Student Visa Process For New Zealand

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In the last few years, New Zealand has emerged as one of the top choices for Indian students who wish to study abroad. Apart from having some of the best universities in the world, New Zealand is also known for offering a safe environment for students to live and study in.
Student Visa Process For New Zealand

Things to Know Before Applying for a Student Visa to New Zealand

To be eligible to apply for a student visa to New Zealand, a student has to be accepted or get admission to a college or university that has been approved or recognized by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) or the Ministry of Education. Being aware of the visa application process is as important as making a list of New Zealand universities for international students.

The applicant must also be able to prove that they have enough money at their disposal to pay for their tuition fees. Even having a scholarship that can cover their fees would be sufficient. Apart from offering proof of having enough funds to support their education, students must also show that they have adequate financial resources to sustain themselves in New Zealand throughout their course.

Finances play a very important role in determining whether an individual gets a student visa or not. Apart from fulfilling the aforementioned requirements, they might also be required to buy a New Zealand ticket to prove they have enough money to cover their travel expenses.

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Basic Details to Know About New Zealand Student Visa

To get a New Zealand student visa on time, the applicant needs to be aware of each and every step involved in the process. They also need to get all the documents ready in advance so the process is carried out smoothly.

Course Selection

Planning for Switzerland study abroad necessitates a student to figure out a lot of things like the course they will opt for and the university they will be studying in. Similarly, when a student plans to study in New Zealand, they have to plan a few things in advance.

Before applying for a New Zealand student visa, the student must have some clarity about the course or program you are going to opt for. After researching different courses, the next step involves making a list of educational institutions that accept applications from international students. The student has to go through a few steps to apply to different colleges and universities.

Living Expenses

As stated earlier, the authorities would want to check whether the applicant has adequate financial resources to cover their living expenses. On average, an international student based in the United States should have around NZD$ 15,000 in their first year in the country. If the duration of the course is less than 36 months, they will end up spending close to NZD$ 1,250 every month.

While checking the details of different universities, applicants must check which one of them is offering scholarships and other types of financial assistance to students. The New Zealand Aid Program, scholarship, for instance, is offered by several universities based in the country. Applicants would also have to specify the details of a sponsor or family member who will be helping them with their finances.

Other Details

To obtain a student visa, a student would have to offer proof of the fact that they have a good character and are healthy. A fee-paying student is required to travel and medical insurance that has been sanctioned or approved by a legitimate company.

The applicant has to submit a color photograph of their shoulders and head. If they opt for the printed form, they will be required to submit two photographs. They must also in possession of a passport that remains valid for a minimum period of 3 months from the day they fly to New Zealand.

The applicant also needs to provide police certificates, medical certificates and an accurate translation of documents that have not been written in English. They will also have to check if any other document is required to be submitted.

Different Types of Student Visas to New Zealand for International Students

Once a student decides to study in an educational institution based in New Zealand, they will have to study the different types of visas available for them and decide the one they should apply for. The type of visa a student should opt for depends on multiple factors including the course they wish to pursue, their age and the duration of their stay in New Zealand.

Exchange Student Visa

An exchange student visa is designed for students who plan to pursue a course in an educational institution based in New Zealand for three months or more. Mostly, students who have been selected in a student exchange program, apply for this visa. The student exchange program they will be participating in has to be approved by the Ministry of Education of New Zealand and New Zealand Immigration.

Fee Paying Student Visa

A fee-paying student visa enables a student to pursue a full-time course in a college or university based in New Zealand for more than three months. After procuring this visa, the student would have to enroll themselves with a certified education provider. To pursue a particular course in New Zealand, they will have to pay the entire course fee.

Pathway Student Visa

The pathway student visa is to be applied by those who have the intention to pursue three courses or programs on one student visa. To apply for this visa, a student needs to get in touch with a Pathways education provider and get them to provide them with an offer of admission.

Foreign Government Supported Student Visa

This particular visa is designed for applicants who have plans to opt for a full-time course in an educational institution in New Zealand and have already secured a scholarship or a foreign government loan.

Step-By-Step Guide to Apply for Student Visa to New Zealand for International Students

When an individual plans to apply for a student visa to New Zealand, they have two options at their disposal. They could either apply for a visa online or take the offline route. These days, most students opt for the online method. Apart from being less expensive than the offline process, the online method also consumes lesser time.

The process of applying for a student visa to New Zealand online is quite simple. First, a student needs to put together the aforementioned documents, get them scanned and have them converted to PDF format. The applicant must remember to scan a photograph of themselves and attach it with the documents as well. It would be advisable for the applicant to go to the official website to have a look at the photograph specifications laid down by the embassy.

The offline visa application process is quite similar. However, it requires more time and effort as one would have to visit the office of the New Zealand High Commission. While the New Zealand High Commission and Immigration New Zealand offices are based in Delhi, the New Zealand Consulate General is in Mumbai.

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements to Apply for Student Visa to New Zealand

Before a student applies for a student visa, they need to check whether they fulfill the criteria for getting one. Once a student gets a good idea about the minimum requirements for applying for a student visa to New Zealand, they will be able to make the necessary arrangements on time and will not face any issues during the visa application process.

One of the most basic requirements for applying for a student visa to New Zealand is having a valid passport at one’s disposal. The applicant would also have to submit their travel history documents along with two passport-sized photographs. They will also have to show the letter of acceptance provided by the university and approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

The applicant is also required to produce academic transcripts like diplomas, degrees and certificates. A duly filled study application form must also be submitted. To prove they have paid the application fees and tuition fees, they have to submit the receipt of payment for both.

The applicant must also prove that once they move to New Zealand to pursue their higher education, they will have at least a sum of NZ$15,000 at their disposal. The authorities would want to know whether they have sufficient funds to cover their expenses in New Zealand and complete a full study year.

Apart from showing bank statements, the applicant would have to produce a sponsor’s letter which specifies that they would look after their accommodation and living costs. If the student has received any scholarship certificate, they will have to present them as well. The police certificate would be required to prove that the applicant has no criminal record.

The authorities also check whether an applicant is fit enough to travel and live in New Zealand or not. Along with an X-ray report, they will have to provide a detailed health examination report. If required, they will have to submit a statement of purpose or SOP as well. If the applicant has already worked somewhere for a while, they should submit their letters or certification of work experience as well.

Cost of Student Visa Application for International Students in New Zealand

Before going about the visa application process, students must ensure that they have enough funds at their disposal. If a student opts for an online visa application process, they will have to pay NZ$530 along with VFS 722. During an offline visa application process, an applicant has to pay INR 24,500 and VFS 1,087.

Processing Time for New Zealand Student Visa

The processing time for a New Zealand student visa depends on various factors including the institution or course the applicant has opted for. If the education provider is a school, the processing time for the visa could range from 10 days to 28 days. Often, plans for pursuing a course or study in New Zealand for international students get delayed because of visa not getting processes at the right time.

If the applicant has to go to New Zealand to study in a private training establishment or PTE, it could take 24 – 70 days for the visa to be processed. For studying in institutes of technology and polytechnics, the visa processing time could be between 29 days and 4 months. For other universities, the visa processing time will be between 15 days and 50 days.

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