Jobs For MBA Graduates In Australia

Study Abroad Team 22/08/2023
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How MBA Graduates Can Find A Job in Australia

An MBA graduate has a lot of work opportunities in Australia, but at first, it can be a little hard to break into the arena. For international candidates who have an MBA from Australia, an extended 2-year Visa is given after their post-graduation, so they can get work experience. Here's how to get started with the job hunt.

  1. Job Sites: The first place to try out are the job sites. There are several like CareerOne, Gumtree, Adzuna, Careerjet, Indeed, Paddl, Spotjobs, WorkFast, Seeek, and more. In any of these, a candidate can fill in their educational qualification, i.e., MBA, preferred location, the expected salary, and they can see the MBA jobs in Australia available.
  2. Get Placed in an Internship: Any student who has done their MBA from Australia can get placed in an internship there. All top MBA colleges have good internships and placement cells students can utilize to get placed in a lucrative job.
  3. Staffing Agencies: Australia also has several staffing agencies one can utilize to get a suitable job after an MBA here. Their staffing agencies are often known for their customer service. They will look into each candidate's profile and place them in an appropriate role.
  4. Networking: This is another useful way to get a job after an MBA in Australia. Since MBA jobs are usually for management positions, some networking can go a long way in landing a dream job. Whether it is college, fests, events, or volunteering programs, MBA students can meet many people daily. Networking brings one up, close, and personal with people who can help a candidate reach where they want to be. One may know the right person to approach for a job, which can be career-enhancing.
  5. Company Website: Another good way of getting a job after an MBA in Australia is by applying through the company website. Having a set list of companies that hire MBA graduates and looking at the websites will let a candidate know if they are hiring. If yes, applying directly can fetch good results.

Jobs For MBA Graduates  In Australia

Top Recruiters in Australia for MBA Graduates

The good news is that there are lots of companies that hire MBA graduates in Australia. Whether a candidate has done their MBA from the country or hails from elsewhere, they will find a list of the top recruiters for MBA graduates very helpful.

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • HSBC Global Asset Management
  • Barclays
  • Allianz Global investors
  • Fidelity Investments
  • JP Morgan
  • Westpac Banking Corp
  • Telstra Corporation Ltd
  • Woolworths
  • ANZ Banking Corporation

Of course, there are other big recruiters as well, but the above offer a good pay scale for MBA graduates and a good work-life balance.

Can an International MBA Graduate Seek a Job in Australia?

An international MBA student in Australia has many career opportunities right within the country. If a student has an MBA from an Australian university, they can seek a job in Australia. They will get a 2-year Visa after completing the MBA, where they can work. Here are some tips to help an international MBA student get a job in Australia.

  • There will be a placement assistance cell in the university on have done their MBA from. This is a great place to get information about possible careers with major recruiters in Australia.
  • Always watch company websites to find information about job vacancies and more. One can even apply filters to look out for jobs for MBA graduates.
  • Looking at Work Visas and Work Permits is necessary for an international student. The good news is in Australia; the law is favorable for international students who wish to stay back in the country and work. If the candidate meets the necessary requirements, they will usually get the work permit. After the MBA, the candidate can apply for Temporary Graduate Subclass 485 visa, which basically allows them to stay in Australia for the next 18 months. This is a great opportunity to stay on and work.

Job Roles for MBA Graduates in Australia

Australia is one of the favorite countries for students who want to study and live abroad. And for very good reason. The country has a comfortable 18-month work permit for those wishing to stay back and work after their studies. Australian B-schools are great for the high quality of education they offer, but also because they offer foreign candidates a good push towards a secure and comfortable career in management. Here are some of the job roles that are available for MBA graduates in the country:

  1. Business Analyst: This job role will have an MBA graduate analyze the company's past, present, and future. With modern data analytics, it is possible to look at what business decisions are being made and whether they will lead to further success.
  2. Sales Manager: Such a job profile is extremely crucial to most companies. Sales are one of the most significant aspects of any company, and being in charge of the sales department is a very important role. The Sales Manager is responsible for the sales department meeting its sales goals so that the company can profit.
  3. HR Manager: Another job role that is perfect for MBA graduates is that of an HR Manager.
  4. Financial Advisor: If the candidate has an MBA in Finance, they can get a job as a well-paid Financial Advisor in a top company. Such a professional will give financial advice to the company and, with a few years of working experience, can even start their own firm.
  5. Investment Banker: This lucrative job role is a great choice for MBA graduates. Such a professional raises substantial amounts of money for their client's businesses.
  6. Business Development Manager: The goal of this job role is to develop the business and grow the company. They don't just work in sales but also look after marketing.

Salary of MBA Graduates in Australia

Having an MBA to show the world that the person has extensive knowledge of the business world and is capable of solving business issues is great. For this, getting an MBA in Australia and working there can lead to a lucrative career. MBA graduates are attractive to high-level companies in the country and if one has a degree from a top university, the chances of getting hired are high. Many studies have shown that Australia is one of the top countries in the world for giving MBA graduates their due in higher packages.

Here are some average salaries that MBA graduates get depending on the university they gave attended:

  • Melbourne Business School: $125,000
  • University of South Wales: $120,000
  • Monash University: $135,000
  • The University of Western Australia Business School: $139,000
  • Deakin University: $133,000
  • La Trobe University: $110,000
  • The University of Sydney Business School: $112,000
  • Victoria University Graduate School of Business: $88,000

While these are just average salaries, the prospect of them going up the later is high for MBA graduates in Australia. Even as an international student, it is possible to be placed well in a lucrative position right after one completes their MAB.

Specializations in MBA for Job Opportunities in Australia

Some of the specializations of MBA one can do that will fetch better-paid job opportunities are as follow:

  • Finance
  • HR
  • Marketing 
  • Information technology
  • Entrepreneurship

Final Words

Studying for an MBA and staying back in Australia for career prospects can be a clever decision for most international students. The country offers a great lifestyle and has amazing natural beauty to match. With good pay packages for MAB jobs in Australia, making a good life can be relatively easy here.

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