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Ireland is one of the most sought-after study-abroad destinations for Indian students aspiring to study abroad. It offers a safe environment for students with expanding vibrant cultures and opportunities to connect and learn. The universities and institutes in Ireland offer and motivate students to inculcate creativity and innovation in every possible aspect.

Since the medium of education is English, Ireland attracts various international students. Ireland also offers various career opportunities for international students as it has over 1500+ MNCs like Facebook, Amazon, Google, and more. In an interview with The Times of India, Ireland's Ambassador to India states that over 5000+ Indian students are studying in Ireland each year.

Why Study in Ireland?

There are plenty of reasons why many international students aspire to study in Ireland. Some of the most significant reasons that push to opt Ireland for higher studies are,

  • Ireland is the home of various top-ranked and globally acknowledged universities and institutions.

  • The universities and institutions in Ireland offer quality, world-class education with high return investments (ROI).

  • Almost all the universities and institutes in Ireland have English as the education medium, making everything easy for international students.

  • Ireland has a student-friendly education system offers up to 2-year post-study and stay-back options.

  • Ireland is also the hub of various corporations and businesses, which offers massive career opportunities for individuals studying abroad in Ireland.

Top Universities in Ireland for Indian Students

There are various famous universities in Ireland that are significant. The top 20 most sought-after universities in Ireland by international students are listed,



World Rankings 2024

Ireland University Rankings 2024




Study in Ireland: University College Dublin
















Study in Ireland: University of Limerick (UL)











Not ranked

Not ranked


Not ranked

Not ranked

Study in Ireland: Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT)


Not ranked

Not ranked

Study in Ireland: Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT)


Not ranked

Not ranked


Not ranked

Not ranked

Popular Courses in Ireland for Indian Students

Universities and institutes in Ireland offer various courses that are globally recognized. Some of the most sought-after courses provided by universities and institutes for students studying in Ireland are,

  • Business Analytics- Social media analytics, big data analytics, web analytics, text analytics, risk analytics, HR analytics, supply chain analytics, financial analytics, sales analytics, marketing analytics, customer analytics, diagnostics analytics, and more.

  • Computing & IT- Software development, networks and security, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, IoT, Geographic information systems, quantum computing, robotics, Human-computer interaction, data science and analytics, system administration, and database management

  • Engineering courses- Nuclear engineering, environmental engineering, industrial engineering, industrial engineering, petroleum engineering, biomedical engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, computer science engineering, electronics and telecommunication engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering.

  • Law- Criminal law, civil law, corporate law, intellectual property law, employment law, constitutional law, administrative law, environmental law, immigration law, healthcare law, tax law, and more.

  • Nursing, Pharma, Healthcare- public health, health informatics, pharmacology, pharmaceutical research and development, clinical pharmacy, nurse practitioner, and more.

  • Journalism and mass communication- print journalism, broadcast journalism, online or digital journalism, investigative journalism, feature writing, editorial journalism, sports journalism, political journalism, entertainment journalism, advertising, public relations, digital marketing, media planning & buying, and more.

  • Construction- civil engineering, construction management, architectural engineering, structural engineering, environmental engineering, construction technology, mechanical and electrical engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction materials engineering, quantity surveying, construction cost management, construction safety and health, facilities management, urban planning & development, and building information modeling.

  • Business and Economics- finance, accounting, marketing, human resource management, entrepreneurship, operations management, supply chain management, international business, business analytics, information systems and technology management, strategic management, financial economics, public economics, and more.

  • Biotech, Bio-processing and Food Processing-genetic engineering & molecular biology, bioprocessing & fermentation technology, microbiology & microbial biotechnology, biomedical engineering, bioinformatics & computational biology, environmental biotechnology, bioreactor design & operation, food microbiology & safety, food packaging technology, food chemistry, and more.

Top Universities in Ireland to Pursue Popular Courses for International Students



Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin (TDC)

  • Ms

  • Mim

  • BE/BTech

  • MFA

  • BBA

  • MBA

University College Dublin (UCD)

  • MEng

  • MEM

  • MS

  • BE/BTech

  • MIM

  • MBA

National University of Ireland Galway

  • MIM

  • MEng

  • MASc

  • BE/BTech

  • BSc

  • Ms

University College Cork

  • MIM

  • BE/BTeceh

  • BSc

  • BBA

  • MEng

  • MS

Dublin City University

  • LLM

  • MIM

  • BE/BTech

  • BBA

  • MA

  • BJMC

  • MEng

  • MS

University of Limerick

  • MS

  • BE/BTech

  • MEng

  • MIM

  • BBA

Maynooth University

  • MIM

  • BBA

  • MS

  • BSc

  • BE/BTech

  • MEng

Technological University Dublin

  • MS

  • MA

  • BBA

  • BSc

  • MIM

  • BE/BTech

Application Process, Eligibility, and Deadlines to Apply for Ireland Universities

Application Process to Study in Ireland

Undergraduate Programs Application Process

  • To apply for undergraduate programs, the candidates must determine whether they are EU or non-EU applicants.

  • The EU application can apply for undergraduate programs through the Central Applications Office (CAO).

  • The non-EU applicants applying for undergraduate programs must apply through the university’s website.

Postgraduate Programs Application Process

  • Students applying for postgraduate programs must apply through the university website.

  • Some universities that allow students to apply through the Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC) are Dublin City University, Maynooth University, Waterford Institute of Technology, National University of Ireland, Cork Institute of Technology, Mary Immaculate College, Health Service Extensive Institute of Technology, and 3U Partnership, Greater Dublin University.

  • The cost of application and the deadlines might vary based on the programs chosen.

Eligibility and Documents Required

The students applying to study abroad in Ireland must submit mandatory documents. Some of those documents are,

  • Documents supporting English language proficiency like TOEFL and IELTS

  • Statement of purpose justifying the choice of course

  • Students applying for art and design courses or architecture programs must submit a portfolio

  • Financial proof to support the entire duration of the course

  • Original passport with a photocopy for reference

  • Proof of health insurance covering any health expenses

  • Academic resume with all the necessary details

  • Letter of recommendation from employer/manager if applicable

  • Standard 10, 12, and bachelor’s degree mark sheets

Entrance Exam Requirements

Students aspiring to study in Ireland must clear certain entrance exams to secure admission. Some of the most popular entrance exams that students must clear with the approximate required score are listed,

  • TOEFL- 80-92

  • IELTS- 6.5-7.0 with an overall score of 6 in each band

  • Duolingo test- 95-120

  • PTE Academic- 55-65

Application Deadlines

Universities in Ireland offer two main intakes for International students aspiring to study in Ireland. They are the autumn intake and spring intake. The timeline of this intake can be stated as follows,

Autumn Intake

  • The autumn intake starts in the month of September and ends in may

  • Autumn intake is considered the primary intake as many universities offer a wide range of courses during this intake

  • The application deadline for autumn intake is June

Spring Intake

  • The application for spring intake will be open till September or October.

  • This is not the primary intake for most universities

  • The classes of this spring intake start during the months of January or February

How to Study in Ireland?

Cost of Living in Ireland for Indian Students

The approximate cost of living in Ireland for Indian students varies based on factors like the standard of accommodation, lifestyle choices, and more. However, the approximate cost of living in Ireland for the students studying abroad in Ireland is,

  • Private complex accommodation- €250 – €350 weekly 

  • On-campus accommodation- €250- €500 weekly

  • Private rental house share - €500- €1500 weekly

  • Transportation- €70- €80 per month

  • Food- €150- €300 per month

  • Mobile recharge- €25- €35 per month

  • Electricity and garbage- €65- €130 per month

  • Internet Plans- €40- €70 monthly

Cost of Studying in Ireland for Indian Students

The cost of studying in Ireland for Indian students might vary based on factors like the type of university, location of the university, choice of course, level of course, and more. However, the approximate cost of studying in Ireland for Indian students is listed,

  • Private universities- €12,500- €14,500

  • IOTS- €10,500- €13,000

  • Public universities- €14,500- €21,500

The approximate cost of studying in Ireland based on the level of the course is listed,

  • Postgraduate programs- €7000- €28,000 annually

  • Undergraduate programs- €10,000- €56,000 annually

  • Doctoral Degree- €9000- €365,000 annually

Ireland Students Visa Application Process for Study Abroad Programs

The students aspiring to study in Ireland must apply for a student visa. Visa can be applied through the official website of the Irish Immigration Service. The students applying for the visa must fill in the online application form, submit supporting documents, and follow the instructions on the summary application. The cost of a student visa for a single entry is €60 and €100 for multiple entries. Some of the documents that the students are requested to submit while applying for an Ireland student visa are,

  • Duly filled application form with the appropriate fee

  • Two copies of passport-size photographs which are not more than six months old

  • Current passport with all the previous passports.

  • The current passport must be valid at least 12 months after arrival.

  • Proof of enrolling on a privately funded course in any university or institution in Ireland

  • Proof accounting for any educational gaps if applicable.

  • Proof of college fee payment

  • Proof of evidence to show that you have the academic ability to follow the chosen course

  • Proof of evidence for English language proficiency

  • Private medical insurance and previous visa refusals

  • Evidence of financial proof and summary of finances for study visa application

Study Abroad Scholarships in Ireland for International Students

Ireland offers numerous scholarship opportunities for Indian students to study abroad. Some of the most popular scholarships offered to Indian students studying in Ireland are,

  • Ireland Fellows Program- This fully funded scholarship covers travel, accommodation, tuition, and health insurance.

  • University College Dublin Global Excellence Graduate Scholarships- This scholarship supports tuition fees. The approximate amount of this scholarship is around €5,000 - €25,000.

  • Dublin City University International Merit Scholarships- This scholarship supports tuition fees. The approximate scholarship amount of this scholarship is €2,000 - €4,000.

  • Cork Institute of Technology International Student Scholarships- This scholarship covers the tuition fees and accommodation. The approximate scholarship amount of this scholarship is up to €1,500.

  • Government Of Ireland (GOI) Scholarships- This scholarship covers stipend expenses, health insurance, books & supplies, travel, and tuition fees. The scholarship amount of this scholarship varies.

  • Trinity College Dublin Scholarship- This scholarship covers the stipend, research expenses, and tuition fee. The scholarship amount of this scholarship varies.

  • National College of Ireland Scholarships- This scholarship covers the tuition fee and living expenses. The maximum amount that this scholarship covers is Up to €2,000.

  • Maynooth University International Scholarship- This scholarship covers the tuition fees and living expenses. The scholarship amount for this scholarship ranges from €2,000 to €5,000.

Job Prospects for International Students after Higher Education in Ireland

Studying in Ireland offered various job prospects for international students. Ireland has a Critical Skills Employment Permit that allows and encourages students to work in an occupation with a shortage of skills. Some of the most sought-after and in-demand job opportunities in Ireland are listed,

  • Science & Engineering- Chemical Engineers, Energy Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Biomedical Engineers.

  • Healthcare & Social Care- Nurses, Opticians, Pharmacists, Doctors, and Radiologists.

  • Transport and Logistics- Supply Chain Analysts, Transport Managers, and Logistics.

  • Business and Finance- Financial Advisers, Accountants, Risk and Compliance Professionals, and Business Intelligence Analysts.

  • Hospitality- Chefs

  • ICT- Software Developers, Programmers, Data Analysts, App Developers, and IT Support Specialists.

Apart from these, international students' most sought-after jobs in Ireland are Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology Industries, Financial Services Industry, Software and ICT Industries, Primary Industries, and Export and trade Industry.

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