Five Countries With Easy Immigration Process For International Students

Study Abroad Team 02/06/2023
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Best Countries For International Students to Study Abroad 

One of the primary considerations for students when thinking about which country to study abroad is the ease of the immigration process. It can be intimidating when an aspirant successfully gets a place in a prestigious university, and everything goes topsy-turvy due to a complex visa process. 
Discussed here are the five most immigration-friendly countries that are a haven for international students when it comes to studying abroad. 
Five Countries With Easy Immigration Process For International Students

  1. Canada 

Canada is one of the best countries for international students to study abroad – providing high-quality education, simple visa procedures, generous work permits, and the scope to get Permanent Residency (PR) after completing the studies. It is a melting pot of diverse cultures and ethnicity and ranks Number 1 for its high quality of life. 

According to the QS World University Rankings, Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto ranks as top cities for international students in a list of the top 50. The Canada immigration process is pretty straightforward and hassle-free. International students have two options: 

  • The students can apply for a study permit to study at any designated learning institute (DLI) in Canada. Foreign nationals must apply for a student permit after being admitted to Canadian universities. However, it is not a visa and does not allow entry to Canada. 
  • To enter the country and pursue higher studies, the students must apply for an electronic travel authorization (eTA) or visitor visa. When a student applies for a study permit and gets approved, the Canadian consulate or embassy will automatically issue an eTA or visitor visa. However, students should check with Canadian immigration’s website to know if they need to make a separate application. 

The students must provide all supporting documents such as proof of acceptance from the university, proof of identity and proof of financial support. The fee to apply for a study permit is CAD $150. The Canada student visa processing time will vary depending on the foreign national's country.  

  1. Australia 

Australia is among the most sought-after countries for international students to study abroad. It is an educational hub with 7 top-ranking universities that offer a broad spectrum of study programs. High living standards, socio-political stability, a booming economy and multicultural diversity are some of the top reasons why students choose Australia to pursue higher studies. 

The Australia student visa process is also simple and hassle-free, making it an ideal destination for international students. To get admission to an Australian university and apply for a student visa, the students must take an English proficiency test, preferably IELTS. Once the students get their scores, here are further steps to follow: 

  • The student must be accepted to any eligible Australian study program before they can apply for a Student Visa (Subclass 500). To pay the tuition fees, the education institute will provide an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). 
  • Students can apply for Australian immigration by creating an account with the Department of Home Affairs website. To apply for the visa, they must provide the CoE and hold an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
  • Submit the Australian visa application form and pay AUD650 as visa processing cost unless the student belongs to an exempt country. 

The processing times may vary depending on the country from where the student applies. 

Five Countries With Easy Immigration Process For International Students

  1. New Zealand 

Due to its high education quality and lucrative employment opportunities, New Zealand has witnessed a radical surge in international students in recent times. It is the home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities, providing a wide range of foundational, undergraduate and postgraduate study programs. The country follows a Code of Practice that ensures optimum care for each student. 

The New Zealand immigration process is also easy and hassle-free, making it a preferred study-abroad destination for foreign nationals. Before applying, the students should gather all required documentation such as an offer from an eligible New Zealand education provider, a valid passport, evidence of payment of tuition fees, proof of financial support and other documents. 

Indian students seeking to study in New Zealand can apply online, upload the documents and pay the applicable fee. Students can stay in the country for up to 4 years with a valid visa. The cost of a New Zealand student visa starts from NZD $375. New Zealand student visa processing time is around 67 days, depending on the country from where the visa is applied.     

  1. Germany 

International students pursuing to study abroad in Germany may benefit from high levels of quality education, excellent life experience, attractive employment opportunities and a simple visa process. There are several top-notch universities in the country that provide a wide range of study programs for free or at a low tuition fee. 

International students should first find out if they need a Germany study visa. If the study program lasts up to 3 months, they would need a Schengen visa; otherwise, they need a German national visa. They have an option to apply for three types of visas:

  • German Student Visa – It is granted to foreign students who have already been admitted to an eligible German university and are ready to pursue their studies. 
  • German Language Course Visa – Students who want to apply for a German language course should apply for this visa. 
  • German Student Applicant Visa – This type of visa is only valid to apply for a course in a German university; it does not grant permission to the student to study in the country. 
  • The students must submit all required documents for Germany visa application. The cost of the visa is €75. If the student meets all Germany visa requirements, it may take up to 25 days to process the visa. 
  1. Singapore 

When choosing a country with a simple visa process for international students, Singapore is a name that cannot be ignored. It is globally recognised for its high standards of the education system, with six top-notch autonomous universities that provide a variety of study programs for international students. A primary benefit for Indian students is that English is the main language of education in the country. 

The quality of living is high as compared to other Asian countries and it is also one of the safest places to be. The students may also be eligible for scholarships based on their country, study program and academic factors. Immigrating to Singapore is also simple and hassle-free, making it an ideal destination for foreign nationals to study abroad. 

One must apply for a Student’s Pass to pursue a full-time program in Singapore. However, they need to be admitted to an eligible Singapore university first. The institution will provide a Registration Acknowledgement Letter and a Student’s Pass application number, which the student will need when applying

If the application gets approved, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will issue an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter. However, the Student’s Pass will be issued only if the student meets all the requirements mentioned in the IPA. To complete the formalities regarding the Student’s Pass, the candidate must be in Singapore. If the student requires a visa to enter the country, the IPA will include the same. 

The cost of a Singapore Student’s Pass is S$60. Additionally, the students must pay S$30 for Multiple Journey Visa, if applicable. An international student holding a valid Student’s Pass may be eligible to work in Singapore, provided they meet all the criteria specified by the Ministry of Manpower.  

The Final Words 

Pursuing a study program from a prestigious university in a foreign country is a dream for many students. However, the complexity of immigration and stringent visa requirements may shatter their aspirations. Therefore, it is important to identify popular countries with a simple immigration process for international students. This can help the student advance in their journey to study abroad with more confidence and fewer hassles. 

Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Singapore rank top on the list of immigration-friendly countries for foreign nationals. But there are also other countries with easy immigration processes for international students. These include Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. These countries also have a simple procedure to apply and get approved for Permanent Residency after completing the course.  

Before deciding on a university, the students should research the countries that offer high-quality education and lucrative job opportunities in their preferred field of study. Also, it is crucial to keep factors such as cost of living, safety, cultural environment, and scope of scholarship in mind. While a country may have a hassle-free immigration process, it may not be suitable for international students in terms of culture, safety or cost factors.

Therefore, it is crucial to thoroughly research the country and choose one that meets the requirements of a foreign student. It should include the scope & cost of study in their preferred fields, affordable cost of living, a relaxed & safe atmosphere, student-friendly attitudes, and career opportunities. This will help the students achieve their aspiration to study abroad at a prestigious university. 

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