Top Universities in Germany for Indian Students to Pursue Higher Education

Study Abroad Team 26/07/2023

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Many students from India and other nations who aspire to study abroad choose Germany. It is a very safe and secure higher education destination for international students. This European country is home to some of the world's most reputed colleges and universities. One reason that compels aspirants to choose Germany over other nations is that public universities do not charge tuition fees.

Aside from maintaining a well-structured education system, higher education institutions in Germany offer diverse programs. Thus, Indian students and those from other countries are more able to prepare themselves for their career opportunities. The overall experience of studying bachelor's or master's in Germany and living there is enjoyable.

Students get access to a world full of possibilities and can realize their potential while they pursue their desired study programs in Germany. Every year, thousands of Indian students pass out from top-ranked German colleges and universities. This country is becoming increasingly popular among international students due to the increasing accessibility of institutes and many courses.

Study in Germany- Reasons to Pursue Higher Studies in Germany

Higher Standard of Education

German colleges and universities are renowned for offering high-quality education to every student from all over the world. Every top-ranked institute in Germany prioritizes state-of-the-art facilities and highly experienced faculty. Thus, many aspirants from India opt for MBBS in Germany.

German higher education institutions stand out because they offer theoretical education and experiential learning. Most international aspirants know that these colleges and universities are the appropriate places for them to get quality education.

Affordable Course Fees

Most German institutes offer affordable courses for students from India and many other countries. Even one can skip course fees if they secure admission to public universities in Germany. All one needs to pay for is the administrative expenses, including a student union fee, a public vehicle ticket, and a student contribution fee.

Safe for Indian Students

Germany is one of the safest countries for international students. An international student easily adapts to residing in a German city because the people are cordial and supportive. Even off-campus accommodation in Germany is not expensive. In recent years, Germany has become more economically and politically stable. Many Indian students study in Germany because of the overall delightful experience.

Global Exposure

Higher education aspirants from over 75 countries choose Germany instead of other European countries. The international exposure one gets when they study and live in this nation is unmatched. One gets to meet students from different countries and learn much about their culture, language, etc. Such global exposure helps students enrich their knowledge to a significant extent.

Study-Work Balance

Institutes that offer MBBS in Australia for Indian students and those from other nations encourage study-work balance. International students must pay for living and travel expenses in Germany, which is why German institutes allow them to work up to 20 hours every week.

Many students who score impressive marks in their higher secondary or under-graduation examinations qualify for various scholarships offered by German colleges and universities. Still, getting a scholarship or funding requires sufficient money to live, eat and travel in Germany for higher studies.

Best German Universities for Indian Students to Pursue

Top-ranked German universities are sought-after among Indian students. These institutes maintain a higher standard of education and focus more on enriching students' knowledge. Here are Germany's top higher education institutions where Indian students mostly apply.

Technical University of Munich

In the QS ranking, the Technical University of Munich is the only institute in the world's fifty best universities. The higher education ranking of this esteemed German university is thirty-eight. It does not charge tuition fees for most of its courses. Aside from engineering aspirants, this higher education institute is ideal for those who wish to do Ph.D. in Germany.

Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

One of the reputed public universities in Germany is Ludwig Maximilians University Munich. It is popular among international students for its diverse Humanities, Arts, Life Sciences, and Psychology study programs. Students who study at this higher education institution do not have to pay high tuition fees.

Heidelberg University

Many Indian students who aspire to pursue MBBS in Germany secure admission at Heidelberg University. It is renowned across Germany for offering high-quality medicine courses. This prestigious higher education institute is the most suitable destination for every medicine aspirant. The tuition fee that it charges from Indian students is very affordable.

Freie Universitat Berlin

Americans supported establishing Freie Universitat Berlin during the period of the cold war. It is well-known for offering two particular courses – Political Science and Humanities. This higher education institute in Germany does not charge much because it's a public research university. Every year, it has secured a high ranking in the world's best universities list.

Humboldt University Berlin

The US News ranked Humboldt University Berlin among the best global higher education institutes. It is a public research university renowned for offering Physics and Natural Science courses. Many Indian students who want to opt for a master's in Germany choose this illustrious university.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

KIT is one of the German higher education institutes that are regarded as the University of Excellence. This university is perfect for students from India and other countries because it combines a university tradition and extensive national research. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. International students who wish to study in Germany prefer securing admission to KIT as it is one of the best public universities.

RWTH Aachen University

This university is reputed for offering over 173 study programs across sixteen academic disciplines. However, securing admission to RWTH Aachen University is challenging for most applicants. It conducts the admission process in two different intakes – summer and winter. This university has earned immense popularity for offering high-quality courses, including Management, Economics, Law, Biology, and Natural Sciences.

The University of Tuebingen

Many Indian students studying MBBS in Germany prefer applying to the University of Tuebingen. It is a prominent public German university globally renowned for its top-notch teaching standard and research-intensive programs. The University of Tuebingen is one of the oldest German higher education institutes with a history of over 500 years.

It provides over 200 different programs for domestic and international students. The university always prioritizes providing everyone equal opportunities and ensures superior quality education. Another exciting part is it does not charge any fee from aspirants for application.

The University of Stuttgart

One of Germany's prestigious and top-ranked universities is the University of Stuttgart. Many Indian students who opt for a bachelor's or master's in Germany choose this esteemed higher education institute. It offers excellent interdisciplinary study programs, including Humanities, Business Studies, Technical Education, Natural Sciences, etc.

The German university's faculty comprises noteworthy academicians and business professionals. It boasts state-of-the-art facilities to assist the world-class learning system. Germany's famous higher education institution collaborates with different global universities to conduct integrated research and exchange helpful information.

Students who want to study in Germany must visit the official website of the universities mentioned above to learn about the admission date and process in detail. Landing a rewarding and lucrative job anywhere in the world becomes more accessible when one obtains a degree after completing a course from one of these top-ranked German universities.

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