Finding Opportunities for Study and Paid Work Abroad

Study Abroad Team 28/07/2023

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Easiest Ways for Indian Students to Find Paid Work Overseas

Students worldwide who want to improve their career prospects opt for pursuing a study abroad degree course. Indeed, a degree obtained from a prestigious college or University overseas opens the door to lucrative and rewarding employment opportunities.

It is essential to have adequate financial resources to complete the coveted course of study in the US, the UK, or other nations. However, students who want to enjoy the overall experience of studying and staying abroad do part-time jobs. Taking such a step enables them to earn much-needed money while they pursue higher studies overseas. It is easy to grab part-time work opportunities in a new nation for students from India and other countries only when they know the correct path.

Here's what a student must do to get part-time paid work overseas that's enough to pay accommodation rent.

Check the Part-Time Job Market and Housing Options

Setting a budget for off-campus housing before looking for paid work when students study in the UK, the US, Canada, or Australia is essential. The prudent decision is to know the average accommodation cost in the normal housing market overseas. Opting for a part-time job with enough salary to bear housing expenses and other costs is sensible.

Many international students convince their employers to provide them with a free of cost accommodation facility. Those who work in restaurants or cafes abroad while pursuing higher studies often get to stay at a place their employers arrange for them. It is paramount to ensure that the salary of a part-time job facilitates bearing various expenses.

Read Everything in a Thorough Manner

Many international students often fall into the trap of shrewd employers. They fail to earn the money they require and maintain the work-study life balance. Therefore, checking every detail carefully before signing a part-time job contract is important.

Moreover, aspirants must be equally attentive when renting a room for accommodation overseas. It is essential to ensure that the room rent is not higher to save some money. Choosing a housing option close to the workplace and the college or University is advisable for students who intend to do a part-time paid job.

Finding Opportunities for Study and Paid Work Abroad

Be Well Aware of Transport Facilities and Neighborhood

Having a clear idea about the neighborhood where one wants to rent a room for accommodation overseas is imperative. Additionally, checking transportation facilities is crucial to hassle-free commuting to the institute and the workplace.

Aspirants must clear their doubts beforehand on whether they can work while pursuing higher studies abroad. Many countries allow international students to work only for 20 hours every week.

Perks of Working While Studying Abroad

Aside from earning money to live comfortably and pay for expenses while pursuing higher education overseas, several other reasons compel students to work.

Most start working part-time as they know the family's financial condition well. Doing a paid job besides studying in a new nation enables them to avoid putting stress on the family and enjoy financial independence.

Here are the advantages international students can reap if they work while pursuing higher studies overseas.

Gain Practical Work Experience

It is prudent for aspirants to choose a part-time job that has some relevance to the major subject they study. Aside from classroom learning, students gain real-life experience when they commit themselves to a course-relevant job. One gets hands-on training when they work alongside working professionals in an organization. The possibility of bagging a desired job after graduation will be easier for those students who opt for a part-time paid job to gain real-world experience.

Acquire Professional Skills

It would be right to refer to professional skills as a combination of hard and soft skills. International students who study abroad can learn and master various skills when they do part-time work. Acquiring many professional skills early in life can benefit one immensely in their career. Besides doing a job efficiently, managing time, leading a team, and communicating flawlessly can be possible when one strengthens the necessary skills.

Build a Strong Network

A workplace can help one provide a strong networking opportunity. So, if Indian students studying abroad opt for a part-time job, the chances of building a robust professional network are higher. Networking allows students to form strong and meaningful relationships with industry experts. Doing so effectively can enable international students to improve their career prospects.

Learn Time and Money Management

Successful professionals value time and money and know the best way to manage both. Learning how to manage time and money early in life can help one, after graduation, bag a high-paying job, perform consistently, and impress the employer.

Students working part-time while studying overseas try to balance work-study life better. Also, it is indispensable for students to develop the habit of saving money when residing in a new country.

The Potential of Bagging a Lucrative Job is Higher

Students who do part-time paid jobs can display their abilities at the workplace. The possibilities of receiving a job offer as a permanent employee are higher after graduation if students succeed in impressing employers with their skills and hard work. It is essential to carry out duties honestly and help add value to the company/organization while working as an intern or part-time employee.

High-Paying Part-Time Paid Jobs Abroad for International Students

In countries such as the UK and the USA, there are plenty of part-time work opportunities for students from India and various other nations. Still, it is prudent for an aspirant to do a paid part-time job relevant to their study area. It can prove highly beneficial if a student works part-time in an industry where he or she wants to pursue a career after graduation.Here are some most sought-after part-time paid work opportunities for students who study abroad.

  • Teaching:  Working as a tutor while pursuing higher studies abroad is one of the most rewarding paid part-time jobs. Many international students with English language proficiency teach English online and earn handsome payments daily, weekly or monthly.
  • On-Campus Teaching Assistant:  In the absence of a teacher, many education institutions resort to teaching assistants to manage activities in a classroom. They have to work closely with students whenever they encounter problems related to their studies.
  • Library Assistant:  Many international students work as library assistants while pursuing higher education overseas. The prime responsibility includes shelving different books and helping library visitors, and readers find the books they seek. Moreover, assisting the librarian is necessary.
  • Campus Ambassador:  Those who work as campus ambassadors are mainly students. They are responsible for conducting promotional campaigns for the colleges or Universities where they pursue their desired courses. They target and compel prospective students to choose their institutes over others.
  • Servers at Cafés or Restaurants:  Six out of every ten students pursuing higher education abroad opt to work at cafes or restaurants. Most work as part-time servers at Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Domino's, McDonald's, etc. A lot of students get a job at departmental stores overseas.

Countries Where Indian Students Can Choose to Study and Work

An aspirant needs to be sure about the country where he or she intends to study and do a part-time paid job. Several nations do not encourage students from India and other countries to work part-time. Here is the list of nations where one can study and work to earn money, build a network, gain professional experience, and acquire requisite skills.

  • The United Kingdom
  • The United States of America
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • China
  • Singapore

Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Netherlands, and Ireland permit international students to do paid job for at least 20 hours weekly. Aspirants should prioritize networking to land a part-time job related to the degree program or course of study they pursue abroad.

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