In-Demand Jobs in Australia for Engineering Grads

Study Abroad Team 14/07/2023
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After graduation in engineering, a foreign student in Australia gets multiple opportunities to choose from. Australia, after all, is a country where the demand for engineering graduates always remains high.

Many foreign students, who wish to pursue engineering, decide to go to Australia primarily because of the professional opportunities it provides them with. While there are many reputed universities in Australia that offer engineering courses, what appeals to foreign students is that the job market is always thriving. While many part-time jobs exist for international students in Australia, the number of post-graduation opportunities is also very high.

Here is a list of the top 15 in-demand jobs in Australia for engineering grads:

Environmental Engineer

In the last few years, many new branches have emerged out of engineering. Environmental engineering is one such branch. Foreign students, who have studied engineering in Australia and are conscious about the environment, can contemplate a career in environmental engineering. The work of environmental engineering is interesting in more ways than one.

Environmental engineers use different principles involved in soil science, chemistry, engineering, and biology to solve different environmental problems and challenges. Because of the nature of their job, environmental engineers get the opportunity to work in different settings.

Civil Engineer

Anybody who is in possession of an engineer's license can be employed as a civil engineer. The work of a civil engineer involves analyzing site locations and areas and making a report that gives one an idea about the feasibility of the construction process that is to be carried out there. The demand for civil engineering jobs in Australia always remains high.

When foreign students aspire to be civil engineers, they can expect their university to teach them how to adapt to different situations and work in difficult external environments. While working as a civil engineer, interact with many non-engineers and individuals from diverse technical disciplines.

Software Engineer

A software engineer works around the different processes related to software applications, like creating their design, developing them, carrying out the necessary tests, and maintaining them. A software engineer must be well-versed in multiple programming languages and have the requisite skills to build complete systems.

In-Demand Jobs in Australia for Engineering Grads

A large number of foreign students who pursue engineering courses in Australia end up becoming software engineers. Apart from writing code, they must also know to optimize software in a way that proves to be highly efficient and scalable. While doing their job, they must consult multiple stakeholders, including security specialists.

Mechanical Engineer

After completing their engineering course, foreign students can apply to different companies for mechanical engineering jobs in Australia. A mechanical engineer is somebody who applies a variety of problem-solving techniques and principles to execute various activities that are a part of any object coming to life. Mechanical engineers extensively utilize energy, motion, and force principles to ensure that their designs operate safely and efficiently.

Apart from solving the problems we face today, mechanical engineers also create solutions for issues that could crop up in the near future. They closely monitor sectors like energy, health care, space exploration, transportation, climate change, and world hunger and try to bring out innovations in these spaces.

Petroleum Engineer

To work as a petroleum engineer, a foreign student must get a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering or some other engineering field connected to it, like chemical, mechanical, or civil. Participating in cooperative-education programs helps students get a lot of practical experience.

Petroleum engineers are responsible for designing and developing methods or processes for extracting gas and oil from the earth's surface. While petroleum engineers must be in the office at times, they can mostly be seen in wells or drilling sites. They also choose drilling locations based on cost, effort, and feasibility.

Chemical Engineer

There is always a huge demand for chemical engineers in Australia because multiple industries depend on them to synthesize and process different types of chemicals and other materials. Besides seeking job opportunities in chemical, oil, and energy-based industries, chemical engineers can work in sectors like environmental engineering, biotechnology, electronic device fabrication, and pharmaceuticals.

To get a well-paying job in Australia, a chemical engineer should have a broad understanding of scientific and engineering processes involved in technological processes. A foreign student, who aspires to be a chemical engineer, should be ready to study subjects like applied mathematics, thermodynamics, separation technologies, and fluid mechanics as a part of their course curriculum.

Production Engineers

Production engineers, also called plant engineers, shoulder the responsibility of looking after the production of a product. They work towards ensuring that production demands are met and cost-effectively. From finalizing the materials and components used in a product to putting it together, production engineers are involved in every stage of the production process.

Apart from working closely with the workforce, production managers need to have a good amount of knowledge about the machinery used to ensure the production process is carried out smoothly. A production manager has to ensure that the process quality and the end product are created according to the specifications.

Transport Engineer

In the last few years, there has been a surge in the demand for transport engineers in Australia. A transport engineer is responsible for planning, developing, and supervising civil engineering projects which involve the construction or maintenance of bridges, roads, railways, mass transit stations, harbors, and airports.

A transport engineer also works towards regulating traffic flow, enhancing mobility, and strengthening safety measures. They are also given the task of controlling harmful emissions that are often associated with transport systems. They analyze traffic signals, evaluate signs and markings and closely watch the elements around the infrastructure.

Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautical engineering is the engineering stream that deals with designing, structuring, and producing aircraft. Those who work as aeronautical engineers also utilize the principle of mathematics, problem-solving techniques, and theory to assemble airplanes, helicopters, and drones.

Aeronautical engineers put in a lot of research towards creating new technology in civil aviation. Apart from government agencies and businesses offering engineering services, companies engaged in control instrument manufacturing offer jobs to aeronautical engineers. Even research and development companies employ them in high numbers.

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers use engineering principles and scientific knowledge to develop and manufacture equipment, computer systems, devices, and software. Apart from manufacturing units, biomedical engineers work in research facilities as well. Biomedical engineers play an important role in the innovation that takes place across different industries.

To carve a successful career in biomedical engineering in Australia, the individual must be interested in it. They should be willing to take up new challenges and work towards resolving them. A biomedical engineer in Australia tends to have very strong career prospects. While the starting salary is good, the pay gets better and better with time.

Mining Engineer

Being a mining engineer is quite an exciting thing. This branch of engineering covers several disciplines, including mineral processing, geotechnical engineering, excavation, surveying, exploration, geology, and metallurgy. A mining engineer, therefore, has to know a variety of things.

Mining engineers are expected to offer technical support during important activities or operations. When the team estimates and other details related to a mining construction project, they contact a mining engineer. Along with choosing the mining equipment, they make all the important decisions in such projects.

Quantity Surveyor

Somebody who at an Australian university has given an engineering degree can work as a quantity surveyor. The job of a quantity surveyor involves estimating and controlling the costs involved in big construction projects. Apart from being concerned about quality standards, they must ensure everything is done within legal boundaries.

A quantity surveyor is required to have the skills and talent to manage various engineering projects. Apart from ensuring that engineering projects take off smoothly, they are also expected to maximize the value of a project for the client. As quantity surveyor gains experience, their demand increases.

Nuclear Engineer

In the sphere of engineering, nuclear engineers get a lot of respect. Nuclear engineers are tasked with conducting research and then developing projects revolving around nuclear energy. They are also consulted on matters related to nuclear waste disposal. A student must get a bachelor's degree in nuclear engineering to work as a nuclear engineer.

Several nuclear engineers worldwide have been credited with coming up with technologies or innovations that have proved to be highly beneficial for mankind. Nuclear engineering has evolved greatly over the years, and individuals who are a part of it have been largely responsible for it. A nuclear engineer mostly operates from a dedicated office.

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