How To Apply To An International University In italy In 2023

Study Abroad Team 02/06/2023
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Admission Process to International Universities in Italy

The beautiful country of Italy is host to lots of tourists and students from all over the world. If a student is planning to apply to universities in Italy for international students in 2023, knowing the admission process is a good idea. Here are some helpful pointers to put them in the right direction.

  • Choose from the universities available to find out which ones to apply for.
  • The proof of identity documents have to be collected next. All documents required for application should be collected as well.
  • Download the university application forms from the university websites that will be applied to.
  • Apply to the universities.
How To Apply To An International University In italy In 2023

Application Requirements for Universities in Italy

Before one starts applying to universities in Italy for international students, knowing about the requirements is a good starting point.

#1: Choose Universities:

Some of the top universities one can apply to are the University of Bologna, Politecnico de Milano, Politecnico di Torino, University of Pisa, University of Padova, and SDA Bocconi School Of Management.

#2: Preparation: Understanding the university requirements for students applying from foreign countries is necessary before one starts.

  • Indian students must have an idea of their own budget and how much they can spend on higher studies in Italy. The living costs and the tuition fees can be considerable. The country can be pretty expensive for the average Indian student with big dreams.
  • Prior assessment will be done by universities a student is applying to. This will help narrow down choices.
  • The university is going to send feedback regarding whether the student is eligible for the course. Then the student has to submit the pre-application form to the Italian embassy or consulate near where they live. This can often take them to another city.
  • It is the Italian embassy that submits the student’s application to the relevant university for consideration in most cases.
  • The Italian embassy will publish a list of candidates who have been admitted to Italian universities.

#3: Language Requirements

Public universities in Italy for international students offer a variety of programs for foreign students who wish to study in the country. These courses are available in both Italian and English language. At the postgraduate level though, courses are mostly available in English.
An Indian student who can provide proof that they studied with English medium at the graduation level (for at least 3 years), will not have to provide any English language proficiency test score.
But if not, some English language tests they can sit for are TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, PTE Academic, and C1 Advanced.

#4: Documents Needed

When an Indian student wishes to study in one of the best universities in Italy for international students, there are certain requirements and criteria to be met. Documents need to be submitted, which serve as proof of identity, nationality, and skills. Universities will ask for documents depending on the kind of course one is applying for, whether it is an undergraduate or postgraduate program. Let’s look at some of the important documents required:

  • Application Form: It is crucial to download, fill and submit the application form before the deadline.
  • Educational Certificates: The next on the list of documents required is educational certificates. This will vary from university to university and course to course, but a student is expected to keep 10th, 12th, and graduation degree copies available. If the student is yet to get his final year or final semester scores, it is okay to submit it later.
  • Transcript: Some Italian universities will ask for transcripts which is a consolidated mark sheet available from the college one has attended.
  • English Proficiency Test Score: Be it TOEFL or IELTS, test scores proving that the student is proficient in English is a necessary document to send to the university.
  • GRE Results: An Indian student does not need GRE scores to apply to an Italian University. But having it can increase one’s chances of getting selected. Standardized tests are excellent to show a student’s eligibility for study at a foreign university. So sitting for the GRE or the GMAT (for management courses) is a great idea.
  • Reference Letters: Collecting letters of reference or recommendation will certainly make a positive impact on the university for the particular student. This can be from teachers at school or college, bosses from the workplace, etc. These must speak highly of the candidate.
  • Statement Of Purpose: This has to be one of the most important documents that a student is required to submit to the university they are applying to. This should talk clearly about the candidate’s purpose and why they wish to pursue a particular course or program offered by a particular university. It is extremely important to write unique SOPs for each university one is applying to and it should specify one’s career goals and how the university can make a positive impact on these goals.
  • Resume: This should ideally be submitted along with the application and highlight educational qualifications and work experience.
  • Portfolio: This applies if one is a design student and wishes to pursue a design course abroad.

#5: Student Visa

Researching for a student Visa for studying abroad should start before the college admission process. Some of the supporting documents one requires to apply are a passport that is valid and current, a filled-up Visa application form, a cover letter that will include the purpose for the VISA, who will be bearing the living and study costs, dates of travel, and duration of the stay.
The candidate will also need to submit a receipt for payment to the Italian university they are going to study in, medical insurance, information about accommodation arrangements that have been made as well as proof of finances (which will cover the student’s expenses to study in Italy).
In case the student is a minor, they will require NOC from parents.

IELTS Score Requirement for Application to Universities

An Indian candidate who wishes to study in Italy will have to submit IELTS scores to showcase their English language proficiency. A minimum of 5.5 bands is required to apply to most universities.

Admission Without IELTS Score for Italy Universities

IELTS is one of the most important tests an Indian candidate should sit for to apply to an Italian university. But what if the candidate does not have an IELTS score to show for some reason? Is it not possible for the candidate to apply to an Italian university without it?
IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System which tests a candidate, English proficiency in reading, writing, and comprehension. Anyone who wants to study in an English-major country will have to sit for the IELTS. Yes, IELTS is important, but it is possible to study in Italy without it. Here are some tips:

  • Research the best universities in Italy for international students that allow applications without IELTS scores.
  • For a candidate who has already studied in an English-major school, college, or university and has proof of it, it is possible to apply without IELTS. Authentic documents to prove that a candidate has had prior English education are necessary for this. Getting this from relevant school and college authorities can be a necessary step. Of course, such documents need to be attested by relevant authorities.
  • Another way a candidate can study in Italy without IELTS is to ace the video interview some colleges have for candidates. This is a great chance for the student to showcase to the university that they are proficient in the language and won't have any trouble comprehending the lessons.

Some universities that accept applications without IELTS are the University of Bologna, the University of Florence, the University of Milan, the University of Trento, John Cabot University, and more.

Best Time to Apply for Admission in Italy Universities for International Students

Applying for an international study experience in Italy can be a dream come true for an Indian student. Deadlines will vary from university to university and contacting the Italian embassy or consulate is the best way to go forward and get relevant deadlines and dates.
However, as a point of reference, starting the process at the beginning of April is smart. This will continue till about the middle of May when most Italian universities will be closing the application process for foreign students.
Though getting admission to a university in Italy can seem like a long process, it actually is not. Compared to many American universities, it may be easier to get into a college in Italy. Though the application process and resultant acceptance will be done before the student steps foot into the country, the admission process will be complete only when the student goes to the university. This is after Visa approval and arrival in Italy. In fact, the student is going to need to get a residence permit by visiting the local police station. This has to be done within 8 days of arrival in the country.
An Indian student with dreams of studying in Italy needs all the help they can get. At, get the best educational counselors for all help and support a candidate needs to study in Italy. Whether it is for an undergraduate or post-graduate program, expert counselors can be the right stepping stone to point the student in the right direction. Propel the educational journey for success and prepare for a forward-looking career from Day 1.

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