Post-Study Work Visa in The UK: How It Benefits Indian Graduate Students

Study Abroad Team 31/07/2023

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The sole motive of every student pursuing higher education overseas is to improve career prospects. Students from India and other countries travel to the United Kingdom in considerable numbers to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate degree courses. They choose to study in the UK, home to some of the world's oldest and most esteemed higher education institutes.

Enhancing Career Prospectus in the UK with Work Visas for Indian Students

Renowned colleges and universities in the UK offer high-quality education and excellent career opportunities to domestic and international students. This European nation is ahead of many other countries in science, healthcare, technology, education, and business. Countless Indians work in diverse sectors in the UK after completing higher studies at a UK institute.

The post-study work visa that the UK government provides to international graduates enables them to stay in the country to do jobs. However, it remains valid for twenty-four months, after which one must extend the visa's time length.

Once graduates obtain the post-study UK work visa, they can do part-time or full-time jobs. Many even pursue internships at leading companies in the UK across industries. There is no denying that the UK job market is pretty attractive for Indian graduates.

The employment rate in this country is higher in the United Kingdom than in many countries. Moreover, the jobs ensure a better quality of life, and the work environment is supportive and positive.

Understanding The Eligibility Criteria and Requirements to Apply for a Post-study Work Visa

International students who wish to study in the UK and work after completing their desired degree courses must get a hold of the post-study work permit. Aspirants who enroll in a Bachelor's or Master's degree program and complete it get permission to stay for two years for work purposes in the UK. For Ph.D. graduates, the post-study work visa allows them to live and work in the country for up to three years.

Here are the eligibility requirements to meet to apply for a PSW UK.

  • International students must hold a Tier-4 visa to be eligible for a post-study UK work visa.
  • Every applicant has to apply to the UK after completing their degree course.
  • Each applicant must have a student visa besides the undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral degree.
  • Application submission when the University confirms that an applicant has successfully graduated.

Here's what one requires to fulfill to be eligible for applying for a Graduate UK Visa.

  • A passport within the validity period functions as an applicant's nationality and identity proof.
  • CAS Reference Number
  • Biometric Residence Permit
  • A letter from the provider if a student had received a scholarship or funding to pursue higher studies.
  • Evidence of relationship with the spouse or children if they accompany an applicant.

Here are the necessary documents to apply for a PSW Visa UK

Every Indian student and all those from other nations who want to work in the United Kingdom after completing their desired degree courses must have these documents.

  • The number of references on the sponsorship certificate
  • English language proficiency proof
  • One copy of passport or other identity proof
  • Job title details and annual salary
  • Company name and license number of sponsor (if any)

Applicants must remember that they need to have a job in hand before filing an application for a post-study work visa in the UK.

Know More About The Duration and Extension of a Post-Study Work Visa in The UK

Many Indian students want to fulfill their study abroad dream in the UK and pursue their coveted careers in this nation. The UK's post-study work visa or work permit ensures that a graduate from a renowned UK institute can stay and work for up to two to three years.

Graduates with PSW visas can do any part-time or freelance work and keep looking for their dream jobs. They can do so until the post-study work visa validity is still ongoing. One doesn't have to return to their native country after the PSW UK visa validity ends.

There are ways to extend the post-study work visa in the UK if graduates want to stay longer for their work. The prudent step is to apply for a skilled work UK visa or a Tier 2 (general) work visa. However, in recent times, the skilled work visa in the UK gets more priority as it allows international graduates to continue their jobs with UK companies.

Strategies for Career Advancement and Maximizing the Post-Study Work Visa Opportunities in The UK

Only some people can study in the UK and work after graduating. One must consider them lucky and work harder to build a successful career in the United Kingdom. Due to the post-study work visa in the UK, an international graduate can easily become a part of the UK labor market.

STEM graduates and those from other academic disciplines get employees' rights and UK permanent residency status. Jobs on the UK's shortage occupations list get additional points from the new immigration system. Thus, international graduates with a related professional degree and skills that meet the job shortage in the UK can easily extend their stay and even get PR status.

Learn How The Post-Study Work Visa Supports Different Fields of Study in The UK

Different types of post-study work visas allow international graduates to live and work in the UK. Indian and other international students become eligible for the post-study work permit in the UK after they successfully graduate from a UK higher education institute. The UK's post-study work visa is available to any international student regardless of their discipline and subjects.

International graduates have no restrictions in finding a job and work till the validity of the PSW visa expires. The best thing about this visa is it supports all fields of study. Once one qualifies for the skilled worker visa, they easily reside in the UK and work for five more years. However, it is paramount to meet the PSW visa conditions.

Overall, the UK's post-study work permit benefits international students significantly. Apart from extending the validity of this visa, international graduates can even get permanent residency status depending on the work they do in the United Kingdom.

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