Norway- A Land of Opportunities with Cutting-edge Technology

Study Abroad Team 01/11/2023

If you are aspiring to study abroad, it is significant to notice that studying in Norway offers an enriching experience for Indian students. Norway is a Scandinavian nation known for its unitary constitutional monarchy that welcomes international students and citizens with warmth. World Bank and IMF rankings state that Norway has the fourth-highest per capita income worldwide. Another interesting fact about Norway is that it is the world’s largest oil and natural gas producer outside the Middle East. Thus, considering all these factors, students opt to study in Norway.

Beyond being an intriguing study abroad destination for international students, it also equips them to deal with finances early on. According to the official Study in Norway website, numerous international students work part-time while pursuing their studies, a common practice to offset their expenses. There are various significant factors that sets apart the Norway universities and institutes from others. Norwegian universities and institutes are moving toward cutting-edge technology with every upgrade.  

World-class Institutes with Ground-breaking Technology

Norwegian universities offer quality education with well-equipped infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, fast-paced research in various fields, and evolving technologies. Norwegian universities aim to inculcate a passion for technical solutions into students that aid them to embark on a successful career journey. The universities also encourage business ideas or technology innovation of students. 

Scholarship Availability for International Students

Scholarships are essential in securing a seat for international students in Norwegian universities and institutes as they cover most part of the tuition fees. Taking this into consideration, the Norwegian government offers scholarships for European Union/ European Economic Area students. There are also universities with no tuition fees, as the government funds them. The top scholarships in Norway for international students are,

  • BI Norwegian Business School Scholarships

  • University of Oslo Scholarships

  • University of Stavanger Scholarships

  • The Norwegian University of Science and Technology Scholarships

  • Nord University Postdoctoral Fellowship

Standard of Living- Reflecting on the Passion

Norway is one of the rare countries that offer excellent work-life balance. Students studying in universities and institutes in Norway also adhere to the same. Norwegian universities and institutes encourage students to engage actively outside the classroom to enhance their skills. This allows them to follow their passion and keeps them occupied and satisfied through an active lifestyle. They enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with small courses and student-centric lectures even on campus.

Work Permit and Social System in Norway 

The social system in Norway is one of the world-class systems as it caters to all the needs of the individuals. The Norwegian social system offers everyone healthcare services, parental leave, unemployment assistance, education, and daycare. This is a significant reason for higher taxes and living expenses in Norway. After completing higher studies, the Norwegian government permits students to stay up to one year in Norway. It also allows the students to work part-time while studying. 

Embracing the Local Language

The universities and institutes in Norway offer coaching in both Norwegian and English language. This is because people in Norway also have English as their first language. Thus, it is easy for international students to adapt to the new environment. This also allows the students to choose their preferred course in their desired university in Norway. 

Top Five Norwegian Universities with Cutting-Edge Technology

  • The University of Oslo

  • University of Bergen

  • Norwegian University of Science & Technology

  • UIT The Arctic University of Norway

  • University of Stavanger

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