In-Demand Courses for Indian Students in Ireland

Study Abroad Team 28/07/2023

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Choosing to Study in Ireland

Ireland is not just a beautiful country; it is also one of the best countries in the world for international students. An Indian student who wishes to pursue higher studies in a foreign country may choose Ireland for various reasons, including the fact that it has some of the best universities in the world. An Indian student studying in Ireland will also enjoy a new culture and friendly people there.

In-Demand Courses for Indian Students in Ireland

  • High Level of Education: Ireland is one of the top education destinations in the world. The colleges and universities focus on global collaboration and research.
  • Culture: Irish people are known for being friendly and have a rich culture and heritage. They are proud of it and love to share it with others. There's a huge population worldwide with some Irish heritage, meaning anyone who has lived in Ireland will have friends worldwide. It is an incredible bonding journey an Indian student would be happy to participate in.
  • Safety: Ireland is one of the world's safest and most tolerant places. The quality of life in this country is excellent, with a third of the population under 25.
  • Career Prospects: Studying in Ireland means a student can enjoy lucrative career prospects. The knowledge transfer that happens between international companies and universities makes this possible.

Courses in Demand for Indian Students in Ireland

Business Analytics

This course is popular among Indian students focusing on data analytics, computer programming, and business intelligence. It teaches students how to analyze an organization's company data to develop strategies to increase profits. Students in this program often get employed by industries such as telecom, banks, and the IT sector.

The average salary for entry-level Business Analytics graduates will be around 40,000 Euros annually. With more experience, the compensation can go up to 52,000 Euros.

In-Demand Courses for Indian Students in Ireland


Another top-rated course among Indian students studying in Ireland has to be this. The course focuses on systems, technologies, controls, and processes to protect data and networks from cyber-attacks. It is a relevant course for today's times, and it is something that Ireland is somewhat of a global leader. The world needs more cybersecurity experts, and the requirement is only increasing every year.

Any student with a Masters's in Cyber Security will earn an average salary of 42,000 Euros.

Investment Banking

Indian students looking for a lucrative career ahead often get into the Investment Banking course for the sheer salaries up for grabs on completion. Dublin is a hub for investment banking with a good number of investment banking and finance companies based there, and they are always on the lookout for experts in the field, especially those with a risk and compliance background.

There is quite a lot of opportunity for Indian students to work there after completing the course, and they can work with prominent players in the industry. With this course, one can become an Investment Analyst, a Fund Accountant, or a Credit Risk Analyst.

Pharmaceutical Science

Ireland is one of the most important European countries for pharmaceuticals; hence, this course is popular among Indian students with a background in pharma or biology. With a good mix of local and international pharma companies, the country is a hub of employment opportunities in this area. The course amalgamates toxicology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, physiology, and biochemistry.

Graduates can work in the various aspects of drug development and drug research after completing the course. They can also work in research and development, manufacturing, cosmetic, or food and processing industries.

A drug safety associate can earn between 28,000 to 55,000 Euros per annum. One can also become a Pharmacist and earn around 40,000 Euros per annum.

Data Analytics

This is one of the most popular courses for Indian students in Ireland. It is a multi-disciplinary field that employs theories and techniques from many fields, like information science, computer science, statistics, and mathematics. Data analytics will also teach students practical coding and maths skills to analyze the available data.

There are many job opportunities for students who have graduated from the course. There are lucrative job options like Technical Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Mining specialists, etc. The importance of data in today's world gives access to it to non-essential people, which may be harmful. With good data analysis, a company can take much better control of its data, which is mostly what the job of a data analytics professional involves.


Another in-demand course for Indian students in Ireland is Construction. The construction industry is set to grow consistently over the next few years, and it is a field with a high demand for skilled and knowledgeable professionals. As such, the course aims to equip students with the required fundamentals and principles of construction management and technology. Students also learn general management skills, which help them join the industry.

The course is perfect for those interested in pursuing a career in on-site construction management, estimation, and survey, contract management in a technical management position. After completing the course, one can be a Site Surveyor, Site Technician, Site Estimator, programmer, Planner, Contract Manager, and more. A new graduate in the subject will be able to earn around 43,000 Euros, and it will go up as their career progresses.

Computer Science

Indians are huge Computer Science buffs, and many young ones go to Ireland to study the subject. The course has big takers in the lucrative IT industry. A master's in the subject teaches students how data gets processed, communicated, and stored by multiple computing devices. It helps design software and address fundamental scientific questions and the many aspects of hardware and software.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a fast-growing field with much talk about it. Artificial intelligence is the use of machines and machine learning in areas typically run by human intelligence. Artificial intelligence is not just limited to computers playing games like chess, but as it continues growing, it will be ready to drive cars and fly airplanes, help with robotic development, and even take part in monitoring activities. Security is one of the most important fields where Artificial intelligence will be used quite a bit.

It is an extremely forward-looking course to study. For students who want to make their career future safe, this program is definitely to look into in Ireland.

Top Universities in Ireland for Indian Students

Ireland is a wonderful country for international students from many countries. Though small in size and population, it welcomes students from all across the world. Ireland has some of the best universities providing quality education. Here are the top universities in Ireland that Indian students can choose from:

  • Trinity College, Dublin

If an Indian candidate wants to enjoy a cosmopolitan, fun, and modern city, Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, provides just that. It is an amazing university with past students like Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett. Though it specializes in English literature, it has many other programs on offer as well, making it a favorite with international students.

  • National University of Ireland, Galway

This is another much-preferred university for Indian students with literature and artistic intentions. It is a charming and diverse city without the big-city feel one may get in Dublin. Founded in 1845, it is one of the most beautiful colleges in the world.

  • Dublin City University

This is an excellent Ireland university, with subjects such as communication, journalism, business, and more. Moreover, it is a university that offers a cost-effective education, making it a popular destination for Indian students. The campus is accessible, friendly, and quite diverse, making an international student feel right at home. It has its cafes, bars, restaurants, and more right on campus.

  • Maynooth University

This is another popular university offering in-demand courses for international students. One of its most popular courses is Economic & Financial Risk Analysis. Engineering in Digital Health and Medical Technologies is another popular course. There are many other future-ready programs the college has to offer.

When Indian students pursue higher studies in Ireland, they are set up for success in their academic life and careers. The country offers a modern and safe lifestyle, and its health insurance coverage is also good. It provides limited or full eligibility for health insurance to anyone residing in the country for more than 1 year. Private health insurance is also available.

The country offers several student-friendly cities where students can make a good life for themselves. With part-time work also available, Indian students may find Ireland a cost-effective study destination to pursue their dreams.

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