How to Apply to German Universities Via Uni-Assist in 2023?

Study Abroad Team 09/06/2023

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All You Need to Know About Uni-Assist E.V

Studying in Germany is a thrilling experience for numerous aspirants as the country offers quality education. For Bachelor's and Master's degrees, international students can enjoy free tuition in German public universities.

Throughout the year, Germany attracts several aspirants from across the world. However, the standard issue that students face is the application process. Applying to reputed universities in Germany can be challenging for most students.

If students are interested in admission to Germany University, they can opt for the Uni-Assist E.V. Portal. Uni-Assist E.V., a German association, is a functional service point for foreign students. More than 170 German Universities support it.

It provides processing and evaluation for international student applications. The core responsibility of this portal is the evaluation of international schools and university certificates. Uni-Assist also determines the equivalence of the university certificates to German educational standards.

How to Apply to German Universities Via Uni-Assist in 2023?

Uni-Assist processes and evaluates the applications of international students. Uni-Assist also analyzes the individual entry requirements of German universities. The Uni-Assist is a non-profit organization financed by handling and membership fees.

Universities that Offer Admission Only with Uni-Assist in Germany

Through the Uni-Assist portal, applicants can apply to approximately 170 German Universities. Therefore, aspirants should know which universities accept applications only through the Uni-Assist portal.

International students should familiarize themselves with the Uni-Assist Portal to apply to German universities in a hassle-free manner. For Germany University admission, students can't look beyond the Uni-Assist portal. Here is the state-wise list of universities that accept applications through the Uni-Assist portal.


Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

Kempten University of Applied Sciences

Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt


Ulm University (Ulm)

Freiburg University of Education

Heidelberg University of Education (PH Heidelberg)

University of Education Weingarten


BHT Berliner Hochschule für Technik

HTW Berlin - University of Applied Sciences

The Berlin School of Economics and Law

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU Berlin)


Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences

European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)

University of Potsdam

Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

Universities that Offer Admission Without Uni-Assist in Germany

Aspirants should note that there are more than 350 universities in Germany. The admission applications for these universities are accepted through Uni-Assist or directly through the university website. More than 170 universities accept applications through Uni-Assist.

For English-taught degree programs in Germany, international students don't have to apply via the Uni-Assist portal. Here is the list of universities that accept applications from foreign students directly. Note that some universities are members of Uni-Assist. However, they instantly receive applications from students.

  1. Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
  2. AMD Academy Fashion & Design
  3. Augsburg University of Applied Sciences
  4. Alanus University
  5. Aalen University
  6. Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
  7. Berlin School of Creative Leadership
  8. Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin
  9. Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
  10. Hamburg University of Technology

Essential Documents to be Submitted to Uni-Assist

Students should know about the Germany universities application procedure to avoid rejection. Aspirants need to ensure all documents are in order before sending them. The requirements of the documents may vary based on the course structure and the university. Here is the list of documents that need to be submitted to Uni-Assist.

1. Academic Documents:

  • ü School leaving certificates
  • ü Certified educational certificates
  • ü Proof of successfully passing the university entrance examination
  • ü Explaining the grading system of the aspirant's university through a PDF file

2. Language Proficiency Certificates

Here are the types of language proficiency certificates one should send to the Uni-Assist.

3. For the German Language:

  • ü TestDaF
  • ü DSH
  • ü Certificates issued by Goethe-Institut, if accepted by the university
  • ü DSD German Language Diploma

4. For English:

  • ü IELTS
  • ü TOEFL
  • ü Cambridge English Language Certificate
  • ü A proof that shows English was the language of instruction in the aspirant's school

Based on universities and courses, the proficiency level of languages may differ. Therefore, aspirants should check the admission criteria of their university before submitting it to Uni-Assist. Here are some other types of documents students may require.

  • ü Doctor's note
  • ü Proof of job experience
  • ü CV
  • ü Completed and signed the application
  • ü Certified copies and translations
  • ü Certificate of enrolment
  • ü Photo ID and passport

Indian students applying to German universities via Uni-Assist must submit the following documents.

  • ü The official overview of the subject and grades issued by the university
  • ü The university diploma certificate
  • ü APS certificate
  • ü Uni-Assist doesn't accept copies, and students have to submit their original certificates
  • ü Information on the maximum and minimum grades needed for graduation from the university

Steps to Apply to German Universities Via Uni-Assist

Before applying to German universities via Uni-Assist. Students should keep track of the deadlines and the processing time. If any students fail to submit their Germany universities application, their candidature may be canceled. Here are the steps to apply to German universities through Uni-Assist.

Step 1-Get Information in Advance

Students interested in Bachelor's or Master's courses should check with the university about the application process through Uni-Assist. Aspirants should also know about the application criteria for their selected course of study. Not all German universities will accept the applications of students through the Uni-Assist portal.

Step 2- Plan the Application Process Properly

Aspirants should know how to plan the application process correctly. Interested students should track all the deadlines associated with their degree courses in German universities. Moreover, the students need to learn about the application procedure and the time required to process the application.

Based on these insights, aspirants should keep all the documents in place. In some cases, special rules may apply. For instance, special regulations may apply if students need preliminary review documentation.

Step 3- Students should Assemble the Documents in Appropriate Order

For all the documents needed, students should get copies and certificates. While applying, it is crucial to keep all records handy. Aspirants should check the official website of Uni-Assist to stay updated with the latest changes and requirements.

Step 4- Applying Online

After completing the Uni-Assist registration, students should apply online. The process usually involves filling out the Uni-Assist application form for each study program. The application process for Uni-Assist is pretty simple and hassle-free.

Step 5- Pay Fees

Students should pay the handling fees of all their applications. After receiving the payment and applications, the Uni-Assist will commence processing them.

Step 6- Submit and Track

Aspirants should send all the required documents by letter. Applicants can track the progress of their university applications.

German Universities Application Fee Via Uni-Assist

Aspirants should pay per the desired course of study. The cost of the first desired course of study is EUR 75. Moreover, for each additional desired course of study, students must pay EUR 30. There is no limit to the number of applications students can send through Uni-Assist.

German Universities Application Fee Refunds in Uni-Assist

During refunds, students use the contact form. Uni-Assist will refund the amount to the student's account after they received the payment. Sometimes, the portal will charge an administrative fee of EUR 10. Students will receive credit for the handling fee when they withdraw their application. If Uni-Assist doesn't forward any application to the university, students can't reclaim their handling fees.

Aspirants looking forward to studying in German Universities should know how Uni-Assist functions for a hassle-free admission process.

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