Important Exams to Study in New Zealand for Indian Students

Study Abroad Team 08/08/2023

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The allure and charm of the beautiful destination that is New Zealand have caught the eye of many young Indian aspirants. New Zealand is a beautiful nation to live in and one of the best countries for higher education when planning to study abroad.  

Countless Indian students are aiming for the top prestigious universities in New Zealand. From language proficiency tests to academic qualifications, keeping track of all the necessary exams can be intimidating. 

To help ease the process for applicants, this article will give a comprehensive overview and a list of all the exams required for Indian students to study in New Zealand. Keep reading to find out. 

Why is New Zealand The Best Place to Study? 

From the emphasis on practical learning to some of the best universities around the globe, the reasons for choosing New Zealand as a study-abroad destination are endless. “Study abroad consultants” give the country top priority while giving consultations to Indian students planning to study abroad.  

Below are the top convincing reasons why many aspirants choose New Zealand as their top destination to study abroad.  

High-Quality Education: Undoubtedly, while choosing universities abroad, students should keep the standard of education as their top priority, something that one cannot compromise. New Zealand boasts a world-class education system, with numerous reputed institutes and universities offering diverse courses in engineering, science, humanities, law, etc.  

Opportunities for International Students: The New Zealand government gives great importance to international students currently pursuing their education there. Universities offer orientation lessons, healthcare facilities, counseling assistance, and part-time work guidance for Indian students studying abroad.  

Quality of Life: Quality of life for international students is characterized by welcoming culture, a relaxed and laid-back environment, safe and secure neighborhoods, and abundant recreation opportunities. Students planning to study in the country can expect an exceptional quality of life and a fulfilling academic experience.  

Globally Recognized Qualifications: A prestigious New Zealand university degree is significant and recognized globally. All the country's universities rank high in world rankings and are accredited internationally. Therefore, it is safe to say that studying in the country would open doors to job opportunities for Indian students.  

English Assessment Tests To Study in New Zealand 

New Zealand has English as its official language; therefore, students are expected to be highly proficient in English to be enrolled in any one of the universities. Students can showcase their fluency via several English proficiency language tests.  

Below is a list of all the English assessment tests that are required to get admitted to any college in New Zealand  

IELTS: IELTS is undoubtedly the most popular and preferred choice by universities in New Zealand and applicants looking to study abroad.  

The assessment is also required while applying for student visas in New Zealand. The average score that every university requires is around an overall 6.0, with no band less than 5.5. The examination evaluates four language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.  

TOEFL: Besides IELTS, a majority of prestigious universities in New Zealand accept TOEFL scores to test the English language skills of the candidate. Like IELTS, the TOEFL examination also consists of 4 sections: reading, writing, hearing, and speaking. To apply for a student visa in New Zealand, applicants must pass the cut-off score of 79.

Generally, all universities in New Zealand require a score ranging from 80-90 in the case of undergraduate programs. For postgraduate programs, the requirements often range from 90-100 on the internet-based test.  

PTE: Another recent addition to the world of recognized English language assessment tests is the PTE, short for Pearson Test of English. It is an online center-based test that comprises three sections, Speech & Writing, Reading, and Listening. All universities in New Zealand approve the test and is also accepted by Immigration New Zealand for student visa applications.  

Most universities in the country require a score of about 50 and 64 for undergraduate and postgraduate programs, respectively.

Academic-specific Tests to Study in New Zealand 

Besides English language assessment tests, most universities in the country require two main academic tests for students to be enrolled in their desired course: the GRE and the GMAT. A brief description of both tests is given below.  

GRE (Graduate Record Examinations): Aspirants who want to study in New Zealand must submit their GRE scores to their respective universities. The subject for the test will depend on the aspirant’s choice of study and program. The cost of taking the examination is around 15,500 INR. GRE is also necessary for students who wish to pursue a master’s in the country.

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test): Students who wish to pursue a management course in New Zealand are advised to take the GMAT test, as several universities in the country prioritize those who have taken the test. Additionally, the cost of applying for the examination is around 18,000 INR.  

Alternatives to IELTS in New Zealand 

While it is true that clearing IELTS with a decent score is necessary to study in New Zealand, the truth is that students can also study in the country without taking the IELTS. Students must fulfill all the following requirements to be enrolled in a university without taking the IELTS.  

Pass the Interview Examination for Student Visa: In case an applicant does not take the IELTS examination, the immigration authorities will conduct an interview round with them to assess their English language proficiency skills.  

Must be Schooled in an English Medium School in Primary, Medium, or Secondary Levels: Applicants are also required to complete their schooling from an institution that has the official medium of instruction as English.  

Take an Alternate Language Test: As discussed above, there are tons of alternative assessment options to IELTS that test your language skills, such as TOEFL, PTE, CPE, CAE, OET, etc.  

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