Exploring The Key Features of TOEFL Examinations

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Major Countries That Accept TOEFL Scores For Admissions

The TOEFL examination is a recognized standardized English language proficiency test worldwide. This test assists non-native English speakers in proving their language skills to gain eligibility to study/work in an English-speaking nation. 

Exploring The Key Features of TOEFL Examinations

Also referred to as the Test of English as a Foreign Language, TOEFL is the standardized examination conducted and managed by ETS (Education Training System). Over 11000 reputed universities accept it in over 150 countries. Narrated below are the leading TOEFL exam accepted countries worldwide:


Canadian universities require the TOEFL score even if the scholar scores high in an entrance exam for MS abroad. All universities in Canada accept TOEFL scores, while 80% of graduate courses require TOEFL scores instead of any other English language tests. The minimum score requirement for any Canadian university depends on the educational program or institute selected. 

One may study in Canada without IELTS, but one cannot study in Canada without TOEFL. A solid score secured on the test in Canada holds paramount importance for applicants. After all, it proves the sufficient English proficiencies needed to enroll in a Canadian university. With a qualifying mark in the examination, the applicant can be admitted to a top-ranking college or university.

New Zealand

Candidates planning to apply for a visa in New Zealand can register for the TOEFL test. For the application for permanent residency, the TOEFL score has a major role to play. 

The TOEFL Cut-off score of more than or equal to 100 may be eligible for admission to Tier I universities. Some Tier I and Tier II New Zealand universities have the TOEFL Cut off score of 80 or above. But aspirants should always aim higher to experience a seamless admission process.

United States

Besides any other entrance exam for abroad studies, the TOEFL examination score plays a pivotal role in assessing the selection of a university in the United States. Securing a decent score leads a scholar's path to success by helping them gain admittance to a prestigious university in the USA. 

Around 90% of universities in the United States consider the TOEFL scores. Surpassing the minimum cutoff for universities in the US assists a student in advancing their admission to a top-notch university.


TOEFL in Australia is a critical consideration in students' pursuit to study. Aspirants consider TOEFL as the benchmark that proves each candidate is ideal for Australian education. Prospective global scholars planning to study in Australia can consider preparing for the test. 

This examination increases employability options globally. All universities in Australia consider TOEFL. Even if a candidate wants to apply for a visa, the TOEFL score plays a crucial role. 

United Kingdom

To study in the UK for Indian students, one needs to secure at least 70 points in the TOEFL test to get a visa granted. International scholars must achieve a minimum of 70 points with the English language proficiencies criteria that count for 10 of the points. 100% of UK universities accept the TOEFL scores. 

After the UK university identifies the English Language aptitude, they understand that a scholar is ready to succeed. Without the qualifying marks, the university won't admit the applicant.

The TOEFL score is mandatory to study in France for Indian students (or countries like Ireland, Europe, and more).

Minimum TOEFL Scores Required For Top Universities 2023

The TOEFL 2023 cutoff for international education varies from one university to another. The cutoff for US universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology varies from 80 to 100. On the other hand, the criteria for a UK or Canadian university might be different. The given points highlight the top universities worldwide alongside the TOEFL iBT score requirements:

TOEFL iBT Cutoff for Top UK Universities

  • University of Cambridge: 100 to 110+
  • University of Edinburgh: 92
  • University of Oxford: 100 to 110+
  • Imperial College London: 100+
  • University College London (UCL): 92 to 109+
  • The University of Manchester: 90 to 100+
  • The University of Edinburgh: 92+
  • King's College London: 100+


  • (The London School of Economics & Political Science) 107+
  • University of Bristol: 90+
  • The University of Warwick: 92+

TOEFL iBT Cutoff for Top US Universities

  • Harvard University: 100-109
  • Yale University: 100
  • Brown University: 100
  • UPenn (University of Pennsylvania): 100
  • Princeton University: 100
  • Columbia University: 100
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 90
  • Stanford University: 100
  • University of Washington: 76

TOEFL iBT Cutoff for Top Canadian Universities

  • University of British Columbia: 90 to 100
  • McGill University: 79 to 100
  • University of Toronto: 100
  • University of Alberta: 90
  • Queen's University at Kingston: 90
  • Western University: 83
  • University of Waterloo: 90
  • University of Saskatchewan: between 75 and 70
  • University of Calgary: 86 for Education and Nursing, 108 for education, 92 for nursing

TOEFL iBT Cutoff for Top Australian Universities

  • The University of Sydney: 96
  • University of Melbourne: 94
  • The Australian National University: 80 to 100+
  • Monash University: 85
  • Sydney University of Technology: 94 to 110
  • University of Queensland: 87+
  • The University of Adelaide: 79
  • The University of Western Australia: 82

TOEFL iBT Cutoff for Top New Zealand Universities

  • Lincoln University: 70 to 100
  • AUT University: 80 to 90+
  • University of Otago: 80 to 95+
  • Massey University: 80 to 90+
  • Victoria University of Wellington: 80 to 90+
  • Unitec Institute of Technology: 60 to 79
  • The University of Auckland: 80
  • University of Waikato: 80 to 90
  • University of Canterbury: 80

TOEFL iBT Cutoff for Top Germany Universities

  • Schiller University: UG 80 and PG 89
  • Ludwig Maximilians University Munich: 80
  • Munich Business School: 93
  • Free University of Berlin: 80
  • University of Applied Sciences: 80
  • University of Tebingen: 79
  • University of Heidelberg: 79
  • Berlin International College: 74

Important Documents Required For The TOEFL Exam

The Documents a candidate must present for the TOEFL examination are the original Aadhar Card and a valid passport with the name, signature, and photograph. 

Enlisted below are a few important parameters to remember before submitting the documents for the TOEFL examinations:

  • The photocopied documents are not acceptable
  • So, the Aadhaar Card and passport should be original
  • Applicants cannot present the documents on a mobile phone or other electronic device
  • If the scholar is below 15 years of age, they must be accompanied by their parents or any authorized guardian above 18 years (who needs to sign the release form at the examination center)
  • If the minor candidate visits the nation with their parent or authorized guardian, both of them should have valid ID proofs
  • Mistakes in the name's spelling or date are not acceptable (the spelling should match the date of birth and name used for registration)
  • Expired documents are not acceptable.

Revised TOEFL Exam Fee and Pattern

ETS is the conduction body of TOEFL that has recently shortened the examination pattern that will go live on 23rd July 2023. This 2-hour program includes planned improvements implemented in the test. The main objective of this intention is to provide scholars with a seamless experience for the TOEFL English language test. 

One quick note: Last year, scholars discovered how the TOEFL exam fee became costlier, from US $190 to US $195. Tabulated below are the countries and their tentative TOEFL examinations fees:









Regarding the late fee structure, candidates must complete their registrations within seven days before their examination. The late registration will close four days before the test date. The additional fee charged for late submission is US$40. 

Applicants may consider rescheduling their TOEFL iBT registration. They must not take more than four days to complete rescheduling. Note that rescheduling via mail is not acceptable. Applicants need to call the Regional Registration Centre.

Alternatively, they can provide their full name & appointment number for the reschedule. Candidates need to log into the ETS account to reschedule the forthcoming test.

Scholars may cancel the TOEFL test within four days before the test date. Then, they are eligible to get a refund of half of the fee. The amount is paid in US dollars. It will be credited to the original debit or credit card (or bank account) via the payment made earlier.

ETC accepts American Express®, JCB®, Discover®, Diners Club®, China Union Pay®, VISA®, MasterCard®, e-checks, PayPal, and money order/paper checks for the TOEFL exam fee.

Who Is Eligible To Take Up TOEFL?

The TOEFL eligibility scores are set on the lower side, while applicants should score higher to secure a seat in an international university. The TOEFL exam is for scholars who want to enroll their name in a top-notch college, educational institute, or university in an English-speaking country. So, candidates should have a senior secondary degree. Besides, candidates must hold a valid passport as ID proof.

Recommended Study Materials for Effective Preparations of TOEFL

With so many study materials available for TOEFL preparations, choosing a comprehensive set of study materials is imperative. 

Textbooks are the most significant study materials to assist scholars in preparing for the test. These textbooks cover various sections, including writing, reading, speaking, and listening. They have practice questions and sample essays to improve aspirants' proficiencies.

One can also consider online courses because they are more interactive than books. Practice tests and study guides can simulate the actual examination. These study materials help a scholar become familiar with the exam pattern. A few examples of the recommended study materials include Official Guide to the TOEFL Test (Edition 5), Barron's TOEFL iBT Superpack (Edition 2023), and more.

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