Computer and Data Science in France: Course, Admission, Cost, Scholarships and Careers

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Computer and Data Science is an analytical field where professionals must develop computer programs to extract and analyze complex data.

Highlights About the Course

Studying computer and data science involves mathematics, statistics, programming, and analytical skills. 

Why Study Computer and Data Science in France?

The academic staff in French universities offering Computer and Data Science have an excellent international reputation. Their faculty consists of skilled researchers who have years of experience in their field. France provides world-class education in computer and data science for international students. This is because students gain practical experience and are thus prepared for the job market.

Types of Computer and Data Science Courses in France

Students can study Bachelor's or Master's programs in Computer and Data Science.

  • Bachelor programs are:
  • BSc in Computer Science
  • BBA Big Data and Management
  • International Preparatory Cycle
  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science
  • IOS Developer
  • Back-End Developer- Java
  • Android Developer

Postgraduate programs are: 

  • MSc Data Science and Analytics
  • Applied MSc in Data Analytics
  • MSC Information Technologies
  • MSc Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • MSc in Data Analysis, Intelligence and Security
  • MSc Cybersecurity and Data Science
  • MSc High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence
  • MSc Biobanks and Complex Data Management

List of Universities Offering Computer and Data Science Programs

  • Paul Sabatier University- This university is among the top 300 institutions for scientific performance. It offers many Master's diplomas in Science and Engineering of Data, Computer Science, and Computer Science for Aerospace.
  • University of Paris- Saclay- This university offers a master's program in Computer Science. It trains students and researchers to solve issues in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Human-Computer Interaction, and Quantum Computing. The modules they cover are artificial intelligence, data science, network optimization, human-computer interaction, and theoretical computer science.
  • University of Montpellier- This university has a bachelor's program in Computer Science and a vocational bachelor's program in Computer Science Information Systems and Data Management. Their faculty trains students to excel in computing languages and technical support. Students can also pursue higher studies with the theoretical knowledge they gained from the program.
  • University of Strasbourg- This university is known for its theoretical and practical teaching. Their Department of Mathematics and Computer Science supports students in working towards the development of information science. Their Mathematics and Computer Science courses are available at all levels within the university.
  • TELECOM ParisTech- Ranked among the best engineering schools in France, this university has a Computer Science and Networks department. They offer Masters in Data and Artificial Intelligence. Students are first taught the basics of Machine Learning, Logic, Big Data Systems, and Databases. Advanced learning includes symbolic AI, swarm intelligence, natural language processing, visual computing, and robotics.

Admission Process to Computer and Data Science Courses

Students applying for a bachelor's program must complete their high schooling in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science. For a master's program, applicants need a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or any related field. Applications should be submitted exclusively online, and pay the application fees. 

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must contact the university where they are applying to know about specific eligibility criteria. 

But general requirements include a high school diploma (for undergraduate studies) or a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field (for postgraduate studies). Applicants for Master's degrees must have some work experience.

Documents Required

  • Academic transcripts
  • Academic References
  • CV/Resume
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Passport
  • Proof of English/French language proficiency
  • Student Visa
  • Financial Statements

Proficiency Test

There are language prerequisites for non-native English speakers. Applicants have to share evidence of either TOEFL or IELTS results or proof of language courses. This is impossible for native speakers and students who previously studied in English.

Visa Process

Since any program, such as a bachelor's or Master's in Computer and Data Science, is more than one year, applicants must apply for a long-stay student visa. They must first register online on the India Campus France website. Then, they must fill out their online form. 

After payment of Campus France fees, the applicant's form will be reviewed, and an appointment date will be given. Then, the applicant must provide an academic interview. If the applicant passes the interview, then they can complete the application form online and schedule an appointment with VFS-France. 

Besides those already mentioned, some essential documents required for the visa process are proof of accommodation and flight tickets.

Cost of Studying Computer and Data Science in France

  • Tuition Fees- For international students, tuition fees in public universities do not exceed the sum of INR 1,45,000 per year
  • Cost of Living- The monthly cost of living for students living in France is anywhere between INR 80,000 to INR 1,70,000.

Scholarships to Study Computer and Data Science in France

There are many scholarships offered to international students in France.

  • France Excellence Europa Scholarship Program
  • The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program
  • The Foreign Ministry's Scholarships
  • Emile Boutmy Scholarships for Non-EU Students
  • Study for a Masters in Europe Scholarships

Job Opportunities on Completion of Computer and Data Science in France

Computer and Data Science graduates can work in the following roles. This list is not exhaustive.

  • Network Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Game Designer
  • Database Administrator
  • IT Consultant
  • IT Trainer
  • System Analyst
  • Network Engineer


1. How long does studying Computer and Data Science in France take?

A bachelor's degree takes 3-4 years, a master's degree takes 1-2 years, and a PhD takes 3-5 years.

2. Is it possible to Study Computer Science and Data Science and Work at the same Time?

Yes, many programs in French universities encourage studying as well as doing projects and internships at the same Time. This helps to build the CV and gain experience in the industry.

3. What Skills are Required for a Student Studying Computer and Data Science?

Computer and Data Science students should know the ins and outs of machine learning, data visualization, mathematics, and programming. They should also know how to process large data sets.

4. Why should one Study Computer and Data Science in France?

French universities provide equality and diversity to their student body. 

5. Can Students Work on a Student Visa in France?

Yes, they are allowed to work on a part-time basis. Student visas permit them to work up to 20 hours per week.

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