application guide for singapore universities for international students

Study Abroad Team 09/06/2023

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Subject Pre-requisites and Admission Requirements for Singapore Universities

The Singapore education system may look a bit different from other countries. The country’s system will have students go for 6 years of primary education. When this ends, students must study for a further 4 to 6 years for their secondary education. After this, post-secondary education can be between 1 to 3 years.

When students want to pursue higher studies at university, they are expected to continue their secondary education for 2 more years where they work under an integrated program. This is the time they are taught an A-Level curriculum. 

Here are the subject prerequisites and admission requirements an international student needs to know about to get admission to a Singapore university.

Subject Pre-requisites

For an international student who has hopes of getting admitted to a quality Singapore university, it pays to know that admission is not just based on merit, but there is also open competition among candidates. So the student does not just have to meet admission requirements for the particular university, but they must also fulfill the subject pre-requisites. There are specific guidelines for different courses and a student must meet them to get admission to the relevant university.

  • For Single Degree Courses: If the concerned student wants to pursue a single degree course such as Architecture, Business Administration, Business Analytics, Computer Engineering Computer Science, etc., a selection test or interview will usually not be required (barring courses such as Law, Industrial Design, and Landscape Architecture, etc.). A Year 12 certificate in Mathematics, Physics, and Biology will be required at the minimum for most such courses. For example, if a student wants to study Engineering, he will need a Year 12 or higher level pass in Mathematics.
  • For Cross-Disciplinary Programs: For an international student who wishes to pursue Data Science and Economics, a strong Year 12 pass in Mathematics will be the subject prerequisite. For Environmental Studies, the student needs to go for a bridging module in Biology if he does not pass Year 12 Biology.
  • Double Degree Programs: Double degree or concurrent programs are those in which a candidate can study for a double degree such as Business Administration and Law, Computer Engineering and Business Administration, etc. The subject prerequisites are very different from each other. For instance, if one wants a double degree in Economics and Law, they will be required to have a Year 12 pass in addition to high proficiency in English.
  • Specialization Programs: These are courses such as Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Computer Engineering. For such courses, a Year 12 pass or higher level in Mathematics is compulsory, and there are additional requirements for some courses.

Considering the huge number of courses and programs one can apply to study at a Singapore college or university, it is best to look up the subject prerequisites for the program an international student wants to get into. Also, subject pre-requisites get updated so it is best to find out the latest before starting the application process.

Other Admission Requirements

International candidates seeking admission to a Singapore college must have completed high school or have a minimum of 12 years of general education by July of the year they are applying for.

For undergraduate programs, a candidate has to submit any of the following for admission:

  • Advanced Placement test report
  • SAT and SAT subject tests
  • ACT with Writing and SAT Subject Tests

application guide for singapore universities for international students

Simple Steps to Apply Online for International Students 

Any international student who wishes to pursue their higher education at the best Singaporean university can start the application process online. Here are the steps:

  1. Find the Admission Requirements and Subject Prerequisites: Depending on which country a student is applying for, they will have to meet the general admission requirements and the subject pre-requisite for the program he wants to apply for. Since these keep changing, finding the latest information before applying is best.
  2. Scholarships: For any international student considering the cost of studying in Singapore, researching scholarship options can be worthwhile. Several scholarships get awarded to international students every year. Candidates who have recorded great academic performance, have extracurricular achievements, and have performed well in standardized tests can be eligible for financial assistance through scholarships. That is why starting the process early is useful. All required documents must be sent to be eligible for a particular scholarship.
  3. Fill out the Application Form: The next step is to visit the website of the relevant college to find the application form. It can be filled out online.
  4. Documents: All required documents need to be submitted electronically. 
  5. Application Fees: After the documents are uploaded to the website, the application fees must be paid.
  6. Track: After this is done, the application has been officially sent. Each application can be tracked easily on the website via the Application Portal link.

Supporting Mandatory Documents While Applying

Gathering all required documents can be time-consuming and complex for an international student wishing for a seat at a premier Singapore college. Here are some supporting documents that are mandatory when one is applying:

All academic records and certificates

  1. LOR or Letter of Intent
  2. Letters of reference
  3. Language proficiency test score (IELTS or TOEFL)
  4. Passport
  5. Proof of funds
  6. Student grant
  7. Criminal offense records, if any
  8. Medical report stating any illness or disability

Application Fee Payment for International Students

At Singapore universities the application fee for international students at Singapore universities is around SGD 481.50. This gets updated yearly, so checking the latest before applying is the best idea. This application fee can be paid online.

Singapore Universities and Institutions Academic Intake and Closing Dates

Knowing the academic intake is necessary for any international candidate who dreams of pursuing higher education in Singapore.Most government universities in Singapore usually have two intakes: one in August and one in February.But if one wants to apply for a private university, the intake will be far more. They usually offer multiple intakes in January, February, July, August, September, and October.

Here are the relevant closing dates one needs to keep in mind:

  • Applications open in October.
  • Interviews for shortlisted candidates will be held between January and July next year.
  • Applications close in March.
  • Candidates get informed of their approval or rejection between February and July.
  • Classes commence in August.

Simple and Essential Tips to Avoid Rejection of the Application to Singapore Universities

There are some essential tips one can follow to avoid rejection of the application to a Singapore university. Here they are:

  • Get Documents in Order: This is the most crucial thing to do before the start of the application process. For an international student, gathering the required documents can be tough because there are so many. Since all information is available, getting all documents in order and getting scanned copies attested properly beforehand can help relieve stress.
  • Proof of Funds: Life in Singapore can be expensive for an international student without an income. That is why most universities will ask for proof of funds. While no college expects students to have a lot of money themselves, it is expected that their parents can show proof of funds. Funds are required to meet living costs, including accommodation, transportation, food, and health insurance, and sufficient is deemed necessary. So getting proof of funds documents ready beforehand is useful. Proof of funds can include bank statements, property papers, and more.
  • References: A Singapore college considering a candidate’s application, will look at references he has. Preparing these references as soon as possible is helpful. References can be from past teachers, lecturers, professors, and heads of educational institutions. For working professionals, references can be taken from bosses as well. These references are needed to showcase to the college that the candidate will be a good scholar.
  • Subject pre-requisites: Not checking the subject pre-requisites is a typical way many candidates’ applications get rejected. Taking the time to go through specific subject prerequisites and gathering the required documents is time well invested.
  • Research on Visa: Getting a student Visa to Singapore will be next on the list after a candidate gets accepted for a seat at a Singapore university. Though the Visa process will start after the candidate gets admission to a college, researching the requirements is helpful beforehand. There will be quite a few documents required for Visa approval, and getting those in order will prevent a lot of stress.

Singapore is a wonderful country to go to for higher studies. It has quite a good number of foreign students pursuing their educational courses. With a fast-paced society, wonderful lifestyle, and great technological leaps, Singapore colleges, and universities offer international candidates a wide spectrum of experiences. Needless to say, it has amazing courses on offer as well.

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