Entry Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree in Finland

Study Abroad Team 04/08/2023

Many aspirants in India look for opportunities to study in France, Australia, or Finland. Finland is one of the most beautiful countries in the EU and has a robust economic structure that supports its progressive educational system. 

To pursue a bachelor’s degree in Finland or to study in Canada, Indian students need a few documents. As long as students have them all, securing admission to a Finnish University is not difficult. 

Admission Requirements For Bachelor’s Degree In Finland

For different streams of study, the requirements can be different. For example, to study Engineering, physics scores must be exceptional. On the other hand, command over English is of greater importance for studying history. 

Aspirants willing to study in Australia or Finland should first check the requirements specific to the domain of study and the universities they are planning to get into.  

Required Documents for a Bachelor’s Program in Finland

To secure admission to a Finnish University, Indian students must possess a valid passport, like all other international students. 

Additionally, they must also have residence permits, which they can procure from EnterFinland.fi. The followings are a few essential documents that every international student should have to get admitted to a Finland University to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in any domain. 

  • The letter of acceptance from any Finnish University is a must-have document. International students with this letter can apply for Visa. 

  • The student should possess financial capacity proof, such as a scholarship document or a bank statement, to stay and study in Finland.

  • All Indian Students aspiring to study in Finland should have a health insurance document from an organization recognized and well-known in Finland.

  • No matter if a student wishes to study in Italy or Finland, he/she must have a language proficiency test result with a high score.

Specific educational courses in Finland require international students to also possess the following documents.

  • Employment or work experience certificate citing experience of at least 2 years in a work

  • GMAT or GRE test scores

  • A Motivational Video Letter

  • SAT Test or Entrance Exam

Last but not least, students willing to study abroad should not miss out on checking the University website carefully to check if the University needs any specific document other than the ones mentioned above. 

Eligibility Requirements To Pursue Bachelor’s Degree In Finland

  • To pursue a Bachelor’s degree course, Indian students need to have a certificate of higher secondary examination with good grades. 
  • Additionally, the aspirant must have English Proficiency Test grades
  • Students must possess a valid passport, financial viability, and entrance exam test scores for a few courses

Admission Requirements For Finland Universities Based On Nationalities

Finnish Universities' admission requirements for students from different nations can be different. 


Academic performance always counts whether the aspirants apply to study in USA or Finland. For admission in undergraduate courses, the aspirants must have passed 10+2 and carry a certificate from either of the following boards. 

CBSE (All India Senior School Certificate)

CISCE (Indian School Certificate)

Moreover, Indian students applying to Finnish universities should also have the following scores:

  • GPA - 60% or more

  • English - 60% or more

  • Mathematics - 60% or more

  • Physics - 60% or more for pursuing the engineering programs

All these documents must be in English. If translated, the document must carry the signature of the translator for authentication. Keep documents translated into English ready to study in Germany, France, or any other foreign University. 


Academic performance record in high school is a vital criterion for selecting Vietnamese students for Finnish University undergraduate programs. 

The followings are the grades Vietnamese students should achieve in their +2 levels to get admitted to Finnish Universities. 

  • GPA - 8.0 or more

  • English - 8.0 or more

  • Mathematics - 8.0 or more

  • Physics - 8.0 or higher (For Engineering Courses)

Additionally, all submitted documents should be in English, carrying the translator's signature. 


Applicants with Chinese High school Graduation Certificates from Shanghai, Beijing, Sichuan, and Guangdong can apply to Finnish Universities. Below are the acceptable grades:

  • English - 120/150 or 80/100 

  • Mathematics -120/150 or 80/100 

  • Physics - 120/150 or 80/100 (engineering programs)

Application Process Post Admission Requirements in Finland

Applying for University courses in Finland is easy if international students have all the necessary documents. Here is the process of application. 

The process begins with filling out the application form. Aspirants must put in their personal information, Finnish University they wish to study in, and the course name here. Fill in the educational information by ticking the right alternatives on the form. 

  • Students should mention the agency name only if they are applying through them.

  • Attach and upload the documents necessary for admission

  • Make payment using Paypal, bank transfer, or credit card. 

The application process is over, and the students must wait for the acceptance letter. 

Getting admitted to Finnish Universities is not a challenging task for Indian Students as long as they follow the rules and document requirements carefully. Students need to be careful about the documentation and application process to study in Canada or any other country in the USA or Europe. 

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