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 The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is a relatively young university at the heart of Australia’s beloved city. The university is globally recognized as a school of innovation and creation with a progressive approach to education. Since its opening in 1988, UTS has rapidly gained prominence and is now known for its deep connections in several industries and real-world-focused programs. The UTS campus reflects its forward-thinking values and is based on interactions between peers, researchers, faculty, and industry professionals. UTS graduates are well-equipped to bring strong positive influence in their fields of choice, both nationally and globally.

UTS has been recognized by several world-ranking organizations for its commitment to providing students with the finest education. In QS World University Rankings, UTS is ranked at the 173rd place. Furthermore, THE World University Rankings ranks the university at 133rd place.

University of Technology Sydney Highlights

  • The University of Technology Sydney has a strong focus on clean energy technology. Moreover, UTS researchers are regarded as some of the finest in clean energy. The university invests significant resources and collaborates with other leaders to find solutions to a better world.

  • UTS focuses on providing a well-balanced education to its students. For this, the university has more than 130 clubs and societies.

  • The University has excellent research outcomes as the research at UTS is 100% rated as at or above the world standard.

  • Regarding graduate employability, UTS ranks at #62 in the world. Therefore, UTS is a strong school with excellent employment prospects. 

University of Technology Sydney Admission

Requirements for Graduate Admissions for the University of Technology Sydney

Students wanting admission to the University of Technology Sydney must meet specific entry requirements. Here are some prerequisites for consideration for admission to any graduate program at UTS.

  • Students aspiring to Study in Australia can apply to the University through their admission portal- UTS International Postgraduate Application Form.

  • Applicants are required to pay a non-refundable fee of 100 AUD (5,365 INR).

  • To be considered for a spot in graduate programs, students are required to complete a bachelor’s degree from an Australian University or its overseas equivalent.

  • Applicants from countries where English is not the official language (such as India) must take English proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL.

  • Students should be able to produce the required number of Letters of Recommendation (as per the program requirement).

  • A resume or CV with all relevant background information about the applicant. This should state the applicant’s past achievements and work and research experience in the appropriate areas.

  • Furthermore, students must write a Statement of Purpose that best highlights their aspirations and how they can benefit from attending UTS.

Requirements for Undergraduate Admissions for the University of Technology Sydney

Students must meet specific entry requirements to be considered for enrollment in an undergraduate course at the University of Technology Sydney. Students studying in Australia must follow the following instructions as part of the application process:

• All applicants must pay a non-refundable fee of 100 AUD (5,365 INR).

• The application is completed through the UTS online application system.

• Students must pass their 12th-grade examination.

• The student must be 20 years old as of March 1 of the intake year.

• Applicants must also submit statements.

• Applicants from countries where English is not the official language (for example, India) must take English proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

University of Technology Sydney

UTS is a highly dynamic and practical university that offers students a long list of highly reputed programs across various disciplines. A few popular courses that UTS offers are as follows.

  • Master of Advanced Journalism               

  • Master of Engineering Management     

  • Bachelor of Economics 

  • Bachelor of Accounting

  • Combined Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation

  • Bachelor of Science in Games Development

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Diploma in Information Technology Professional Practice

  • Bachelor of Laws

  • Bachelor of Molecular Biotechnology

  • Master of Data Science in Quantitative Finance 

University of Technology Sydney Accommodation

To support its students' academic and personal growth, UTS offers comfortable, convenient, and affordable accommodation options. UTS Housing provides many options to meet every student’s requirements.  

The University offers both on-campus and off-campus staying options. The UTS Student Residence at Yura Mudang offers living options such as shared apartments or studio apartments. Furthermore, students who wish to live away from the university in other parts of Sydney can find hostels, homestays, and rentals affiliated with UTS. 

University of Technology Sydney Course Fee

Students enrolling in undergraduate and graduate programs should expect to pay a fee ranging from 36,830 AUD (19.73 lakhs INR) to 63,444 AUD (34.3 lakhs INR).

The fee structure changes depending on the course level, the discipline it belongs to, and the time taken to complete the degree. 

University of Technology Sydney Living Expenses

Sydney is a vibrant city filled with a bustling population and a plethora of activities to be involved in. To make the most out of the city, prospective students of UTS can benefit from having an estimated list of monthly living expenses. Students living and studying in Sydney can expect to spend the following.

  • Rent- 250-430 AUD or 13,398-23,045 INR

  • Groceries- 120 AUD or 6,431 INR

  • Electricity- 20 AUD or 1,071 INR

  • Transport- 35 AUD or 1,875 INR

  • Internet- 10 AUD or 535 INR

  • Supplies and Books- 70 AUD or 3,751 INR

University of Technology Sydney Scholarships

Managing all the expenses, along with the tuition fee, can appear to be a daunting affair. However, the University of Technology Sydney is dedicated to supporting its students through one of their generous scholarship programs for international undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Some of the scholarships to learn more about are mentioned ahead.

  • UTS Vice-Chancellor’s International Undergraduate Scholarship- Higher achieving international students applying for an undergraduate program at UTS are eligible for this scholarship. This financial program covers the student's entire tuition fee for the course's duration.

  • International Research Scholarship- UTS offers this scholarship to boost its influence on its international link. Students who have demonstrated rigorous passion and achievement in research are awarded this scholarship to study at UTS. The scholarship covers the entire tuition fee for the standard duration of the course.

  • UTS President's Scholarship- This scholarship is offered to postgraduate students who have displayed exceptional potential in research. The perks of the scholarship are the exemption of tuition fees and a stipend or living allowance of 32,000 AUD/ year.

Other scholarships offered at UTS are:

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Scholarship

  • International Research Training Program Scholarship (IRTP)

  • UTS Foundation Studies Scholarship

  • Undergraduate Academic Excellence International Scholarship

  • UTS College to UTS Pathways Scholarship

University of Technology Sydney Placements

In terms of employment after graduation, UTS students enjoy a significant advantage as the university is well-known for providing strong placement opportunities. It was reported that around 78.5% of undergraduates and 85.7% of postgraduate students of UTS were able to gain full-time employment within four months after graduating. 

UTS graduates are highly sought after and highly paid individuals with a reported average salary of 73,000 AUD or 40.12 lakhs INR. Some of the university’s highest-paid fields are accounting, management, civil engineering, graphic design, and interior design.

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