Scholarship Programs in New Zealand for Indian Students

Study Abroad Team 07/08/2023

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New Zealand has emerged as a sought-after destination by Indian students and several "study abroad consultants". Not only does the country provide an excellent quality of life, but it is also home to several prestigious universities that provide world-class education.  

Unfortunately, not all Indian students can afford the hefty amount required to study in a country like New Zealand. In such a situation, aspirants are advised to look for scholarships that will help fund their education. New Zealand provides access to numerous institutional, governmental, and private scholarships to help international kids fulfill their dream of studying abroad. 

This article will explore various New Zealand scholarships for international students, whether in undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral programs. Keep reading to find out.  

Eligibility Criteria for Applying to Scholarships in New Zealand

There are a range of requirements students must meet to be able to qualify for a scholarship in a university in New Zealand, as discussed below.  

Academic Excellence: Being a meritorious student is the foundational requirement for almost every scholarship globally. Every scholarship requires the student to excel academically to fund their education. 

Several scholarships also give an edge to students with a fantastic extracurricular and volunteering record. Therefore, it is essential to research what qualifications your desired scholarship wants you to fulfill and then proceed further. 

Acceptance Letter from a New Zealand Institution: Besides academic qualifications, to apply for a scholarship in New Zealand, students must also prove their acceptance into an accredited university, institution, or college.  

Lack of Financial Resources: Certain governmental and institutional scholarships in New Zealand offer funding to students based on their financial background. In such cases, aspirants must give evidence of their financial need.  

Field of Study: Some New Zealand scholarships for international students are exclusive to students enrolled in a specific program. For example, certain institutes provide doctoral-exclusive scholarships that apply only to those students who wish to pursue a doctoral program in the country. 

Essays, Personal Statements, and LORs: Some scholarships also require candidates to submit their college documents to consider the application. These documents can include letters of recommendation, college essays, statements of purpose, etc.  

Scholarships for Undergraduate Programs in New Zealand 

New Zealand offers a variety of undergraduate scholarships, both to domestic as well as international students. A few examples are listed below.  

  • New Zealand Scholarships for International Students (NZSIS) 
  • University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarships (for international kids)
  • Victoria University of Wellington International Undergraduate Scholarship 
  • Lincoln University International Pathway Scholarship 
  • AUT International Excellence Scholarship 

Post Graduate Scholarships in New Zealand 

New Zealand offers a range of scholarships to Indian students planning to pursue postgraduate studies and help them fund their education. Below is a brief list of a few such reputable scholarships.  

  • New Zealand Development Scholarships (NZDS) 
  • Fulbright New Zealand Scholarships 
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) 
  • Massey University Vice-Chancellor's High Achievers Scholarship 
  • New Zealand International Scholarships for Pacific Countries 

Scholarships for Doctoral Programs in New Zealand 

The New Zealand education system greatly emphasizes research-based programs that involve practical learning and application. Therefore, there are numerous scholarship opportunities for Indian students who want to pursue a doctoral program in the country.  

University of Otago Doctoral Scholarships: The prestigious University of Otago offers several scholarships to international students to fund their education. The two most popular scholarships that come under this umbrella are the prestigious University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Scholarship. 

Scholarship Amount: NZ $30,696 per annum, along with the benefit of a tuition fee waiver for 3 years.  

The University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarships: The three major doctoral scholarships offered by the University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship and the University of Auckland International Doctoral Scholarship. These scholarships were founded to help international students pursue their research studies.  

University of Waikato Doctoral Scholarships: The University of Waikato Doctoral Scholarship Program was established to support talented young minds financially and help them pursue their doctoral degree in New Zealand.  

Selected candidates are provided a living allowance of NZ $27,500 annually for 3 years. Furthermore, students also avail themselves of tuition fee waivers for enrollment in the doctoral qualification. 

Government-Funded Scholarships in New Zealand 

New Zealand Excellent Awards: Funded by the New Zealand government, this award is one of the most popular New Zealand scholarships for international students planning to study abroad. The merit-based scholarship is awarded to students who show excellent academic potential with commendable results. The application deadline extends to April each year, with benefits such as tuition fee waivers.  

NZIDRS (New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship): This award is exclusively awarded by the New Zealand government to aspirants who wish to pursue their doctoral degrees at any university in the country.  

The award provides several exciting benefits, such as a hefty amount of NZ $25,000 each year. Furthermore, a full tuition fee waiver and living allowance are also provided to selected candidates.  

Commonwealth Shared Scholarships: New Zealand is one of the few countries that participates in the Commonwealth Shared Scholarships program. Shortlisted candidates receive various benefits from the government. This includes receiving airfare for two-way flights from home and back, tuition-fee exemption, and a living allowance worth NZ $2240 per month.  

Other Popular Scholarships for Indian Aspirants in New Zealand 

Besides these popular scholarships, the government of New Zealand, universities, and private institutions offer several other scholarships to international students. These include: 

The Eamon Molloy Memorial Scholarship: This award is offered to postgraduate students pursuing their agriculture and veterinary science education at Lincoln University. 

The Sir Douglas Myers Scholarship: The scholarship provides financial support for studying pursuing postgraduate study in business or economics at the University of Auckland. 

The Zonta New Zealand Amelia Earhart Fellowship is provided exclusively to women pursuing a doctoral degree in aerospace-related science and engineering.  

The International Doctoral Scholarship in Sustainability: Available to students at the University of Canterbury pursuing a Ph.D. in sustainability-related fields.  

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