Professional Accounting in New Zealand:

Admission, Course, Cost, Scholarships, and Careers

Study Abroad Team 05/02/2024

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Professional accounting involves managing, preparing, analyzing, and disclosing reliable financial and relevant information. It also involves auditing, provision of assurance, and advisory services on economic data. The course to study in New Zealand provides an overwhelming experience.

Highlights About Professional Accounting in New Zealand

Professional Accounting has many functions, and its study is very application-based. An experienced accountant does account analysis, auditing, and financial statement analysis. They take charge of accounts that corporations and individuals own. They also work in governmental and non-profit organizations.

A degree in accounting equips students in business and finance. A degree in Professional Accounting helps students create financial reports, review income and expenses, prepare tax documents, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Why Study Professional Accounting in New Zealand?

Accounting offers outstanding job opportunities both in New Zealand and internationally. New Zealand has a high demand for skilled accountants with a strategic understanding of accounting and finance. Some universities even offer Master's programs in accounting for students who have never studied accounting. 

The accounting programs offered in New Zealand are internationally recognized. 

Types of Professional Accounting Courses in New Zealand

There are different courses/programs offered in professional accountancy in New Zealand. They are:

  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Business- Accounting
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Accounting
  • Master of Commerce
  • Master of Taxation Studies
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce

List of Universities Offering Professional Accounting Programs in New Zealand

1.Auckland University of Technology- This university offers a Master's in Professional Accounting. It is a one-year program. It is structured to train students to work towards registration with leading professional accounting bodies. Students are taught to develop financial expertise for senior management roles.

2. The University of Waikato offers an internationally recognized master's degree in Professional Accounting. It trains students to develop a professional career in accounting and as a future business leader. Students can choose either the 12-month or 22-month program that includes a Chartered Accountancy.

3. The University of Auckland also offers a Master's in Professional Accounting. It is a professional coursework that teaches students business, accounting, finance, commercial law, and taxation skills. It enables students to develop the skills needed to qualify as chartered or certified practicing accountants. CAANZ, CPA Australia, ACCA, and CIMA recognize the program.

4. University of Canterbury- This university offers a full-time Master's program in Professional Accounting. The program duration is 21 to 23 months. It trains students with the skills, knowledge, and competencies to be highly effective accountants in domestic and international organizations. The program is also part of the Business Taught Master's program, providing opportunities to pursue new career pathway options.

5. Victoria University of Wellington- Offering a Master's in Professional Accounting, this university teaches students to manage complex accounting and business issues. This leads to students gaining the skills to provide specialist financial expertise. The program does not demand students have accounting qualifications or a background in the field to study. Thus, graduates gain insight into the business landscape in New Zealand and across the globe.

Admission Process

Applicants wishing to get admission into a postgraduate degree in professional accounting must fill out and submit an application form. First, applicants need to create an account or an online portal on the university website. Second, they must fill in their details like name, country of residence, etc. The form will then ask for their academic qualifications and other documents. If any document is missing, the administration team will contact the applicant to send their required documents. 

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must have a Bachelor's degree for admission into a Master's program in Professional Accounting. Students must have achieved at least a B-minus grade average in their final year of study. Proficiency in the English language also must be demonstrated.

Documents Required

The documents required for admission to a Professional Accounting school in New Zealand are a passport, academic transcripts, English language proficiency, change of name documents (if applicable), offer letter

Proficiency Test

Universities offering Masters in Professional Accounting in New Zealand accept any one of these exams for proving English language proficiency. Person Test of English (Academic), NZCEL, IELTS Academic, Cambridge English Qualifications, or TOEFL.

Visa Process

Students who are citizens outside New Zealand or Australia need a valid visa to study. The student must choose to apply for a student visa. This is because there are several visa options to choose from. The second step is that the applicant must check the visa requirements. The third step is to ensure that the documents are translated into English if they are not in English. The fourth step is to apply either online or on paper. 

Cost of Professional Accounting Programs in New Zealand

1. Tuition Fees- The annual fee for a Master in Professional Accounting is INR 30,00,000

2. Cost of Living- International students have a cost of living in New Zealand of approximately INR 77,000 annually.

Scholarships for Professional Accounting in New Zealand

Students who apply for scholarships to study Professional Accounting have many options. The scholarships are the Vice Chancellor's International Excellence Scholarship for India, the International Bursary for HANU Students, the New Zealand Excellence Awards for India, and the Vice Chancellor's International Excellence Scholarship.

Job Opportunities for Completing Professional Accounting in New Zealand

A Master's degree in Professional Accounting (MPA) can help students earn an accounting certification. It is ideal for recent graduates and working professionals who want to add accountancy to their skill set. An MPA degree can enable students to work in accountancy firms, banks, law, finance, non-profit organizations, and small or large companies. Roles like chief financial officer, financial controller, auditor, and finance manager are available for MPA graduates.


1. Do You Need a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting for Admission to A Master's In Professional Accounting?

Some universities, like Victoria University of Wellington, do not require students to have an accounting qualification or background.

2. How Long Is a Master's Degree in Professional Accounting?

A Masters degree in Professional Accounting takes about 12 to 21/23 months to complete.

3. How Long Does It Take to Process a Student Visa for New Zealand?

It takes about 30 weeks to process a student visa for New Zealand, excluding public holidays.

4. How Much Does a Student Visa Cost in New Zealand?

The cost of the student visa is INR 16,000.

5. Are Part-Time Programs for Professional Accounting Available for Students?

Universities like Auckland University of Technology offer full-time and part-time Professional Accounting programs.

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