Health and Mangement in Aquaculture in Norway: Admission, Requirement, Course, Cost, Scholarships, and Careers

Study Abroad Team 05/02/2024
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Highlights about Health and Management in Aquaculture in Norway

Health and management in aquaculture are the relationships between health and the ecosystem. By studying in Norway, experts can gather better knowledge and have the skills to prevent diseases and maintain the health of marine species. This can minimize its impact on the environment. The experts can also learn the connection between health and animal physiology. Candidates, after completion of the course, can gather a better idea of the aquaculture species and their environment. The experts take the initiative to produce a healthy and robust ecosystem and protect it from diseases and damage. 

Why Study Health and Management in Aquaculture in Norway?

  • The main purpose of studying the course is to contribute to the sustainable supply of healthy seafood. 
  • The course is suitable for training experts to develop solutions to control the current health problems in the aquaculture industry. 
  • The program can educate and train experts to face the aquaculture industry's challenges. 
  • The developers develop expertise to deal with any challenges or food demand in the fishing industry. 
  • Norway is an excellent location for its varied and excellent scenery.

Types of Health and Management in Aquaculture Courses in Norway 

  • Bachelor of Science in Aquaculture – It is a three-year undergraduate program that is about the science of aquatic life. It focuses on the production, health, and management of aquatic species.  
  • Diploma in Aquaculture – A one-year diploma program focusing on aqua science. 
  • International Master of Science in Health Management – This course helps prepare aspirants with management roles and leadership to work effectively in public health. Candidates also learn to work in an international setting. 
  • Certificate Course in Aquatic Animal Health Management – The candidate should be able to design a specific location and species regarding aquaculture production. 
  • AquaH – It is a two-year master's degree program where candidates study the health of water species and find out about their environment. 
  • Masters in Sustainable Production and Utilization of Marine Bioresources – It helps educate candidates about the blue growth and the marine circular. 

List of Universities Offering Health and Management in Aquaculture in Norway

  • The Norwegian University of Science and Technology or NTNU 
  • Nord University 

Admission Process

All academic records from high secondary examination and previous study program 

  • Visa application
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letter of recommendation 
  • CV

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidate should have a bachelor's degree with 180 ECTS from a reputable university. 
  • Furnish suitable transcripts or academic records of previous. 
  • Science subjects mark in 5 out of 7 fields – physics, chemistry,. Mathematics, biochemistry, microbiology, biology, engineering 
  • Statistics with level 1 and level 2 knowledge 
  • Have some professional experience in aquaculture for preference. 

Documents Required

  • High secondary exam scorecard when applying for bachelor's degree and bachelor's results when applying for masters level
  • English language proficiency scorecard 
  • A motivation letter 
  • Valid passport
  • Enclosure form
  • All records of transcripts and diploma 

When applying online for a study program, check the deadline and try to submit before the date. 

Proficiency Test

  • PTE Academic: 51
  • TOEFL: 80
  • IELTS: 6.5 
  • English language credits: 120 ECTS 

Visa Process

  • Copy of the used page of a valid passport 
  • Student visa application form 
  • Passport size photograph 
  • Letter of admission to the concerned school
  • Proof of financial background that the candidate can survive in Norway with daily expenses till the end of the study program 
  • Receipt of tuition fees
  • Proof of accommodation in Norway 

Cost of Health and Management in Aquaculture in Norway 

1. Tuition Fees :-The cost of studying health and management in aquaculture is $ 5,000. However, there may be a slight change depending on the University you pursue it from in Norway. In some universities, the study program costs NOK 180,000 yearly. 

2. Cost of Living


NOK 3000 to 5000 

  Public Transportation 

NOK 455 for one month 


NOK 50 to 250 


NOK 1600 to 3800 

  Cinema Ticket 

NOK 120 to 160 

Scholarships for Health and Management in Aquaculture in Norway 

Erasmus Mundus Master Degree Scholarships in Health Management in Aquaculture

  • Students with a life science, health, and management background in aquaculture and biotechnology are eligible to apply.  
  • Students who have completed a bachelor's study program in health and management in aquaculture can apply for it. 

American-Scandinavian Foundation Fellowships and Grants

  • Students at Norway University can get a host of grants from ASF or the Associaton-Scandinavian Foundation
  • The grant is worth USD 23000 
  • Candidates pursuing a research project in Norway are eligible to apply 

Fulbright Norway

  • Students in Norway can get grants from the US-Norway Fulbright Foundation that can cover their living expenses 
  • A student has to submit an affiliation letter from the Norwegian University they are studying at 
  • A statement of purpose and letter of recommendation 

Mobility Grant for Norwegian Language and Literature

  • Students can get a grant of NOK 11,800 under this scholarship 
  • Students who are pursuing master's degrees from a Norwegian University are eligible to apply for it.

NORAM Scholarships

  • With the help of this, American students can study at a Norwegian university 
  • The grant for it is NOK 10000 and NOK 40000 
  • The grant is applicable for postgraduate study, both for exchange and degree programs 

Job Opportunities on Completing Health and Management in Aquaculture in Norway 

A candidate can work in global food security after completing a master's degree in the study program. As the aquaculture industry grows, it brings better job opportunities to coastal and rural Norway.  As the aquaculture sector grows, reducing the burden on wild fisheries is possible. The career options to explore are:

  • Head of research and development in an aquaculture pharma company   
  • Work as a consultant to fix a fish disease problem.
  • Work as a government veterinary officer caring for fish health, quarantine regulations, and checking security control and food quality. 


1. What is the Core Focus of the Health and Management in Aquaculture Course?

It deals with the aquatic environment and the aquatic species. Any course will acquaint students with the technique of breeding and maintaining aquatic animals and the ecosystem. 

2. What are the top departments to work in after this study course?

The departments to try for a job are processing plants, fishery, fish hatcheries, aquaculture science, commercial fish firms, environment and food department, and others. 

3. Can Experts Handle Species Disease after the Study Course?

The program equips candidates to find suitable solutions regarding health and disease problems in the aquaculture industry. 

4. Is it Suitable to Choose Norway to Study Aquaculture?

Pursuing a study course in Norway can be an enriching experience. Moreover, high-quality education is what most aspirants look for. It gives a better scope to explore after a study program is completed.  

5. How is Norway the Right Destination to Pursue an Aquaculture Course?

Norway is a popular location and the largest salmon producer. This makes the place a large contributor to scientific progress relating to the aquaculture industry and activities. 

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