How to Find the Best Value-For-Money MBA Colleges in Ireland

Study Abroad Team 28/09/2023

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While there are many reputed MBA colleges in India, there are several reasons why a large number of Indian students prefer doing an MBA course abroad. The MBA programs in foreign universities are better structured than their Indian counterparts. Apart from that, a student gets to learn new languages and understand different cultures.

Most developed countries have MBA colleges that enjoy an excellent reputation. However, if the prospective applicant has some confusion about which country they should opt for, they could consider Ireland as one of the options.

Ireland has a plethora of colleges and universities that offer MBA degrees in a variety of streams. Also, some of the colleges have a one-year MBA program. In most colleges worldwide, MBA courses are spread across two years. Therefore, if a student opts for a business school in Ireland, they will save a substantial amount of time and money.

Education in Ireland: Is it Worth the Effort?

When somebody recommends a student to pursue higher studies in a particular country, one of the first things that could come to their mind is whether the educational institutions in the country have a good reputation. For instance, if somebody hands over a list of top universities in Germany to an applicant, they will research Germany first.

Here are some of the reasons why studying in Ireland proves to be a good option for an Indian student:

  • Course Availability

Regarding course availability, Ireland universities can be compared to Germany's top universities or universities in the UK for international students. Ireland has several world-class colleges and universities that offer more than 5,000 courses for one to choose from. Some programs or subjects a student can specialize in Ireland are engineering, medicine, technology, business, literature, science, philosophy, psychology, history, economics, music, and photography.

  • Education System

When the foundation of a country's education system is strong, it becomes easier for students to bank upon it. Ireland's education system is well-rounded and designed in a way that works for students of different nationalities. Many leading publications and popular survey reports have stated that the education system of Ireland is one of the best in the world.

  • Career Opportunities

While studying in universities in Switzerland or Norway top universities offers good career opportunities, Ireland universities are not far behind. Before taking a particular course or enrolling in a university, students try to determine whether it will pave the way for solid career opportunities. The employability rate in Ireland is as high as 80 percent. That instills confidence in students who contemplate joining a college or university in the country.

  • Work Visa

One of the important reasons why Indian students consider the idea of studying in Ireland is because of the fact that the country offers post-study work visas. One-year stay-back visas, which are designed for bachelor graduates, are provided by the Irish government. Masters graduates, on the other hand, are offered two-year stay-back visas.

How to Find the Best Value-For-Money MBA Colleges in Ireland

Leverage the Internet: Research on MBA Programs in Ireland

When an Indian student is interested in pursuing a course in Ireland, they do not have to travel all the way to Ireland to research the country, its universities, and the MBA programs offered by them. In today's digital age, a student can dig out a lot of information online. Many students find information like the 'best US MBA colleges' or 'MBA in Germany cost' online.

  • Return on Investment

Whenever a student plans to pursue an MBA course from a university, they try to find out whether it will provide them with a good return on their investment. Apart from providing quality education, students would expect the college to offer them good placement opportunities. Most reputed colleges in Ireland ensure their students are placed in good companies.

  • Duration

One of the many things that leads a student to pursue an MBA program in Ireland is its duration. The majority of MBA colleges in Ireland offer one-year-long MBA courses. Their course fee, therefore, is very reasonable. While a full-time MBA course in an American university will cost a student a minimum of $100,000, a one-year MBA course in Ireland will cost $40,000 or less.

  • Incentives

Ireland offers several incentives to international students pursuing an MBA course there. MBA students from the United States or non-European countries are offered a two-year graduate work visa. After completing their MBA course, students can also submit an application for a green card or take advantage of the country's work permit scheme.

  • Startup Culture

If there is one European country that has emerged as a startup hub in the last few years, it is Ireland. This is undoubtedly good news for students who plan to do an MBA in Ireland and have entrepreneurial ambitions. Ireland ranks well in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and has been the home ground for numerous successful startup ventures.

  • Economy

Ireland has seen a massive economic boom over the years. The European headquarters of some of the biggest software companies in the world are based in Ireland. Most of the reputed business schools in Ireland help their students connect with these organizations through various initiatives. Students also get the opportunity to do internships with these companies.

Understanding the Cost of MBA Programs in Ireland

The MBA courses offered by Ireland colleges and universities tend to be lower than the fee charged by business schools based in other countries. The major reason behind it is that most of the MBA courses offered in Ireland are one-year long.

The amount of money a student will be paying for an MBA course in Ireland depends on the college or university they enroll in. While the minimum tuition fee for pursuing an MBA course in Ireland is $11,250. Towards the higher end, a student has to pay around $35,000. If a student is looking for an affordable MBA course in a foreign university, they will have plenty of options in Ireland.

Comparison of the Best Ireland MBA Universities with Scholarships

When a student is planning to pursue an MBA course from an Ireland university, it would be a good idea to do some research and find out about the scholarships offered by the different business schools in the country.

  • Masters Academic Merit Scholarship

The National College of Ireland awards Masters Academic Merit Scholarships to international students seeking an MBA course. The award value of the scholarship ranges from $2,182 to $4,363. If a student manages to flinch this scholarship, they wouldn't have to worry about arranging their tuition fee.

  • GMAT MBA Scholarships

The University College Dublin is known for giving out GMAT MBA Scholarships to students interested in enrolling in an MBA program. The scholarship covers the entire tuition fee of the student. One of the best things about this scholarship is that students don't have to apply for it separately.

  • MBA Entrepreneurial Scholarship

The University College Dublin gives the MBA Entrepreneurial Scholarship to meritorious students every year. The UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School funds this scholarship designed to cover students' educational expenses while they pursue their MBA course in college.

  • Ussher Fellowship

Trinity College Dublin, a part of the University of Dublin, awards the Ussher Fellowship. The award value of this scholarship is around $14,180. Apart from taking care of the student's tuition fees, the scholarship also assures them of a healthy monthly maintenance package that will help them take care of their expenses.

  • Go Overseas Scholarship

The Go Overseas Scholarship is another critical scholarship offered by Trinity College Dublin. Students, who are worried about paying their tuition fees while doing an MBA course, can try to win this scholarship. Academic excellence is the only path to securing a scholarship of this nature. Apart from being good at studies, students would also have to write a brief essay stating why they want to study in Ireland.

Ponder on Return-On-Investment for MBA from Ireland

The one thing students can be sure of after doing an MBA program in Ireland is solid returns. Paying for an MBA course in Ireland is worth the investment. Some of the best business schools in Europe are based in Ireland. Even if applicants get through a mid-level business school, they can be sure of a bright future ahead of them.

There are various management degrees that a student can choose from. After completing an executive MBA program, an individual can look forward to landing a job with an average yearly salary of €77,000. After finishing a Masters in Finance program, one can expect an average salary of €65,000. A regular MBA course will help a student earn €60,000 a year.  

Of course, the salary packages are greatly determined by the university one opts for. Regarding average annual salary, University College Cork tops the list. The average annual salary earned by students of this university is around €94,000. The National College of Ireland, on the other hand, registers an average annual salary of €70,000. At €90,550, the average annual salary offered by the Dublin City University Business School is relatively high too.  

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