Best Job Roles for MBA Graduates in Germany

Study Abroad Team 16/08/2023

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Top Jobs for MBA in Germany

While some people believe that the relevance of an MBA degree has subsided with time, there is no truth to this. Doing an MBA has become more and more important with time. No matter which field a student is interested in, an MBA would help them take up managerial roles effortlessly and lead a team efficiently.

An MBA course teaches individuals several things, including what they need to do to emerge as solid leaders, the right ways to sell a product or pitch a service, the importance of building a strong network, putting together and managing a hierarchical structure for an organization and taking the right decisions at the right time.

When it comes to doing an MBA, many students or professionals consider applying for a seat in a management institute based in a foreign country. Getting an MBA degree from a reputed foreign university greatly helps an individual secure a lucrative job in a field of their choice. Of course, their overall performance during this course plays an important role in determining their career path.

Germany ranks quite high among all the countries that have institutes offering MBA courses to students. There are several advantages of doing an MBA in Germany. Business schools in Germany are known for offering high-quality education at very reasonable costs. Some of Germany's best business schools or management institutes are the Berlin School of Business and Innovation, Arden University, Technical University of Munich, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, and New European College.

Germany boasts of a booming economy. After getting their MBA degree from a university in Germany, an individual can look for job opportunities in the country itself. While universities help students find jobs after completing their MBA, they can also take the help of reliable job portals. One of the biggest online job portals in the country is Stellensuche which the Federal Employment Agency operates.

Here are some of the top jobs after an MBA in Germany:

  • Management Consultant

Those looking for a job after MBA in Germany should consider working as a management consultant. In companies based in Germany and elsewhere, there is always a high demand for them. This is, therefore, one of the best job opportunities for individuals after completing their MBA. Management consultants collaborate with executives and leaders in a company to recognize and resolve organizational difficulties or challenges.

Management consultants work diligently towards gathering information, analyzing it, and then coming up with solutions for the issues affecting the organization. They specialize in different elements related to management consulting, including mergers and acquisitions, operations, risk management, and reorganization.

A management consultant plays a crucial role in the day-to-day operations of a company. When timelines are not being adhered to, they ensure that everybody realizes this and course corrective measures are taken. Apart from defining and structuring work plans, they also make sure that deliverables happen on time. They work towards all the hindrances a company could face while implementing a plan or process.

Since a management consultant works closely with a company, they must travel to the various locations the business is spread across. They might have to meet and interact with clients when there is an issue. They have to create action plans meticulously for the various stakeholders.

  • Financial Manager

Applying for a job as a financial manager proves to be one of the best options for those specializing in finance while doing their MBA. A financial manager can be described as a professional who looks after or manages a company's financial health. A company aiming for financial stability or sustainability, in the long run, cannot do without a financial manager.

Some of the most important tasks a financial manager performs are regulating the cash flow, putting together financial data accurately, managing expenses, and developing viable strategies for making profits. A financial manager plays an important role in ensuring that the financial foundation of a company remains strong.

Before a financial manager starts working with a company, they must be aware of how the financial markets operate. After that, they need to study the company's economic condition elaborately. After thoroughly analyzing the company's cash flow, they have to predict future trends. They are also expected to be aware of the prevalent financial laws and regulations.

To have a long-standing career as a financial manager, an individual needs to be equipped with several important skills. While analytical skills will help them interpret and execute decisions that would lead the organization toward effective solutions, strong mathematical skills will come in handy while interpreting financial documents.

  • Business Analyst

After getting an MBA degree, a career as a business analyst leads one on a path of regular growth. This is one of the best MBA jobs abroad that one can opt for. When somebody hears the term ‘business analyst’, they imagine them to be somebody who analyzes the operations of a business organization and suggests things that could accelerate its growth. While that’s true, a business analyst does a lot of other things as well.

To strengthen the various processes carried out by a business, a business analyst identifies areas where there is some scope for improvement. A business analyst consistently works towards improving the overall efficiency of a business organization. For them, a business's technical and functional needs remain the top priority.

A business analyst is responsible for putting together financial models that can help the business significantly and make a noticeable difference in its operations. They are expected to have some knowledge of software and tools like Excel and SQL so that they can analyze and process big data sets.

Apart from engaging in financial analysis, a business analyst also has to participate in variance analysis. A prominent part of their job involves compiling tables, charts, and several other elements that are involved in data visualization. The enterprise architecture of a business is something that has to be planned by a business analyst.

  • Digital Marketing Manager

One of the new-age career options or jobs that have caught the fancy of MBA degree holders in Germany is that of a digital marketing manager. In today’s day and age, every business organization, regardless of its size, feels the need to promote it online. A digital marketing manager has to ensure that a company or business has a strong online presence.

A digital marketing manager, on an everyday basis, has to create content that can be used for digital campaigns launched by the business. The content created by the digital marketing manager must be relevant, help promote itself online and increase its sales by getting more customers on board.

A digital marketing manager works towards building a presence for the brand they work for across multiple digital channels. After a digital marketing campaign they designed has been launched, they have to track it and find out whether it’s working. If it’s not turning out to be impactful, they have to devise an alternative.

Designing online growth strategies for a business is also the responsibility of a digital marketing manager.

Conversion tests have to be carried out by them regularly to check whether their efforts bring real business to the company. A high engagement rate in the online space leads to good returns for the business. A career in digital marketing management is also hugely preferred by those who have tried out part-time jobs for students in Germany.

  • Personal Financial Advisor

Not just businesses but even individuals need a financial advisor in Germany. From professionals engaged in regular jobs to people running their own companies, anybody making some money benefits greatly by hiring the services of a personal financial advisor. With time, more and more people have understood the importance of hiring a financial advisor by their side.

While an individual with a bachelor’s degree can offer their services as a personal financial advisor, having an MBA degree would greatly benefit their career prospects. Most financial advisors are self-employed and provide services on behalf of a firm they own. There are also finance-based firms that hire financial advisors and assign them to their clients.

When an individual hires a personal financial advisor, they can expect to be offered advice and guidance on insurance policies, short-term and long-term investments, estate planning, mortgages, and taxes. A financial advisor is also responsible for helping clients set financial goals for themselves.

Many professionals working as personal financial advisors are entitled to purchase and sell various financial products, including bonds and stocks. Since most personal financial advisors work independently, they are not dependent on somebody to offer them a job. The kind of growth they see in their career depends on their skills and expertise.

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