü University of Cambridge

ü The Technical University of Munich

The requirements and eligibility criteria vary from one university to another. The admission requirements will differ based on the university aspirants choose and the desired subject. Furthermore, the aspirants should prepare for the entrance examinations accordingly. And to make the application process stress-free, applicants should be aware of the deadlines and intakes of different foreign universities.   

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  • Monika Answered on 20/12/2023

    Studying MBBS in the USA can cost between $30,000 and $60,000 per year, which doesn't include additional expenses like living costs and health insurance. For instance, renowned institutions in urban areas may have higher fees than universities in suburban or rural settings. In addition to tuition, Indian students need to consider other essential costs.

     The approximate cost of living in the USA varies: housing ($1,000 to $2,500/month), food ($300 to $500/month), transportation ($70 to $120/month for public transit), utilities ($150 to $250/month), healthcare (a few hundred dollars/month), and miscellaneous expenses ($200 to $400/month).While the upfront costs can seem substantial, prospective students should explore financial aid opportunities, scholarships, and grants.

    Many universities and private organizations in the USA provide financial assistance to international students based on merit or need. This financial support can significantly alleviate the overall cost of pursuing a medical degree. Researching specific universities is crucial to obtaining accurate and up-to-date information on fees and available financial aid.

    Students should consider the overall environment, quality of education, and potential for research or clinical experience when selecting a university in the USA for their MBBS program. Connect with Sulekha Study Abroad Experts now!

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