An Overview of Engineering Education in the UK for Indian Students

Study Abroad Team 11/08/2023

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Why Choose the UK to Pursue Engineering?

Indian students should keep UK universities at the top of their priority list when looking to study engineering. The United Kingdom has always been a country of innovators. The nation has been the home to some of the pioneers in the world of engineering. So, it’s obvious that the UK will offer top-notch engineering courses.

The country has three universities in the list of 10 best engineering and technology universities worldwide. The other prominent universities aren’t any lesser. They also have state-of-the-art infrastructure and curriculums that are revered all around the globe. An engineering degree from a university in the UK is the best possible addition to a CV.

One of the best things about engineering courses in the UK is their perfect practical and theory ratio. Students love that they don’t need to remain confined in the classroom throughout the year. Most universities require engineering students to spend time in the field to obtain hands-on experience in various operations. The UK has the best engineering colleges in the world for Indian students also because they offer the best placement assistance.

Advantages and Opportunities for Indian Students Pursuing Engineering in the UK

Ongoing Engineering Research: A recent study revealed that engineering research in the United Kingdom is the best regarding productivity and technical excellence. Each year, top businesses in the country spend around £9.5 billion on engineering research. The government also spends around £1.5 to £3.1 billion yearly for research and development in this field. All these make studying engineering in the UK a great opportunity for Indian students.

Effective Teaching Techniques: The UK is also known for its academic excellence. The teaching techniques practiced in this part of the world enable in-depth learning. Students get the chance to tailor courses to match their needs. They also have access to specialist modules, which gives them a better understanding of various crucial areas of technology and engineering.

Welcoming to Foreign Students: Recent numbers suggest that around 20% of students studying at education institutions in the UK are from foreign lands. The main reason behind the popularity of the country among international students is the high level of support they receive when studying here.

Use of English as the Main Language of Communication: As India has been a British colony for almost 200 years, most Indians study some level of English during the early years of their academic careers. UK’s main language of communication is English, which makes communication seamless for Indian students studying there.

Scholarships: Thanks to the UK scholarships for international students, studying engineering in the country is possible even for students who are not wealthy. Examples include:

  • Computer Science & Engineering Scholarship by the City, University of London
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Manufacturing Engineering Scholarships by the Loughborough University
  • International Academic Excellence Scholarship by the University of Plymouth
  • International Excellent Student Scholarship by the University of Greenwich

These are just a few examples. There are hundreds of other engineering scholarships. However, getting these scholarships is only possible if the candidate has exceptional academic performance.  

Great Career Opportunities for Engineers: The demand for qualified engineers is at an all-time high in the UK. This is good news for international students who don’t intend to return to their home country after completing their engineering course in the UK.

Types of Engineering Degrees Offered by Prominent Universities in the UK

Computer Engineering: A computer engineer is responsible for designing computer systems and computers. This engineering stream teaches students to design new computer hardware and use various programming software.

Civil Engineering: Civil engineers are responsible for designing, constructing, and maintaining dams, canals, roads, bridges, and buildings. Indian students can also study some standard subsections of this stream at UK universities. Examples include structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, and environmental engineering.

Electrical Electronics Engineering: Engineers belonging to this field of study use their knowledge of electronics, electromagnetism, and electricity to design, manufacture, maintain, and repair electrical and electronic goods. This specialization covers multiple subtopics like control systems, telecommunications, signal processing, etc.

Chemical Engineering: A chemical engineer works using their knowledge of life sciences (biochemistry, microbiology, and biology), physical sciences (physics and chemistry), economics, and mathematics. The primary duty of these professionals is transforming chemicals and other raw materials into something more valuable or useful.

Automobile Engineering: This stream of engineering provides students with the knowledge and skill to use autonomous and traditional vehicle technology. Automobile engineers design, manufacture, and repair electric, petrol, diesel, motorcycles, and heavy-duty vehicles.

Aeronautical Engineering: The primary duties of an aeronautical engineer include designing, manufacturing, and maintaining air vehicles. These professionals need to apply their knowledge and skills to look after sustainability, mechanical systems, aerodynamics, flight testing, certification, and operation of these vehicles.

Mechanical Engineering: Like all the best engineering colleges in the world for Indian students, UK engineering colleges also offer this course. This engineering branch uses material science and physics theories to analyze, design, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. Mechanical engineers are involved in producing mechanical power and heat and using them to design and manufacture machines.

Industrial Engineering: This branch involves the study of design, manufacturing operations, techniques, and practices. Industrial engineers have a role to play in the development and manufacturing process of almost all products.

Marine Engineering: A marine engineer is responsible for analyzing, designing, and operating machinery and systems of submarines, merchant ships, naval ships, and other marine vehicles. These people work using advanced physics and mathematics.

Top Universities in the UK Offering Engineering Degrees for Indian Students

The top three UK universities offering engineering degrees to Indian students are the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and the University College London. Individuals failing to get admission to these three prestigious universities can submit their application to other top UK universities like the University of Leeds, the University of Nottingham, the University of Liverpool, Brunel University, etc.

Understanding the Curriculum, Course Structure, and Course Components of the UK

Engineering Degree

How long an engineering course at UK universities would run depends on the program a student has picked and the level at which they are studying.

  • If it’s an undergraduate course, i.e., if the student has enrolled for a Bachelor of Engineering, the course will run for three to four years. In some universities, undergraduate engineering students must study for an extra year to get suitable placements.
  • An integrated master’s degree (this course combines an undergraduate and postgraduate engineering degree) typically runs for four to five years.
  • If someone decides to do a Master of Engineering separately, they will need to study for two years to complete the course.
  • Ph.D. in the UK may require engineering students to study for another three to four years. 

The durations mentioned above can vary depending on the institution the student is studying at or the program they have selected. Some UK universities require additional research components or coursework that increase the program duration, while others offer part-time or accelerated options.

The general course structure of all top engineering colleges in the UK is similar. Students learn various subjects by attending lectures, spending time in the laboratory, and going for fieldwork. At the end of the course, students gather engineering knowledge and develop the skills, experience, and imagination required to have a successful career as an engineer.

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