7 Inevitable Factors For Finding The Right Students' Accommodation Abroad

Study Abroad Team 08/01/2024
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Reasons to Move Abroad for Higher Education to Canada

Moving abroad to pursue higher education is one of the best decisions a student can take to further their professional edge. Foreign universities have brimming opportunities, cultural experiences, quality education, and high living standards. These reasons contribute to the increasing number of international students who enroll at universities abroad.

Moreover, canadian universities abroad provide international students with a diverse environment to foster growth and development. Students opting to move abroad can benefit immensely from these opportunities provided by different colleges and universities.

However, Indian students studying abroad often report difficulties settling in the new country. Some of their concerns revolve around monthly expenses, cultural differences, and finding suitable accommodation to call home.

Most students who cannot get on-campus housing choose to stay elsewhere. But the task is daunting for new students with little experience. It is of paramount importance that these students get accommodation ideal for them for a greater experience.

The Importance of Finding Suitable Accommodation as an International Student

Securing the ideal accommodation enables international students to enjoy their university life, explore various avenues, and thrive in the new environment.Here are some reasons that make finding the ideal accommodation crucial for international students:

Influence on Academic Performance

The perfect living environment will directly impact a student’s performance in academics. The suitable accommodation enables students to create a conducive environment to study while having easy access to needed resources. With a comfortable living space, a student can maximize productivity and ultimately improve their academic results.

Cultural Integration

Student accommodation comes with the prospects of socializing and provides international students to make friends and immerse in the new culture.The suitable accommodation will ensure ample opportunities to develop meaningful interpersonal relationships with people of similar ages. Having solid friendships will make the students stay easier in a foreign land.

Safety Factors

Securing a good place of accommodation should give the students a safe and secure environment to live in. Students need to select places concerned about the accommodation's safety features.

Health and Wellbeing

While health insurance for international students is adequate to cover any medical problems, students should make it a point to stay fit. For this reason, it is important to opt for places of accommodation that provide facilities such as gymnasiums, sporting parks, tracks, etc.Students can benefit greatly by being involved in physical activities to keep their health in check and possibly avoid medical issues.

Managing the Cost of Living in Canada

Student housing options can range from location to location. It is essential to get the most fitting place of residence that matches the student's budget. This is increasingly important for countries such as the Canada, where living expenses tend to be high. This will ensure that monthly expenses in the Canada for Indian students are manageable.

Overall Comfort

The right living spaces will simply make the stay comfortable in general. Students will have restful sleep, time to relax, opportunities to grow, and so on. Students will perform better academically when they feel a sense of relief and comfort in their environment.

For an international university student, choosing a fitting accommodation is the key to making university life pleasurable and productive. But how can students ensure their perfect staying arrangements in a completely foreign country? The short answer is, doing meticulous self-research and seeking guidance from an experienced study abroad consultant.

The next section describes in-depth the 7 essential factors to consider while looking for housing options abroad.

7 Vital Factors to Keep in Mind to Get the Right Student Accommodation in Canada

Every student is different and has varying needs. The ideal accommodation will depend on the specific needs of the student. However, there are some general but essential factors to finding ideal housing for an international student.

Here are some essential aspects to keep in mind:


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing student housing in another country is its location and easy access. The residence should be close to the college or university, guaranteeing convenience and reducing time spent traveling. Convenient access to transportation is also vital for students to effectively move around the city. Additionally, the residence should be well-connected with the marketplace and other amenities.

Leasing Terms and Contract

Before committing to student housing abroad, it is critical to thoroughly review the rental agreement and terms of the lease. Students should carefully consider the notice period, lease length, and any extra costs. Seeking advice from a local consultant and even a study abroad consultant can give students the necessary help to navigate through the terms and conditions.


When choosing student housing abroad, budget is an essential factor to consider.Setting a realistic budget considering the utility cost and rent is critical. Students should look into the typical cost of housing in the desired area and compare them to their budget.

Networking Opportunities

Consider how the type of lodging may affect future possibilities for making connections. Some accommodations may be popular among foreign students or have ties to regional businesses and industries. Staying in a setting that promotes networking and academic growth can help one's career prospects by providing opportunities to connect with experts or potential mentors.

International Student Support Services

Search for housing that provides assistance tailored to the needs of international students. These could include visa assistance, introductions programs, academic assistance, and cultural immersion activities.Having such services available can significantly simplify the transition into a new environment and provide essential assistance throughout their stay in another country.

Reviews and Reputation

It is critical to consider the credibility of prospective accommodations. Meticulously going through online feedback and endorsements from past students who previously resided there offers helpful insight into the quality of the housing and administration.

Trustworthy internet sites and college forums can provide useful information and suggestions. Picking accommodations with a good reputation guarantees an adequately handled and trustworthy living environment.

Personal Preferences and Hunches

Finally, the choice of accommodation should also be in line with the students' personal values. Personal factors include the need for privacy, amenities such as gyms and hospitals, etc. Students should also weigh in on the feeling they get from visiting the place.Student accommodation is a significant part of each student pursuing their higher education. For this reason, it is vital to state personal preferences before deciding to ensure getting the ideal place of stay.

Keeping these factors in mind will help students, especially international students, start their new chapter on the right foot. However, it is equally essential that students should note that these factors are fundamental. Ultimately, every student should opt for housing that best fits their needs, regardless of the conventional way.


Finding the ideal student accommodation as an International student in Canada can appear a mammoth task. However, the entire process can be made simpler and more effective by following the guidelines discussed above.

After securing the ideal residence, students will see the difference that a good place can make in their academic and personal lives. Furthermore, students are highly encouraged to talk with study abroad consultants who can ease the process.

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