Application And Admission To Universities In France

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There are several reasons why many Indian students wish to study in colleges and universities based in France. Apart from opening doors for students to pursue an international career and giving them a competitive edge, France also allows them to master a new language and gain a good amount of cultural perspective.

While the academic fees in universities in France are quite moderate compared to educational institutions in some other foreign countries, it is also known to be a very good country for students to live and study in. The country is also a major economic power, and many leading international corporations are headquartered here.

Application Portals for University Programs in France

According to a report, more than 300,000 students from different countries visit France yearly to pursue a professional course. This figure takes into account students hailing from both European and Non-European countries. This is definitely a positive piece of information for those researching universities in Italy for international students.

Application And Admission To Universities In France

The universities' moderate tuition fees and reputation are two of the most important reasons behind the large number of international students flocking to the country every year. India is one of the countries where many students show a keen interest in studying in France.

When getting admission to a France-based university, most Indian students wonder which portal they should go through. The answer to this is rather simple. Applicants can visit the official website of the university they wish to apply to. They can download an application form, fill it out, and submit it to the university through its official website for further processing.

Some of the best French universities Indian students can apply to are Institut Polytechnique de Paris, INSA Lyon, École Polytechnique, Emlyon Business School, ESCP Business School, HEC Paris School of Management, and Montpellier Business School.

Many Indian students, who wish to pursue an MBA course, research topics like 'MBA in Australia for Indian students fees.' They should know that France has many universities that offer a wide range of courses, including an MBA.

While applying for a particular university, the applicant must carefully review the requirements. Apart from appearing in standardized tests, the applicants would have to go through other tests like GRE, LSAT, and GMAT to apply for different graduate and undergraduate courses or programs.

It would be advisable for a student to apply to 3-4 colleges or universities to increase the possibility of getting admission to one of them. While they should stick to the course they wish to study, they must go for multiple options regarding the educational institutions. Students should prepare a list of the best universities in Italy for international students and apply to them.

European Economic Area (EEA) and European Union (EU) students can apply directly to the college or university. The conditions they must adhere to would be the same as those French students have to follow.

Non-EEA and Non-EU students are required to apply through a well-structured online application system which was earlier referred to as the CEF and now known as the 'Studying in France Procedure'. This system also enables the student to apply for their visa online and track their application process.

Academic Requirements and Eligibility Criteria to Apply to Universities in France

The academic requirement and eligibility criteria differ slightly for European and non-European students. The public universities in Italy for international students have very well-defined guidelines.

European Students 

A European student should have completed their university education to seek admission to a France-based university. Along with an ID photo, they must also have a driver's license.

While applying to a French university, European students must also submit their high school transcripts. Depending on the university they are applying to, they could also be asked to write an essay. The applicant would also have to appear for an English proficiency test.

They should also be ready to pay a certain amount of money as an application fee. Not every university, however, asks for an application fee to be paid. If the university offers the scope, they should also consider applying for a financial aid program. The university's website would specify whether any other documents are required to be submitted or not.

Non-European Students

When applicants are not from a European country, they must carefully go through the requirements laid down by the French universities. However, Some of the requirements are similar to that of European students.

Completing a university education is the most basic requirement for any student who wishes to study at a French university. Along with a passport-sized photograph, they must also submit a copy of their passport. Writing an essay might not be compulsory, but they should prepare in advance for it. They have to submit a copy of their birth certificate as well.

For non-European students, French universities might also ask for a certified translation of their parent's birthplace. They will also have to prove that they or their parents can offer adequate financial support while studying in France. After the college confirms admission, they must get a French student visa ready.

Entry Requirements to Universities in France

French universities ask international students to produce a series of documents during the admission process. Apart from showing their Campus France authorization, students must produce their passports. The university will also ask for a passport-sized photo of the student. They will also have to submit copies of graduation diplomas and other transcripts.

Students from Europe would be required to submit a copy of their European health card. If required, an application fee has to be paid for as well. Along with a civil liability certificate, they will also have to offer a cover letter. Students would also have to produce proof of language proficiency (English/French).

Master's Entry Requirement in France

The requirements for enrolling in a course to get a Masters's Degree in France slightly differ from the requirements for other courses. The duration of a Masters's in France is usually 2 years. French Master's degrees are segregated into different teaching units. This is done so that different topics can be taught to students while encompassing a broad subject area comprising theoretical discussion, practical workshops, and independent-project work.

In French universities, applicants can choose from two types of Master's, MBA programs and Specialized Masters's. Specialized Master is a term used to denote advanced programs that Grandes Écoles designs.

A specialized master's program comprises four semesters and competitive applications. These programs tend to be very intensive, so students should prepare themselves well for them.

Though America can take credit for developing MBA programs, France introduced the first in Europe. Students planning to apply for an MBA program in France should know that the business schools in the country are extremely competitive.

PhD Programs

While researching PhD programs in France, an applicant would realize that these are carried out as a part of a program within institutions like doctoral schools. At the moment, French universities offer more than 250 PhD programs. The doctoral schools team up with research laboratories and other educational centers to offer doctoral training to students or PhD candidates.

A student has to go through six semesters during a three-year PhD program. So, every year there will be two teaching semesters. Before applying for a PhD program, the applicant should be fully sure why they wish to opt for it.

The process of enrolling for a doctorate is fairly simple. First, the student has to finalize a thesis topic and look for a supervisor. It would be advisable for a student to find a Doctorate while they are in the second year of their Master's program. If the student feels they would require some additional funding, they should speak to the doctoral school about the same.

Key Deadlines to University Application in France

When a student has decided to pursue their higher studies in France, they need to check the deadlines specified by the universities. Apart from checking the timelines of the universities of their choice, they must also figure out the deadlines of some other universities offering the course they wish to specialize in.

Just like students interested in studying in a US-based university check for spring admissions in USA 2023 deadline, those who wish to study in France need to check the deadlines set by their universities.  

Regarding the fall admission, 17th January and 1st April are the last dates for application. Whether a particular university has specified 17th January or 1st April as the last date for submitting applications depends on several factors, including the degree type the applicant vies for.

If students are interested in spring admission, they should know that 15th September is the last date. However, if a university has not received a lot of applications, they might extend the date further. If an applicant is interested in Parcoursup or Post-Bac, they can submit their applications between 22nd January and 13th March.

Students must also be aware of the steps they need to take after getting an acceptance letter from a university. Universities in France, where courses or programs commence in October, inform students about their decision pertaining to their admission between June 15 and September 25. If a student is informed in September, they will get just a month to prepare to leave for France.

Students who are non-EEA or non-EU residents would have to apply for a student visa. If the course chosen by the student is longer than six months, they would have to apply for a proper resident permit by contacting the French local authorities.

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