Study Abroad Scholarships for MBBS After Class 12: An Overview

Study Abroad Team 18/07/2023

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Doing an MBBS course in India is very expensive. So, when somebody aspires to pursue an MBBS degree in a foreign land, one can imagine how expensive it would be. There are several advantages of doing an MBBS course at a foreign university. Apart from being taught by highly reputed faculty members, students can look forward to embarking upon their medical careers on a very positive note. 

After completing their MBBS from a foreign university, students can either return to India and work in their own country or look for jobs in the country where they have done their medical studies. Doing an MBBS opens up a lot of opportunities for an individual. Apart from working as a doctor or junior doctors, they can also offer their services as physicians, researchers, lecturers, medical writers, or scientists. 

Study Abroad Scholarships for MBBS After Class 12: An Overview

Since doing an MBBS overseas would cost a lot of money, a student must come up with ideas or ways to manage or control their expenses. If a student applies for a scholarship to study in a foreign university and manages to get it, there would be nothing like it. 

Before applying for an education loan for abroad studies, it would be wise for the student to check the scholarships they can apply for. There are many scholarships an MBBS aspirant can aspire for when they decide to study abroad. 

Types of MBBS Scholarships 

Before an Indian MBBS aspirant applies for a scholarship, they should read up on the options they have at their disposal. The process of applying for a particular type of scholarship could be different from putting forward an application for another form of scholarship. 

1. Need-Based Scholarship 

When students come from a privileged background, they do not need a scholarship. For them, getting a scholarship is a bonus and an acknowledgment of their academic achievements or merit. Need-based scholarships are designed for students from families that are not financially strong and require financial assistance. Applicants must submit proof of their family income to apply for a need-based scholarship. 

 2. Government-Funded Scholarship 

The government of different countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and others offer scholarships to international students who wish to study in that particular country. Some of the most sought-after government-funded scholarships are the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program offered by the US government and the Chevening Scholarship provided by the Indian government. 

3. Privately-Funded Scholarship 

Apart from applying for government-funded scholarships, international students can consider privately-funded scholarships. It is important to note that the eligibility criteria for scholarships sponsored by private universities tend to be strict. While some scholarships are designed for specific courses, some are offered to female students. Many of these scholarships, however, have no such restrictions. 

4. Program-Specific Scholarships 

Regardless of the country an international student plans to study MBBS in; they will come across several colleges and universities offering program-specific scholarships. While considering an international student for a program-specific scholarship, their academic score and achievements in the extra-curricular space are considered. Getting a program-specific scholarship proves to e better than applying for an education loan abroad. 

5. Merit Scholarships 

The merit-based MBBS scholarships are handed out to international students based on their skills in art, athletics, or academics. Many of these scholarships tend to reward students who have excelled in after-school activities. Merit-based scholarships are largely divided into two types, academic scholarships, and sports scholarships. 

Academic scholarships are given to students based on their academic performance. Mostly, private educational institutions give out these scholarships. If an international student has very high grades and is interested in acquiring an MBBS degree from a foreign university, they can apply for this scholarship. 

Sports scholarships are categorized under athletic scholarships. Different institutions like the NJCAA, NAIA, and NCAA administer these scholarships. However, Being good at sports is not enough to qualify for this scholarship. Before applying for any sports scholarships, students must go through the rules and regulations governing them. 

Difference Between Full Scholarships and Partial Scholarships for MBBS Students  

Students might want to know the difference between full and partial scholarships while applying for scholarships offered by different countries and/or universities. The two types of scholarships are quite different from each other and cater to different categories of students. 

Undoubtedly, Fully-funded scholarships are preferred by most international students as they cover their entire tuition fees. They also cover their accommodation cost and several other expenses. 

Once students procure a fully-funded scholarship, they can feel sure about not requiring additional financial assistance while studying abroad, instead of dealing with the stress of repaying a government education loan for study abroad. 

Fully-funded scholarships, among other things, cover health insurance, travel expenses, study material costs, and the money required for college supplies. Since many students vie for fully-funded scholarships, there is a lot of competition in this space. Universities try to get academically inclined students into their fold through fully-funded scholarships. 

Partially-funded scholarships, on the other hand, cover a part of the international student’s educational expenses. The student could receive the reward or monetary assistance as a one-off payment or in installments. Those who receive a partially-funded scholarship cannot expect their travel expenses, college supplies, accommodation and living expenses to be covered. 

Here are some of the most sought-after scholarships for MBBS after Class 12: 

Anhui Medical University's Bilateral MBBS Program 

The Bilateral MBBS Program, which Anhui Medical University offers, is given to international students. It is an initiative of the Chinese government and could be either partially or wholly funded. This particular scholarship remains valid for as long as 6-7 years. The applicant must remember that this scholarship can be applied only during January and April. 

When an Indian student gets this scholarship, they can expect to receive 1,500 RMB as a one-time settlement. Once the course starts, they would get a stipend of 1,400 RMB every month. The scholarship covers different types of fees, including registration, accommodation, laboratory experiment, outpatient medical service, and internship fees.  

The process of applying for this scholarship is quite simple. If the MBBS aspirant faces any kind of confusion, they should reach out to a counselor. An important thing to note here is that this scholarship can be applied to only those who are under the age of 25 years. Instead of applying for a foreign education loan, MBBS aspirants should secure a scholarship of this nature. 

Beijing Government MBBS Scholarship 

The Capital Medical University of China designs the Beijing Government MBBS Scholarship for international and domestic students. If an individual is planning to pursue an MBBS course in a public university based in China, they can apply for this scholarship. 

Students who secure this scholarship will get 20 000 RMB every academic year. Because of how it has been designed, the Beijing Government MBBS Scholarship can be described as a partial scholarship. If not all their expenses, students can at least expect the scholarship to cover their tuition fees. Anybody who is under the age of 30 years can apply for this scholarship.  

Royal Thai Government MBBS Scholarships 

The Thailand government annually provides MBBS aspirants with Royal Thai Government MBBS Scholarships. These scholarships are designed specifically for international students. This particular scholarship is given via the Royal Thai Embassy Scholarship Program. Apart from candidates pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate programs, this scholarship is also given to those who are into research studies. 

An MBBS aspirant benefits from a Royal Thai Government MBBS Scholarship in different ways. Apart from covering the student's tuition fee, it also looks after their living expenses. If candidates are good at managing their finances, they can benefit greatly from this scholarship. 

Before applying for this scholarship, one must be fully aware of its eligibility criteria. Only international candidates are eligible to apply for this scholarship. If the candidate has had a strong academic career, it will become much easier for them to secure this scholarship.   

Vice-Chancellor’s International MBBS Scholarship 

Sydney University awards the Vice-Chancellor’s International MBBS Scholarship to those who have achieved a certain degree of academic excellence. This is one of those MBBS scholarships where merit plays a significant part. Only international students are eligible to apply for this scholarship. 

Since this is a merit-driven scholarship, the reward is divided into four categories. After the candidate's credentials are analyzed thoroughly, the reward is given to them. The $40,000 reward, given for a complete year, is handed out in two separate installments. 

Based on the applicant's credentials, they are given either $20,000 or $10,000 for one semester. If a student is seen at the lower end of a merit-based list, they are given just about $5,000 a semester. 

The eligibility criteria for the Vice-Chancellor’s International MBBS Scholarship tend to be a little different from the kind of things other scholarships emphasize on. Firstly, the student has to write an application addressed to the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students. To be eligible for this scholarship, a student must get admission offers from multiple educational institutions in the country.

The Ibni Sina Medical Sciences Scholarship Program 

The Turkish government awards the Ibni Sina Medical Sciences Scholarship Program to international students who wish to pursue any medical courses offered by the various educational institutions in Turkey. This scholarship remains valid for 84 months and is offered to international students wanting to study medicine, nursing, veterinary medicine, dentistry and pharmaceutics. 

Those who get this scholarship will receive 50,000 TRY as a stipend. Apart from covering the students’ tuition fee, the scholarship also covers their accommodation charges, the course fee for learning the Turkish language, health-related expenses and round-trip tickets. Domestic students or Turkish citizens cannot apply for this scholarship.

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