Game Design Studies in Sweden - Admission, Requirement, Course, Cost, Scholarships, and Careers

Study Abroad Team 07/02/2024

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Sweden offers many game design programs for students. These programs are art-related, production-related, and programming-related. They are taught about multimedia software, communication, and critical thinking. Students have an avenue to direct their creative thinking into producing playable and engaging games. Studying in Sweden will be a great option for Indian Students if you are looking to study Abroad.

Highlights About Game Design Programs in Sweden

Sweden offers many bachelor’s and postgraduate programs for studying game design. The course enables students to work with gaming mediums on professional levels. It equips students with modern tools to apply their knowledge of game design, game development, and game analysis. 

Why Study Game Design in Sweden?

Swedish universities welcome students from various nationalities and have an excellent international reputation. Universities with game design programs have faculty who have experience and industry-related knowledge. This encourages students to build a network of professionals from the game development industry.

Types of Game Design Programs in Sweden

Sweden offers a plethora of courses in the field of game design and development. Most of them are listed below.

  • Game Research and Design

  • Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality

  • Gameplay Design and Illustration

  • Simulation Engines

  • Game Programming Language

  • UX and UI Design

  • Photoshop and Flash

  • Character and Sound Design

  • Studio Design and Project Management

  • Game Development Projects

  • Technology-Driven Experimental Game Design

  • Requirements Engineering

  • 3D Game Content Creation

  • Animation and Gaming

List of Universities Offering Game Design Studies in Sweden

1. University of Skovde is one of Europe’s most significant game education hubs. It offers twelve game degree programs and also supports students’ projects with their Game Incubator. Their Master’s programs include Digital Narrative, Games User Experience, and Game Development. Even though their medium of instruction is English, they also offer their lectures in English.

2. Uppsala University- Uppsala University offers a Master’s program in Game Design. It invigorates game literacy in students and exposes them to theories and creative methods to develop their games. Their multidisciplinary program enables game literacy among other field professionals like journalists, educators, artists, community organizers, activists, and exhibit designers.

3. Sodertorn University- This university offers two courses for game design. One is Game Design Research, and the other is Game Art II. Their courses cover the history of game design, game design research, 3D graphics, animation, texturing/lighting, and spatiality. They do not require previous game design or development experience for eligibility.

4. University of Gothenburg- The University of Gothenburg offers a two-year Game Design and Technology Master's program. They train students in technical skills required in the game industry. These skills are essential while using and developing game engines so that students can create enjoyable and engaging player experiences. They also do not expect prior training or experience in designing games.

5. Chalmers University of Technology- Since this university provides an advanced level of learning in game development, students are expected to meet some prerequisites. They must have completed a course on one or more specific topics for eligibility. They are Introduction to Game Research, Gameplay Design, Game Engine Architecture, Prototyping in Interaction Design, Interaction Design Methodology, and Graphical Interfaces.

Admission Process

International students must fill out the application form for the university they wish to attend. If asked by the university, they must also submit a personal statement and a digital portfolio. A digital portfolio can include digital prototypes of games, an original board, or a physical game. They may have game design documents, writing samples, or creative practice samples.

Students should remember to keep checking their application portal to see whether they have been accepted or not. Once accepted into the program, they must start applying for a resident permit.

Eligibility Criteria

For Master’s programs, potential students should complete a Bachelor’s degree from an internationally recognized university. They must also take exams like IELTS or TOEFL to fulfill English proficiency requirements.

Documents Required

The documents required to get a student visa and study game design programs in Sweden are:

  • Completed application form

  • Acceptance letter

  • Bank statement

  • Academic transcripts

  • Identification photos

  • Application fee receipt

  • Health insurance

  • Health Insurance

Proficiency Test

Students applying from outside Sweden must take the English language proficiency test. They can take either the IELTS or the TOEFL, and each university has a minimum score requirement.

Visa Process

After getting the documents listed above, potential students must apply for a residence permit and pay the application fee. The application fee is mandatory for non-Swedish and non-EU/EEA students.

Cost of Studying Game Design Programs in Sweden

  • Tuition Fees- The tuition fees of universities offering degrees in Game Design in Sweden range from 1,20,000 SEK to 1,50,000 SEK.
  • Cost of Living- Students' living costs range from 8,000 SEK to 16,000 SEK monthly.

Scholarships to Study Game Design Programs in Sweden

  • Each university has its scholarship scheme for applicants. Check the university website for potential scholarships

  • Scholarships offered by the Swedish Institute

  • Ake Backman’s travel scholarship

Job Opportunities on Completing Game Design Programs in Sweden

A degree in game design from Sweden gives students a foundation to work internationally in the game industry. They can go beyond using game engines like Unity and Godot. Another possible career path is represented by companies outside the traditional game industry that work with user experience design and evaluation.


1. How Long Does It Take To Get A Degree In Game Design?

A bachelor's degree in game design takes about three years, whereas a master's degree in game development takes 1 to 2 years.

2. How Is Sweden The Perfect Destination To Study Game Design?

Universities in Sweden, like the University of Skovde, have Europe’s most outstanding game development educators. They train students in 2D and 3D Art, animation, design, game writing, sound, music and programming. Students who want to attend a one-year Master’s program are skilled in digital narration and user experience.

3. Are There Course Prerequisites To Study Game Design In Sweden?

Some universities, like the Chalmers University of Technology, require students to have completed at least one course related to game development. On the other hand, many universities do not need previous experience in game design. However, having a digital portfolio is essential.

4. What Are The Exam Requirements To Study Game Design In Sweden?

Applicants are required to take IELTS or TOEFL for English Proficiency. 

5. What Skills Are Required To Become A Game Designer?

Game design students should have the technical skills to operate game engines. They should also have creative storytelling abilities and proper programming skills.

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