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Study in Finland: Top Universities, Courses, Scholarships, Course Fees and Job Opportunities

The beautiful city of Finland is highly sought after by students for numerous reasons. For many international students, studying in Finland can be a fantastic choice for various reasons. Finland is renowned for its excellent educational system and distinctive intellectual, cultural, and lifestyle advantages. Finland was ranked first in the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report for Education in 2022. The universities in Finland offer around 550 English-taught bachelor's and master's degree programs. Every year, almost 20,000 international students enroll in Finnish institutions from all around the world.

Why Choose Finland for Your Study Abroad Journey?
The following are some of the reasons to choose Italy for studies:
• When it comes to international education rankings, Finland usually ranks well. Its educational institutions are renowned for their cutting-edge teaching techniques and high academic standards.
• International students who may not speak Finnish can enroll in a variety of programs offered in English at many Finnish universities.
• Finland is a center for innovation and research. Numerous colleges have close ties to the community's sectors, providing students with worthwhile research possibilities.
• Finland is renowned for its safety and security. International students are made to feel at home in this kind, welcoming nation.
• Students can find employment in Finland while studying and after graduation. The nation has a strong labor market and a constant need for qualified experts.

Top Universities in Finland for Indian Students
Finnish universities have gained good recognition worldwide. These universities provide top-notch education to students from all around the globe. Some highlights are their excellent infrastructure, highly trained and experienced staff, and quality lecture delivery. The following are the top universities in Finland:
University QS World Ranking 2023
University of Helsinki 106
Aalto University 116
University of Turku 291
University of Jyväskylä 347
University of Oulu 392
Tampere University 415
Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT 388
University of Eastern Finland 551 – 560
Åbo Akademi University 601 - 650

Other top universities in Finland are as follows:
• University of Lapland
• Hanken School of Economics
• Diaconia University of Applied Sciences
• Sibelius Academy
• Centria University of Applied Sciences
• Savonia University of Applied Sciences
• Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)
• South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
• Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
• Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

Top Courses to Pursue in Finland for Indian Students
Indian students can choose among Finland's many academic programs and subject areas. Their interests, career aspirations, and academic background will all influence which course is best for them. The following are some of the top courses to pursue in Finland:
• Information Technology and Computer Science
• Engineering
• Business and Management
• Health Sciences and Medicine
• Design and Creative Arts
• Biotechnology and Life Sciences
• Language and Linguistics
• Environmental and Sustainability Studies
• Education and Pedagogy
• Cultural and Social Sciences
• Science and Research
• Arctic and Northern Studies
• Social Work and Psychology
• Law and Legal Studies
• Tourism and Hospitality Management
• Music and Performing Arts
• Culinary Arts and Food Science
• Mathematics and Statistics
• Astronomy and Space Sciences
• Forestry and Environmental Management

Admissions Process and Requirements in Finland for Indian Students
Applying to the Finnish universities is quite simple. The following are the admission intakes in Finland for Indian students.
1. Autumn Intake (August-September): In Finland, the autumn semester, which typically starts in August or September, is when most people enroll. This intake is the one that international students prefer because it is when most undergraduate and graduate programs begin.
2. Spring Intake (January-February): With spring admission, which normally begins in January or February, some universities also offer a smaller selection of programs. Although less prevalent, this choice may be appropriate for particular students and programs.
Requirements to Apply to a Finnish University
• A fully filled-out application form, typically online.
• Academic records and diplomas from the former institution(s) of higher learning.
• A valid passport
• A resume or curriculum vitae (CV).
• A well-written SOP outlining the goals for studying in Finland and highlighting the reasons for selecting the particular program.
• LOR from employers and professors
• Language proficiency test results
• Scores of various standardized tests such as the GRE or GMAT.
Application Process in Finland
1. Get started by looking into and choosing a course of study at a Finnish university.
2. Examine and fulfill the program's admission requirements.
3. Prove your proficiency in the English language by taking recognized exams like the TOEFL or IELTS.
4. Gather all necessary materials, such as transcripts, a resume, and letters of recommendation.
5. Fill out the university's online application form completely and truthfully.
6. If the university charges an application fee, pay it.
7. Upload all required application materials using the online site.
8. If necessary, prepare for and attend an entrance exam as the university instructs.
9. Wait patiently for the admissions decision and monitor the university website for changes.
10. Accept the offer, pay any fees due, and submit any other information required.
Exams to Take Up To Study in Finland for Indian Students
The following are some of the exams to take to study in Finland:
• Language Proficiency Tests:
- Undergraduate programs: 6.0 to 6.5 or higher (with no band score below 5.5).
- Graduate (master’s) programs: 6.5 to 7.5 or higher.
- Undergraduate programs: 80 to 90 or more.
- Graduate programs: 85 to 100 or higher.
PTE Academic:
- Undergraduate programs: 58 to 65 or higher.
- Graduate programs: 65 to 75 or more.
Cambridge English Qualifications (e.g., C1 Advanced):
- While C1 Advanced is often accepted for undergraduate and graduate programs, specific score requirements may vary. Check with the university.
• Finnish Language Proficiency
Students must meet specific Finnish language proficiency requirements to study in Finnish. The required level and exam may vary by university and program.
• Graduate Record Examination (GRE):
- The GRE is generally required for admission to graduate programs in various disciplines, especially in the sciences and humanities fields.
- The GRE measures both your academic and research skills.
- Score requirements for the GRE can vary widely. Still, competitive scores typically range from 150 to 160 or higher for the verbal and quantitative reasoning sections and 3.5 to 5.0 or higher for the research writing sections.
• Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT):
- Although the SAT correlates highly with undergraduate admissions in the United States, some Finnish universities may consider SAT scores for graduate programs.
- The SAT assesses your math and evidence-based literacy skills.
- SAT scores are widely used for undergraduate admissions in the United States. The requirements may vary if a Finnish university considers SAT scores, but competitive scores typically have a combined score of 1300 or higher (out of 1600).
• Graduate Business Admission Test (GMAT):
- The GMAT is a standardized test for admission to MBA or other business-related master’s programs.
- It assesses your research writing, integrative thinking, quantitative, and language skills.
- For MBA and master’s programs in business administration, competitive GMAT scores typically range from 600 to 700 or higher.
• Medical College Admission Test (MCAT):
- The MCAT is a standardized test required for admission to medical programs, including Finland.
- It requires knowledge of natural, behavioural, and social science theories and principles and problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
- MCAT score requirements for admission to medical programs can vary, but competitive scores typically range from 500 to 520 or higher.

Cost of Living in Finland for Indian Students
The cost of living varies from one city to the other. However, an approximate breakdown of the total expenses is discussed below:
• Tuition Fee - 2,000 and 12,000 EUR per academic year
• Accommodation costs – 160 – 800 EUR/month
• Transportation costs – 35 - 50 EUR/month ( public transportation)
• Food - 200 - 300 EUR/month
• Books and Study Materials - 50 EUR/month
• Other expenses – 100 – 200 EUR/month

Study in Finland: Scholarships and Loans for Indian Students
Understanding each program's qualifying conditions, application deadlines, and limitations is important before applying for a scholarship or loan. For additional information and assistance in acquiring funding for studies in Finland, the student has to consider consulting the financial aid office of their preferred Finnish university or the Department of Education loans of a bank in India. To pay for tuition, living expenses, and other educational costs in Finland, Indian students may explore education loans from Indian banks.
Top Scholarship Programs for Indian Students in Finland
There are many alternatives for financial aid available to Indian students who want to study in Finland, including scholarships and loans. In Finland, each university has its own scholarship initiatives. Students applying for courses at any university are automatically eligible for its scholarship programs. The following are some of the scholarships available in Finland for Indian Students:
• University of Helsinki Scholarships
• University of Tampere Scholarships
• Protein Science International Masters Scholarship at the University of Oulu
• University of Oulu International Scholarships
• University of Helsinki International Student Scholarship Grant
• Aalto University Scholarship
• CIMO Doctoral Fellowship for International Students
• Finland Government Scholarships
• University of Vaasa Scholarships
• University of Turku Postdoctoral Research in Science and Medicine
Career Opportunities in Finland for Indian Students
Finland is a country that gives numerous career opportunities to Indian students. The nation also grants employees 13 annual bank holidays and 25 days of required yearly leave. Some of the most rewarding careers in Finland are as follows:
• Surgeon- 25,000 - 30000 Euros approximately
• Nursing – 3500 – 5000 Euros approximately
• Accounting - 4500 – 5000 Euros approximately
• IT - 4500 – 5000 Euros approximately
• Data Scientist - 4700 - 5000 Euros approximately
• Lawyer- 18000 - 19000 Euros approximately
• Software Engineer- 4000 - 5000 Euros approximately
• Bank Manager- 15000 - 16000 Euros approximately

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