An Overview of the GMAT Exam Structure and Features

Study Abroad Team 27/07/2023

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Who Should Take Up GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, is a computer-based standardized examination. GMAT is a prerequisite for admission to graduate business programs (MBA) globally. Unlike the CAT conducted annually, MBA aspirants can appear for GMAT around the year.

Recognized universities and management schools worldwide accept the GMAT examination score. Candidates should know about the GMAT exam structure properly and fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the conducting body.

The GMAT examination is suitable for those seeking admission to a premier MBA institute or B-School. It also offers students a thorough assessment of their skills and abilities in management courses.

An Overview of the GMAT Exam Structure and Features

Anyone with a Bachelor's degree from a recognized educational institution can appear for the examination. For the test taker, there is no minimum or maximum academic qualification limit. It is one of the most significant entrance tests globally, offering access to more than 2000 institutes and 7000 programs.

Importance of GMAT for Pursuing a Master's Degree Abroad

The aspirant should know the differences between GMAT and Vs. GRE for MBA. GMAT score is accepted for entrance to B-Schools across the world. GRE, also known as the Graduates Record Examination, is an aptitude test for admissions to post-graduate degrees worldwide.

Many B-Schools consider GMAT as one of the necessary admission criteria. Every MBA aspirant should appear for the GMAT exam to be admitted to reputed management schools. Here are some reasons behind applying for GMAT to pursue a Master's degree abroad.

GMAT is a Standardized Test Recognized Globally

GMAT is a globally standardized test that puts on a par with candidates. It lets the student compete against candidates from various countries. A good GMAT score also shows the student's willingness and seriousness to prepare for MBA.

Employers will Value the Student's GMAT Score

Influential organizations see GMAT scores as a valuable metric for assessing and evaluating candidates. However, one's GMAT score should be more than 700. A good GMAT score indicates one has the skills for the demanding job roles in their company.

GMAT Acts as a Trustworthy Predictor

Unlike other competitive tests, GMAT has no particular grade point averages. The GMAT score analyzes the skills the student will deploy in the business school. For instance, the final GMAT score is based on abilities like reasoning, logic, and verbal skills.

GMAT Improves the Aspirant's Communication Skills

GMAT helps in polishing the student's communication skills. Every question in the GMAT exam is associated with the practical business world. The verbal reasoning and analytical writing analysis sections are associated with the aspirant's interpersonal skills.

Offers Flexibility

The GMAT examination offers a great deal of flexibility to students. From October 2021, candidates can appear for the GMAT test five times in a rolling 12-month. The student can take the online test once every sixteen days.

Knowing about the GMAT exam structure is essential to steer the student's preparations in the right direction. A good GMAT score will keep the aspirant at the top of the list when MBA admission teams review their application.

Major Countries and Universities Accepting GMAT Scores for Admissions

More than 7700 management programs at 2400 universities and institutes leverage the GMAT examination as part of their selection criteria. While preparing for the GMAT examination, exploring the significant universities accepting GMAT scores abroad is essential.

Universities abroad have a wide range of GMAT acceptance scores. Here are the major countries and universities that accept GMAT scores for admissions.

United States of America (USA)

The USA is home to numerous reputed business schools that provide MBA programs with immense industry exposure. Here are some reputable universities in the USA that accept GMAT scores.

  • ü University of Chicago
  • ü Harvard University
  • ü University of Yale
  • ü Columbia University
  • ü University of Pennsylvania
  • ü Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • ü Northwestern University


For most Indian students, Canada is always the preferred country to pursue MBA. The country offers high-quality education at affordable costs. Moreover, it has student-friendly immigration policies. Here are some of the Canadian universities that accept the GMAT score.

  • ü Queen's University
  • ü University of Toronto
  • ü York University
  • ü University of Alberta
  • ü McGill University
  • ü The University of Western Ontario

United Kingdom (UK)

The United Kingdom is another country that's home to a large number of prestigious B-Schools. The B-Schools in the UK have good industry exposure and offer students a great learning experience. Students looking forward to pursuing MBA in the UK should know about the differences between GMAT vs. GRE for MBA. Here are some of the top universities in the UK that accept GMAT scores.

  • ü London Business School
  • ü Imperial College London
  • ü Oxford University
  • ü Durham University Business School
  • ü University of Cambridge


Australia is another popular destination for MBA aspirants. The country is home to an internationally famous business hub. The University of Melbourne and Sydney have carved their reputation in the world. Australia has a solid educational infrastructure. Some of the significant B-Schools in Australia are as follows:

  • ü University of Melbourne
  • ü RMIT University
  • ü University of New South Wales
  • ü University of Sydney

GMAT Score Requirement in Various Countries Abroad 2023

MBA aspirants should know about the countries that accept GMAT tests. Currently, 110 countries require GMAT tests. The total number of universities that accept GMAT in each country may vary gently. The GMAT requirements in various countries abroad in 2023 are as follows.


The USA is home to a large number of B-Schools and universities. It is the most popular destination for business management courses. If the student wants to pursue MBA in an American university, their GMAT score should be between 650 to 740.


Indian students prefer pursuing their MBA in Australia. It has an excellent educational infrastructure that offers students with international exposure. The average GMAT score required to be admitted to Australian universities ranges from 550 to 680.


A large number of prestigious B-Schools are located in the UK. Moreover, the country is famous for its student-friendly atmosphere. The average GMAT score needed for admission at the top management colleges in the UK ranges between 600 and 800.

New Zealand

Pursuing a business management program in New Zealand offers international students plenty of exposure. To get admission to the leading management colleges in New Zealand, one should have an average GMAT score of 550.


Canada has always been the most preferred destination to pursue MBA degrees. Canada has put some specific standards for accepting GMAT in their business schools. To secure admission to Canadian universities for MBA, one should have a GMAT score between 550 and 700.


Germany boasts world-class learning facilities and research opportunities. Most international students choose Germany to pursue their business management degrees. To get admission to German universities, one should have a GMAT score of 550 or above.


France is another famous country to pursue a business management degree. Pursuing an MBA degree in France will help one grow professionally. A student must secure a GMAT score from 550 to 730 to study in France for an MBA degree.

Top B Schools Considering GMAT Scores for Admissions

The GMAT is a graduate management test students take to get admission to the top business schools worldwide. The GMAT exam analyzes students' verbal, analytical, writing, and quantitative skills. Students should note that the GMAT cut-off score varies from university to university.

Universities in 144 countries accept GMAT scores during admission to business management programs. Famous management colleges like Harvard and Stanford require students to have a GMAT score of more than 700. GMAT is the most prominent MBA exam.

Therefore, it is common to find numerous GMAT-accepting colleges in the world. Here are some of the top B-Schools that consider GMAT scores for admissions.

  • Stanford University- The average GMAT cut-off is 737
  • Yale University- The average GMAT cut-off is 730
  • Harvard University. The average GMAT cut-off is 729
  • University of Chicago- The average GMAT cut-off is 730
  • London Business School- The average GMAT cut-off is 708
  • INSEAD- The average GMAT cut-off is 709
  • University of Cambridge- The average GMAT cut-off is 690
  • Oxford University- The average GMAT cut-off is 690
  • The University of Manchester- The average GMAT cut-off is 600
  • University of Toronto- The average GMAT cut-off is 665
  • McGill University- The average GMAT cut-off is 694

Around 114 different countries accept GMAT scores. Besides knowing about the GMAT exam structure, international students should also learn about the universities worldwide that accept GMAT scores. A good GMAT score will help a student to remain at the top of the list for MBA admissions.

Furthermore, students would find it easier to develop their study plans by learning about the GMAT acceptance scores of famous universities worldwide. It is usually recommended that an MBA aspirant scores 700 or above on GMAT to get admission to business management in leading universities.

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