Job Market Trends in the UK for Indian Students

Study Abroad Team 28/07/2023

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The United Kingdom is one of the biggest economies in the world. Its working population comprises more than 32 million individuals. The employment rate in the UK is more than 75%. All these factors make it one of the best countries in the world for international students to study and build a career. After graduation or post-graduation from a college or university in the UK, an Indian student can expect to get a well-paying job in the country itself.

Job Market Trends in the UK for Indian Students

Many students studying in educational institutions based in the UK are Indian students. Apart from offering high-quality education, international students expect the universities in the UK to provide them with strong placement opportunities.

To study in the UK, an individual needs a Tier 4 student visa. After completing their studies, they would require a Tier 2 general work visa to enable them to stay in the country and find employment opportunities. Suppose an international student wants to set up a business or embark upon an entrepreneurial journey in the UK after completing a business-related course. In that case, they must procure a Tier 1 visa.

A work permit mostly lasts for 5 years, and in this period, an individual has to work towards building a strong professional career and decide whether they want to settle permanently in the UK or move back to their home country.

Here are some tips for Indian students that will help them have an edge in the job market in the UK:

Starting the Search Early

If international students in the UK are sure about finding employment opportunities in the country after finishing their course or program, they must remember one important thing. They should start looking for work opportunities as soon as possible.

Many international students wait until the last moment to look or apply for jobs or internships. Delaying these things often leads to a loss of opportunities. Despite the country offering a large number of opportunities to international students, there is a lot of competition. A master's student should start looking for a job 2-3 months after arriving in the UK.

Choosing the Right University

Sometimes, students get so carried away by the thought of studying abroad that they do not put in a lot of thought while choosing the college or university to study in. Several factors must be considered while choosing a university. Apart from checking the university's reputation, the student must figure out how well it will work out for them.

While making a list of the universities to apply to, students go through rankings by different publications and portals. Students must also try to reach out to some individuals who have studied at these universities and get their feedback. Whether a student is planning to do MBA jobs abroad or seeking jobs after graduation, they must choose the right university first.

Building a Network

Many people don't realize this, but networking goes a long way in helping students get the jobs they wish. When an international student is in a country they don't belong to; they are bound to face a lot of competition while looking for a job after graduation or post-graduation.

When building a network, an international student should use online and offline channels. Apart from building a strong profile on platforms like LinkedIn and connecting with professionals, they must make a conscious effort to,

1. Polishing the Skills

Sometimes, international students get so busy looking for ways that could lead them to lucrative jobs that they miss out on doing that one thing that is the most crucial for their career. The job market trends change all the time. Before international students start looking for a job, they must ensure they have the requisite skills to do the job they are offered optimally.

While universities help students get a command over the subjects they specialize in, they must learn a few things on their own to be market-ready. Companies prefer hiring those who are well aware of all the developments taking place in their field of operation and are willing to upgrade their knowledge and skill set regularly.

2. Creating a Personal Brand

These days, a lot of students work towards building a brand for themselves even before they have stepped into the professional space. Most of them use social media to do this. How successful a student becomes in building a brand for themselves depends on their skills and the way they position themselves.

The student will have to use their wisdom to decide the path they wish to take while building a brand for themselves. If something works, they can replicate it over some time. A student of architecture, who is already taking up projects and has some designs to showcase, can launch their website. This will help them build a brand for themselves and get good work opportunities.

3. Being Aware of Demand

Before opting for a particular course or program in the UK, an international student needs to check whether it will lead to them to lucrative job opportunities in the future or not. A particular sector, which was booming till a couple of years back, might have reached its stagnation point now. Because of this, it is very important to do some research before coming to the UK to study.

The demand for people with certain skills rises and falls with time. When an international student plans to start working in a particular year, they should check the sectors that are growing at a particular time. They can also speak to a counselor and get advice on the career path they should choose.

4. Being a Part of a Community

Looking for a job in a foreign land can be a slightly different process than finding work opportunities in one's home country. International students might face challenges while finding a suitable job in the UK. In such a situation, they can seek guidance and support from their peers or those on a job hunt like themselves.

Creating a community or becoming a part of one proves to be very helpful while looking for a job in a foreign country. In a community, different people share their experiences, which leads to a healthy exchange of ideas and information. While looking for a job in the UK, being isolated and doing things independently doesn't always work.

5. Seeking Internships

An internship with a company helps international students get a proper job with the organization after they finish their studies. Internships are a great way for a student to gain some experience and network with the right people before entering the workforce.

Doing an internship will also help make a student figure out whether they like working in a particular industry. If they perform well and give a good account of themselves during the internship, they can expect the company to take their application seriously when they reach out to them for a job after getting a degree.

6. Participating in Mock Interviews

Many bright international students fail to get good jobs in the UK because they do not give a good impression during the interviews. While some students feel under-confident during an interview session, many do not make the cut because of being under-prepared. International students should participate in mock interviews to ensure they have a successful interview.

Many organizations or institutions in the UK organize mock interviews for job applicants. Apart from local students, these institutions attract many international students as well. Along with giving them tips on how to confidently appear for a job interview, these interviews also guide them on how to crack them.

Checking Company Websites

Many companies based in the UK offer updates about job vacancies through their official website. One of the simplest and most effective ways to land a job with them is to check their website regularly.

There are several other benefits of going through the website of different companies. When a student scrolls through the website of a business organization, they get an idea about its history, how it operates, and the kind of things it has done in the past. All this information will help them tremendously during the job interview.

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