Agricultural Sciences in Australia: Admission, Course, Cost, Scholarships, and Careers

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Agricultural science is a degree in agriculture that is very popular in Australia as it offers many career opportunities in the booming agricultural industry globally.

Highlights About Agricultural Sciences Courses to Study in Australia  

 International students who study in Australia and complete their degrees in agricultural sciences will have the required skill set to go into a wide range of professions. The several courses in this field equips the Indian student with the necessary practical and business skills to work as an agricultural scientist, agricultural economists and so on in Australia.

Why Study Agricultural Sciences in Australia?

Agricultural science is one of the most prime sectors in Australia. There has been a significant growth in the last 20 years in the gross value of agricultural and forestry production from 59 billion to 93 billion as per the data by DAFF.

List of Universities in Australia Offering Agricultural Sciences Programs

University of Queensland: This public University was established in 1909 and ranked 36 in the best global universities and 11 in the best universities for agricultural sciences.

University of Western Australia: This University is ranked 83 in the best global universities, 26 in best universities for Agricultural sciences and has over 5000 international students.

University of Sydney: The University founded in 1850 is one of the oldest universities in Australia. This public university is ranked 28 in the best global universities and 32 for Agricultural Sciences.

University of Melbourne: This public university is located across 7 campuses from Melbourne to other areas in Victoria. Founded in 1853, it is ranked 27 in the best global universities and 43 for Agricultural sciences.

University of Adelaide: Ranked 74 in the best global universities and 107 in agricultural sciences, this University holds over 23,000 students and is very popular among international students.

University of Newcastle: This public university was established in 1965 and ranked at 231 among the best global universities and 133 for Agricultural Sciences.

Monash University: This public university was established in 1958 and is named after an Australian military leader Sir John Monash. It is ranked 37 for best global universities and 146 for Agricultural sciences.

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology: This public research university in Melbourne was founded in 1887. The university is ranked 209 for best global universities and 152 in Agricultural sciences.

The programs encompass different aspects of Agriculture like animal husbandry, crop production, sustainable farming practices etc. The aspirants can go through the university’s official website to understand the course that aligns with their specific area of interest.

List of Undergraduate Programs in Agricultural Sciences in Australia

  • Bachelor of agricultural science by University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Agriculture by University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Agricultural science by University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Business management by Charles Sturt University
  • Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) by University of Western Australia
  • Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Agriculture by Murdoch University
  • Bachelor of Agriculture by University of New England
  • Bachelor of Agribusiness by Curtin University
  • Bachelor of Science (Agriculture and Food systems) by Australian National University
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences by University of Adelaide

List of Postgraduate Programs in Agricultural Sciences in Australia

The specializations that are available while pursuing agricultural sciences in Australia are the following:

Agronomy: This is about crop production, soil management, sustainable farming etc.

Animal Science: This program includes genetics, animal welfare and livestock production.

Horticulture: This will deal with studies on greenhouse management and post- harvest technology.

Sustainable Resource Management: The studies would be on environmental sustainability, natural resource conservation and land management practises.

The common subjects that the student can pursue their master's programme are:

Plant Science: This focuses on plant physiology, genetics and breeding.

Animal Science: It deals with animal nutrition, health and reproduction.

Soil Science: The study explores soil management, fertility and conservation.

Food Science: It focusses on food processing, safety and quality control.

Environmental Science: This explores environmental sustainability, conservation, and management.

Business Management: The study focusses on developing business skills specific to the agricultural sector like marketing, supply chain management etc.

Research Methods: This is all about conducting research, collecting data and evaluating the results.

 Different universities in Australia offer several Master's programs. A few of them are listed below:

  •  Master of Agriculture by University of Sydney
  • Master of Agricultural Sciences by University of Melbourne
  • Master of Agricultural Science by University of Queensland
  • Master of Sustainable Agriculture by Charles Sturt University
  • Master of Agricultural Science by University of Western Australia
  • Master of Agricultural Science by Murdoch University
  • Master of Agribusiness by Curtin University
  • Master of Agriculture and Food systems by Australian National University
  • Master of Agricultural Sciences by University of Adelaide

List of Ph.D. Programs in Agricultural Sciences in Australia

 The candidate who wishes to pursue Ph.D. are required to have a strong academic base in their specific field of study to come forth with a well-defined research proposal.

  • Ph.D. in Agriculture and Environment by University of Sydney
  • Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences by University of Melbourne
  • Ph.D. in Agriculture by University of Queensland
  • Ph.D. in Agriculture and Wine Sciences by Charles Sturt University
  • Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences by University of Western Australia
  • Ph.D. in Agriculture by Murdoch university
  • Ph.D. in Agribusiness by Curtin University
  • Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences by University of Adelaide

Admission Process to Agricultural Sciences Programs

  • The applicant must be from science background if he/she wishes to pursue an undergraduate course or should hold a relevant degree in the agricultural field if he/ she wishes to pursue post-graduation.
  • The applicant must provide academic transcripts to demonstrate their previous performance.
  • The applicant should show English proficiency through TOEFL, IELTS etc.
  • The applicant must strongly state their purpose and goal to pursue agricultural science.
  • The applicant must pay the required fee for application.
  • The applicant must fulfil the requirements concerning the specific university after checking the official university website.

The Cost of Agricultural Programs in Australia

  • The tuition fees for undergraduate programs can range from AUD 25000 to AUD 45000 depending on the University chosen and the field of study. The living expenses can come from AUD 20000 to AUD 25000.
  • The cost for tuition fees can be approximately 30000- 52000 AUD per year to pursue masters in Agricultural science for international students in Australia.
  • The PhD programs in Australia have less to no tuition fees for both domestic and international students as several scholarships are available for research students.

Scholarships to Study Agricultural Sciences in Australia

John Dillon Fellowship: The students who pursue their masters can get up to AUD 12000 at one time through this scholarship. 

TAFE (Technical and further education institutions): This is offered for students who pursue their master's, covering up to total tuition fees.

Agri Futures Horizon Scholarship: This scholarship offers up to AUD 7000 and is purely a merit-based scholarship that can be availed by students for their academic excellence.

Monash International Merit Scholarship: The students receive $1000 per annum throughout the course.

Destination Australia Scholarship: This is also a merit-based scholarship offered to students who pursue their masters in Australia and the awarded amount is up to AUD 15000.

University of Sydney Scholarship: Sydney scholars India scholarship program offers students an amount of $40000 and is provided by the University of Sydney.

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology: The scholarship is named after the university that offers it and the amount awarded to the students is AUD 15000.

Career Opportunities on Completion of Agricultural Sciences in Australia

After completing the course, the student can work as a farm manager, Agricultural scientist, Agronomy consultant, Agricultural Economist, or a Food Scientist. According to a recent news article by the ABC, for each agricultural science graduate, six jobs are available, making the degree very popular among students who study abroad. The average salary earned by the graduates are AUD 74,939 per year with a salary range of AUD 56,293 to AUD 92,000 annually. 

 To sum up agricultural science is much more than just farming. It is about how to use natural resources more sustainably through understanding eco systems.

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