Top Courses to Pursue in Australia to Obtain Permanent Residency

Study Abroad Team 31/07/2023

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Every year, numerous students from India and other nations who wish to study abroad flock to Australia for higher studies. It is one of the sought-after countries among higher education aspirants because of the existence of some of the world's prestigious colleges and universities. Moreover, pursuing one of the selected study programs can help one get permanent residency in Australia. 

Indeed, getting permission to reside in a foreign nation permanently is different, even after completing a course of study. Australia welcomes Indian students and other international students much better than several other nations. Even the chances of landing a high-paying job are higher if a student obtains a degree from an Australian higher education institution. 

 Applying for a student visa is essential to study, reside, and do a job in Australia. Everyone knows it is one country where foreigners feel the safest. Most international students prefer Australia over many European nations for various reasons. 

 A student completing at least a couple of years of study in Australia is eligible for a post-graduate work visa. It allows students to pursue a post-graduate course, work part-time or full-time, and live in Australia for two to four years. 

What Makes International Students Eligible for Permanent Residency in Australia?

Renowned Australian colleges and universities offer a range of study programs and specializations. Aside from the state-of-the-art infrastructure, the superior academic standard makes Australia a coveted nation for Indian students and aspirants from other countries. One who aspires to study abroad can tap into various streams to obtain permanent residency, which allows the PR holder to reside and work in Australia. 

 Here's what makes international students eligible for PR in Australia.

  •  Students can apply for permanent residency after completing their education in Australia.
  • International students can submit applications after finishing at least two years of higher education. It must be under subclass 485 when applying for a post-study work or graduate temporary visa. 
  • Most migrant students opt for a graduate temporary visa to complete their studies in Australia for a couple of years. 

Two Streams of Subclass 485 Visa

Graduate Work Visa: Students who pursue higher education for two years in Australia can choose this stream. The course of study should directly relate to the work that a student nominates. The duration of this visa is eighteen months. 

 Post-Study Work Visa: International students who complete their bachelor's or master's in Australia can apply for this visa. It allows them to stay and work in the country for four years. They don't need to select any profession on the skilled occupation list. 

Courses International Students Can Pursue to Get PR in Australia

 After two years, international students can apply for a post-study work visa at an esteemed Australian college or university. Aspirants can work and stay in Australia after obtaining the visa for two to four years. However, it depends a lot on their degree. The added advantage is to utilize the time to generate bonus points for their PR application. Here are the most sought-after courses to get PR in Australia.


 Millions of tourists from all over the world visit Australia every year. This popular country has a growing tourism sector, so it is easier for students who want to study in Australia to apply for permanent residency. Enrolling in a hospitality course can help one boost their chances of obtaining PR easily. 

Reputed higher education institutions in Australia include Southern Cross University, The University of Queensland, and Bond University. Job opportunities for a hospitality graduate include event manager, food and beverage director, resort or hotel general manager, etc. 

 The average hospitality course fee in Australia is AUD 43,350 per year. One in the hospitality sector can earn AUD 67,000 or more yearly. 


 Every three out of five students aspire to pursue an engineering course. Australia is home to some of the best engineering institutes in the world. The possibilities of students who study engineering programs are more for permanent residency. Australian colleges and universities offer diverse engineering courses such as civil, mechanical, electrical, agricultural, software, biomedical, etc.

 The average engineering course fee in Australia is AUD 49,000. Landing a rewarding and high-paying job as an engineer is easy in Australia after obtaining a degree in an engineering course. A graduate can pursue a career as a civil engineer, software engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, etc., in Australia. 

 The average salary of an engineer in Australia is AUD 110,895 annually. The University of Melbourne, RMIT University, and Australian National University are top engineering institutes in Australia.


 One can pursue a profitable career in Australia as an accountant after completing an accounting study program. Many international students earn a master's degree in professional accounting to improve their career prospects. Job opportunities one gets with an accounting degree include cost accountant. Accountant, auditor, financial controller, etc. 

 The average tuition fee for an accounting course in Australia is AUD 45,500. Those with many years of experience working as a tax accountant, management accountant, or general accountant earn as much as AUD 117,250 per year. Institutes reputed for offering accounting and finance courses include the University of Adelaide, the University of New South Wales, and Edith Cowan University.

 Social Work 

 Many international students who complete study in Australia choose to pursue their careers as social workers. The potential of a student who studies Bachelor or Master of social work to get permanent residency in Australia is more. After completing BSW or MSW, a student can find work that revolves around mental health support, human rights, women empowerment, etc. 

 The average social work course fee in Australia is AUD 25,750, and the average salary of a social worker is AUD 93,210. The University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, Curtin University, the University of Newcastle, and many other institutes offer social work courses. 


 Various cheapest nursing courses in Australia for international students compel them to pursue a career in nursing. These courses can help them get permanent residency status. A nursing degree can help graduates get jobs such as medical nurses, public health nurses, midwives, aged care nurses, etc.

 The University of Sydney, Griffith University, and the University of Technology Sydney offer nursing programs. The nursing course fees range between AUS 22,000-34,000 per year. The average salary of a registered nurse in Australia is AUD 79,250. 


 The demand for qualified psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, organizational psychologists, and educational psychologists is always high in Australia. Therefore, many Indian students opt for a psychology course in Australia to pursue a career in this sector. An international student with a psychology degree can get jobs in Australia as a counselor, child psychologist, behavior specialist, educational psychologist, psychiatrist, etc. 

 The fee of a psychology program ranges between AUD 35,000-50,000 per year. The average salary of a psychologist in Australia is AUD 98,000 yearly. Many higher education institutes in Australia offer psychology courses, such as the University of Melbourne, the University of Queensland, the University of Sydney, etc. 


International students pursuing MD and MBBS programs in Australia have a high chance of qualifying for the PR status. The duration of these medicine courses is usually 5-7 years. After completion, graduates get internships and placements at reputed hospitals in Australia. 

This nation has a massive demand for qualified medical practitioners. One can practice medicine on their own after completing a medicine degree course. Most graduates pursue careers as specialists, physicians, surgeons, or general practitioners. 

Well-known institutes such as the University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, La Trobe University, University of Adelaide, etc., conduct medicine courses. The average tuition fee annually for an MBBS course in Australia ranges between AUD 51,000-89,000. Every year, an MBBS graduate in this country can earn between AUD 86,000 – 2,71,000. 


Australia is one of the top study-abroad destinations for aspiring architects. In recent years, the demand for proficient architects has increased in Australia, which is why more international students pursue architecture courses. The possibilities of receiving the PR status are also more for these students. Job opportunities after B.Arch or M.Arch include architectural designer, design manager, architectural consultant, etc. 

The University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne, RMIT University, and The University of South Wales are top-ranked architecture universities. Domestic and international students must pay AUD 28,000-60,000 annually to pursue an architecture course. The average salary of a professional architect in Australia is AUD 125,000. 

  Computer and Information Technology

  Numerous students from India and other countries pursue Computer and IT-specific courses in Australia. Landing a lucrative job in this nation with a degree in information technology is easier. Queensland University, the University of Melbourne, Australian National University, etc., offer computer and information technology courses. 

 Computer science graduates in Australia can pursue careers as IT executives, IT managers, software engineers, data scientists, etc. The average annual fee for an IT program in Australia ranges between AUD 35,000-52,000. The average salary of an information technology professional in Australia is AUD 75,000. 

Teaching and Education

In Australia, the need for competent and qualified teachers is always there in the education sector. One who completes a teaching course in Australia can land a rewarding job and get permanent residency. University of Wollongong, University of Canberra, University of Queensland, University of Sydney, etc., offer teaching and education courses. 

International students with a teaching and education degree can work as professional tutors, school liaison officers, youth workers, counselors, educational writing professionals, etc. The annual course fees for an education program in Australia range from AUD 20,000-35,000. A professional teacher with substantial experience earns nearly AUD 80,000 per year. 

So, these are the top courses that Indian students and those from other nations can pursue in Australia to get permanent residency. International students who wish to study in Australia must apply for a visa and ensure they meet the eligibility requirements for PR in Australia. 

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