Stay and Accommodation Options in Germany for Indian Students

Study Abroad Team 26/07/2023

Over the years, Germany has been a desirable destination for Indian students to pursue undergraduate and post-graduate programs. But staying in Germany can be challenging because of the alien culture and expenses. So, every Indian student must know proper stay and accommodation options in Germany for smooth course completion.

Housing Options for Stay and Accommodation in Germany for Indian Students

Over the years, Germany has been a desirable destination for Indian students to pursue undergraduate and post-graduate programs. But staying in Germany can be challenging because of the alien culture and expenses. So, every Indian student must know proper stay and accommodation options in Germany for smooth course completion.

Indian students studying abroad always struggle to find proper accommodation for their stay. But German institutes always welcome international students with open arms by offering hostel or dorm rooms as per requirement. Single rooms, double rooms, and couple apartments are available for Indian students.

Hostel rooms are even closer to the university, facilitating students with easy movements between classes and rooms. Indian Students can even opt for other hostel activities like sports, cultural, and social engagements. Indian students can also expect higher safety as hostel rooms are within the university premises.

Indian students can apply for a hostel room online after immediately securing admission to a German university. The students have to undergo fierce competition to book their rooms as there is a deadline for applying. For any doubt or difficulty, Indian students can contact the university authorities or members of the study body.

The average hostel fee in German universities for Indian students is 250-300 Euros (Rs 23k-27k) per month. The fluctuation in prices depends on the choice of the room and city.

Another unique thing is "Schnellanschreiben." A quick accommodation offer is available to students on the waiting list to acquire a hostel room.

Besides hostel and university dorms, Indian students can also explore these options.

  • Flatshares (Wohngemeinschaft – WG)

Flatshares are extremely popular among international students who still need to find their place in the hostel rooms. Flatshares are affordable as one shares the rent with their roommates. Indian students must use the phrase 'Wohngemeinschaft – WG' to the locals while searching for flatshare apartments.

Indian students can apply for flatshares through online portals or collaborate with fellow students searching for similar options. The average cost of staying in a flatshare ranges from 400-450 Euros, or Rs 37k-41k per month. The fluctuation in price ranges changes with the choice of the city, room condition, and locality.

  • Private Accommodation

Top universities that provide MBA, medical, or MBBS in Germany for Indian students might have the best dorms. But all the students need to abide by the rules and regulations. Flatshares give students freedom, but arguing with a flatmate will cause problems. So private accommodations are the best way to stay in Germany.

While searching for private accommodations, Indian students must use the phrases "Studenten-WG" and "Studentenwohnung" while talking to the locals. Prices of private accommodation are on the expensive side, but one will get more privacy here. The students will also need to take accountability for their day-to-day needs.

The average pricing of any private accommodation is 600-700 Euros or Rs 55k-64k per month. Changes in price range depend on the city, choice of room, etc., But government provides medical, business, and Ph.D. scholarships for Indian students for a comfortable stay too. So, one can explore that factor in their quest to find a favorable stay.

  • Temporary Facilities

Indian students can take the help of temporary facilities for their initial days. They can book hotel rooms for a few days, get youth hostels, or stay in private B&B rent.

Essential Tips to Find the Best Housing Options for Indian Students

There are several ways to find the best option for Indian students. But these tips will help them to land the best choice possible.

Start the Search Work On the Internet

The internet holds all the reliable information in the world. So Indian students should start the accommodation search work only from the internet and choose the best option. But Indian students must carefully consider all the options and guides before diving deep into specific options.

Choose the Best Social Media Groups

Multiple universities that provide bachelor's and masters in Germany for Indian students have numerous social media groups. Indian students should join these social media groups to get first-hand information about available accommodation in the city.

Most of the time, the student body members operate and supervise these groups. Therefore, Indian students will benefit most from finding pocket-friendly apartments.

Keep the Important Documents Handy

Landlords in Germany are picky in choosing their tenants. Things take a complex turn if the tenant is a student from another country. To ease the situation, it is crucial to keep important documents such as passports, visas, university letters, and bank statements handy.

The availability of all the documents will facilitate the student to get a room without fuss and avoid rejection.

Be an Early Bird

In Germany, quality rooms with affordable pricing are limited. Therefore Indian students must act quickly to get the best deals at minimum pricing. Indian students can take the help of different agents such as brokers, locals, and rental websites to fix deals. But the only condition is they must act fast because of the existing competition.

Be Aware of Conman and Scammers

International students are always easy to fish for con artists and scammers on foreign soil. The scammers lure the students with attractive deals and promises. But in reality, these scammers loot the student's money and escape quickly.

Indian students should be careful of these mongers and trust only a reliable agent. The students must check the background of the agents before initiating any deal with them.

Cost of Living in Germany for Indian Students

The total cost of living in Germany for Indian students ranges from 750-1715 Euros or 66k-1.52 lacs per month. The breakdown is below:-

  • For Rent: 300-700 Euros per month (Rs. 26,500-Rs. 62,500)
    • For Food & Drinks: 150-250 Euros per month (Rs. 12,200-Rs. 22,200)
    • For Travelling: 100-150 Euros per month (Rs. 13500)
    • For Health Insurance: 95-195 Euros per month (Rs.8400-Rs10000)
    • For Utilities: 150-300 Euros per month (Rs. 12000-Rs. 25000)
    • For Personal Expenses: 50-200 Euros per month(Rs. 4,400 - Rs. 17,700)
  • Financial Planning and Budgeting for Accommodation for Students in Germany
  • By Dividing the Budget into Daily Needs Sensibly• By Avoiding Expenses on Unnecessary Items• Choosing Rooms According to the Requirement• Beware of Scams• By Applying for Part-Time Jobs for Students in Germany


Indian students must understand rental contracts and housing agreements in Germany to avoid scams and hassles. Indian students can safely study in Germany after getting all the answers through this article. But apart from this, they can opt for more research on different study-abroad counseling websites. Study-abroad counseling websites have experts who can guide students according to their needs.

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