Discovering Inner France: The Best Cities to Study Masters

Study Abroad Team 31/07/2023

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What Makes the Cities in France Best for Indian Students?

Studying in a foreign country is the dream of thousands of Indian students, and France is one such country. The reason for this is not just the beauty of the land but the endless academic opportunities that help Indian students unleash their potential to the maximum. Below are some of the reasons why France is the top choice when it comes to Indian students studying abroad.

Top Quality Education

Regarding the academic culture in France, students will find excellent education catalyzed by world-class amenities in universities and institutions. Furthermore, universities in France have diverse courses to opt from, including arts, science, business, engineering, etc.

Affordable For International Students

For students who are planning to study abroad, the tuition fee and other expenses. However, unlike the cost of living in the USA for Indian students, France has a relatively low cost of tuition, accommodation, and travel expenses.

Diverse Environment

Not only does studying in France provide a better career path, but it also provides an aspirant with excellent exposure to students worldwide. This ensures a cut-throat competition, and students can interact with people from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

Rich Culture of the Country

France has one of the wealthiest and most diverse cultures globally. The country has the best music, architecture, buildings, heritage, and other art forms for Indian students to enjoy their life while studying in a far-off land.

Best Universities in Top Cities in France

Every aspirant must ensure they get the best education at top universities while investing money in colleges abroad. While France has a wide range of top-quality institutions, ensuring students receive the best they can is essential. Below are the best universities in France that every student dreams of.

  • Université Paris Cité: Formed in 2019, this institution boasts 14 campuses and a wide range of courses to opt from, including humanities, economics, science, technology, and social students. It is ranked 239 in QS World Rankings and is one of the best institutions globally.
  • Institut Polytechnique de Paris: Established in 2019, Institut Polytechnique de Paris is a prestigious French institution known around the globe for its well-reputed courses in technology, engineering, and innovation. Data indicated that about 35 percent of this institute's students are international, ensuring cultural diversity.
  • Université Paris-Saclay: This university is one of the oldest institutions in France, with historical origins dating back to 1150, along with the University of Paris. However, the university as a specific cluster came into existence in 2015. It is a research-intensive university with one of the best research hubs around the globe, known for its emphasis on technological and scientific research.
  • Sorbonne University:With campuses all over Paris, this prestigious institute boasts extensive courses in the field of humanities, science, and medicine. It has origins dating back to the 12th century and was formed in 2018 through the merger of Paris-Sorbonne University and Pierre and Marie Curie University.
  • PSL Research University Paris:PSL is one of the leading universities around the globe, known for its excellence in science and humanities. It was founded in 2010 and has several notable researchers as its alumni, including 28 Nobel prize winners. It is ranked #26 in the QS World Rankings 2023, retaining its position as the best French university.

How to Choose the Best Cities in France for a Master's?

Choosing the right city to pursue higher education can be an intense decision. Therefore, students must consider all the appropriate factors, like rent, accommodation expenses, travel expenses, distance, etc., before coming to a final choice. While living expenses in foreign countries can be a little expensive, travel insurance for students studying abroad can help aspirants cover their expenses.

Below are some of the best cities in France for pursuing a master's:

1. Paris:Needless to say, Paris is home to some of the most well-reputed institutes globally. With world-class amenities and top facilities, students have ample opportunities to gain maximum exposure and pursue their career goals. Furthermore, Paris offers a wide range of master's programs catering to all academic fields, from science to literature.

Besides, Paris is a renowned cultural hub with a rich history that helps foster creativity and innovation among college kids. It attracts a large number of international kids every year, and a significant percentage of college graduates are Indian students.

2. Toulouse:With a specialized focus on academics and research opportunities, Toulouse provides a high standard of living at relatively low expenses than other cities in France, such as Paris. It has a cosmopolitan environment and is home to a vibrant international community. With outstanding research opportunities and leading universities, the city has some of the best research-based master's programs globally.

Additionally, Toulouse Is famously known as the "aerospace capital" and has top-notch programs in aerospace engineering.

3. Bordeaux:With a unique blend of academic excellence and vast culture, the city's strategic location in southwest France provides hassle-free access to several other European countries. The city is an attractive destination for international aspirants and is home to numerous reputed institutes of technology.

List of International Fellowships Granted by Top Universities in France

Thankfully, a wide range of fellowships and scholarships provided by French universities can help international students cover their education costs without the burden of student loans. Below are some of the scholarships and fellowships granted by French universities, open for international students:

  • Université Paris-Saclay International Master's Scholarships
  • Fulbright Grants
  • Chateaubriand Fellowship
  • Ampère Excellence Scholarships for International Students
  • ENS International Selection Scholarships
  • Paris Institute for Advanced Study Fellowship
  • Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program

Besides, Indian students pursuing master's in France can also avail of health insurance for international students for protection in case of illness, accidents, or medical emergencies.

To Sum It Up

In conclusion, studying in France will undoubtedly be a worthwhile experience for every Indian student planning to pursue higher education abroad. With outstanding academic culture, rich heritage, beautiful architecture, and world-class institute facilities, studying in France is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Indian students.

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