Job Opportunities for International Students in Australia

Study Abroad Team 14/07/2023

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Part-Time Job Scopes for International Scholars in Australia

World-class education, rich cultural diversity, and endless employment opportunities attract scholars to pursue higher education in Australia. Part-time jobs for international students in Australia expand a scholar's work experience for future endeavors.

Pursuing volunteer work or paid internship while studying in Australia gives a lucrative career opportunity. An individual who wants to opt for further education in Australia can work to supplement their cost of living in Australia in the following domains:

Retail Sales Jobs

The retail sales industry in Australia opens opportunities for international students who want to earn and study simultaneously. The key role is to assist customers with their purchase decisions.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Retrieving merchandise from the sales floors.
  • Placing orders.
  • Collecting payment via the sale system's store point.

A part-time student in Australia can get a retail sales job in department stores and supermarkets.

Job Opportunities for International Students in Australia

1. Private Tutor

Scholars studying for mechanical engineering jobs in Australia or any other field may pursue part-time jobs as private tutors. International students in Australia can consider private tutoring as a part-time job.

Key skills required to suit the requirements of this position include communication, a good level of expertise in the subject, and attention to detail. One can earn from 20 AUD to 40 AUD per hour as a private tutor.

2. Eating Outlets

International scholars can also work at an eating outlet to earn money while studying. An international scholar can opt for a job in an eating outlet to pay for food and accommodation expenses. A few restaurants or cafes can offer free food to the employees. Students can choose a night or evening shift after their as per their preferences.

3. Admin Executive and Other Clerical Roles

Scholars with excellent managerial proficiencies may work in this position in different offices. One must have excellent communication proficiencies. This job role offers a chance to work in a comfortable working environment. Most employment opportunities under this job category require daytime workers.

Other job opportunities for international scholars in Australia are farming, telemarketing, warehouse operator, and delivery.

Part-Time Job Offers Available in Australian Cities

Mentioned below are the top job offers that each of the following Australian cities has for international students:

  • Sydney: Cashier, Sales assistant, warehouse operator, retail assistant, administration and support
  • Melbourne: International student support officer, customer service attendant, student services officer, receptionist, administration and support
  • Perth: Customer service representative, tutor, marketing consultant, pharmacy assistant, accounts assistant
  • Canberra: Sales assistant, administration officer, academic tutors, pharmacy assistant

Best Job Scopes to Pursue After Completing Studies in Australia

Here are the top-notch jobs for international students in Australia that they can consider after completing their course:

1. Nursing

Nursing has become a profitable career opportunity in Australia due to the value that medical employees bring to society.

2. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the high-demanding courses owing to the fact that data security has now become impenetrable. So, individuals with a keen understanding of cybersecurity may pursue a career in this field. Professionals can pursue

3. Human Resources

A scholar wanting to pursue a human resource career must have organizational skills to create and manage strategies and programs. One of the prime roles is to take into account workplace relations.

4. Humanities and Social Sciences

Social sciences or humanities education offers learners an in-depth insight into the social world. With a social science or humanities degree in Australia, a scholar can pursue a lucrative career in the following areas:

  • Community work
  • Cultural tourism
  • Teaching with higher studies
  • Government agencies.
  • International development agencies
  • Travel planning or tour directing

5. Engineering

Civil engineering jobs in Australia are profitable and high-paying. Australia's other flourishing engineering careers include electrical, industrial, software, mining, mechanical, and more.

6. Business Management

With a business management degree in Australia, one can pursue the dream career as a construction manager, entrepreneur, small business manager, operations manager, and more. The most demanding of all are MBA jobs in Australia. With an MBA degree, one can earn a high-paying salary.

Hospitality and Tourism

Renowned for its captivating landscapes and pristine beaches, Australia Feature is an ideal destination for outdoor and indoor excursions. Due to its sizable tourism, Australia offers umpteen opportunities in tourism and hospitality departments.

A careerist can advance their career in the hospitality department of Australia. Some of the best job options that Australia offers are below:

  • Bartenders sommelier
  • Hotel management staff
  • POS/digital specialist
  • Delivery associate
  • Front-of-house manager

Entry Requirements for International Scholars to Work in Australia

International scholars who wish to supplement their living costs in Australia can work while pursuing their academics. However, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Subclass 500 student visa with a work permission
  • Gain admittance to a full-time course
  • Supplement income to support the academic expense
  • Working should be a course requirement or a part of the course evaluation and completion

A Brief of Student Visa (Subclass 500)

An international scholar who wants to pursue higher study in Australia needs a visa to stay for the duration of the educational program. International scholars should follow the instructions per the student visa to ensure the effectiveness of the validation period.

Scholars who wish to work after earning a graduate degree must apply for a working visa before the student visa is expired.

  • Eligibility Criteria

Narrated below are the eligibility criteria that a student should learn before applying for an educational program in an Australian university/college:

  • Enroll in a full-time academic program
  • Proof of welfare arrangement if the scholar is below 18 years of age
  • Age should be above 6 years
  • 485 Post-study Work Stream Visa

A candidate wanting to acquire a post-graduation work permit must learn about the post-study work stream visa. This new visa allows international scholars to study, reside, and work for 4 years after completing their studies. International scholars should present standardized examination scores to apply for their working visas.

  • Eligibility Criteria

Given below are the eligibility criteria for this visa:

  • Age should be less than 50
  • Subclass 500 student visa
  • Qualification in the CRICOS-registered (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) course
  • English proficiency and other certifications

Things to Take into Account While Finding a Part-Time Job in Australia

Here's presenting the vital things to keep in mind while finding a part-time job in Australia:

1. Create an Australian-Style Resume

The foundation step is to create a resume. Here's how to create one:

  • Students must highlight key skills, awards, achievements, and overall experience.
  • One should include personal details such as name, address, email ID, nationality, phone number, and languages spoken (also include professional memberships, interests, and hobbies if required)
  • For freshers, the CV should inform what to expect, but scholars having experience in the job field should mention their hiring manager's name.
  • Education qualifications should be included, which creates a first impression among employees.

The resume should be of neutral color, including grey or black shades, and mention things in bullet points.

2. Visit Local Shopping Malls

A scholar may visit the nearest shopping centers with their certificates and resume. The manager may give an understanding of whether there is any job requirement. Or they can also inform the scholar about future part-time job opportunities.

3. Apply Online

A scholar can visit the career section on the official website of the companies to apply online. Australian job search websites can notify about the job requirements too. An institute may also have a job search page on the official website to list available part-time jobs.

Employment Rights for International Students in Australia

An international scholar who wants to pursue a part-time job in Australia needs to consider the following:

  • Should maintain their course enrollment
  • Ensure satisfactory course progress
  • Ensure satisfactory course attendance

Accommodation or food expenses in Australia can be expensive for international scholars. So, supplementing the expense by pursuing volunteer work or paid internship helps scholars reshape their careers positively. They can develop fundamental skills and create newer opportunities in the nation.

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