Pursuing a Medical Degree in the UK: Benefits and Opportunities for Indian Students

Study Abroad Team 26/07/2023

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Why a Medical Degree in the UK Holds Global Prestige? 

Pursuing an MBBS from the UK can be attractive for various reasons. Studying medicine in the UK is beneficial if a student wants to receive top medical education of the highest standards.

To pursue a medical degree, Indian students can apply to the cheapest university in the UK. The United Kingdom is well-known for its high-class education system. Numerous universities in the UK have a long history of excellence in medical education and research. Listed are reasons aspirants should pursue a medical degree from a UK university.

Many Reputed Universities are Located in the UK  

According to the QS rankings, more than 70 universities in the UK rank high worldwide. By choosing any of these top universities, aspirants can receive hands-on training. Moreover, UK universities follow a practical form of teaching. Students can observe doctors treating patients in real-time scenarios.

Internationally-Recognized Qualifications 

By getting admission to the cheapest university in UK, aspirants can gain qualifications that will be recognized worldwide. This recognition can open doors to opportunities for further studies or jobs in various countries.

Access to Groundbreaking Research 

The UK is the flagbearer in the field of medical innovation. The UK was the first country to conduct robotic surgery in the early 90s. By choosing to study MBBS in the UK, Indian students can observe the medical revolution closely. They will also be able to collaborate with some of the best medical professionals.

A Diverse Patient Population 

The multicultural society in the UK implies that medical students can work with a diverse patient population. Therefore, students can gain valuable experience treating a wide range of conditions with utmost precision.  

An Integrated Approach: UK Medical Curriculum

Most reputed medical colleges in the UK have an integrated curriculum. An integrated medicine course imparts scientific skills in a clinical setting. Students can apply their theoretical skills in a practical setting.

Furthermore, with an integrated medicine course, students can learn the material by topic. Study in UK for Indian students is gaining prominence because of this approach. The integrated medicine courses offer students the chance to get some early clinical exposure. Some of the common benefits of this type of curriculum are as follows:

  • This course will allow medical aspirants to apply their theoretical knowledge in a clinical setting.
  • Students can interact with patients from the first year.
  • The teaching method includes problem-based learning.

Here is the list of medical colleges in the UK that offer an integrated medicine courses.

  • University of Aberdeen
  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • Aston University
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • University of Birmingham

Financial Aid and Scholarships for Medical Programs in the UK Supporting Indian Students

One of the main reasons that the UK is a popular study-abroad destination is its excellent scholarship system. Indian students can access numerous scholarship programs to improve their MBBS prospects.

The average cost of an MBBS degree in the UK lies between 30000 to 50000 GNP per year. Most MBBS programs are of five to six years duration. Therefore, the tuition fees can be higher at the end of the course. Students can opt for fully-funded scholarships to find their studies and living expenses. Here is the list of scholarships supporting Indian students in medical programs in the UK.

Hull York International Medical College Scholarship 

It is one of the UK's most popular scholarship programs for medical aspirants. The scholarship provides 2400 GBP financial assistance to aspiring medical students from India. Following is the list of eligibility criteria of this scholarship.  

  • Students should be enrolled at the University of Hull to study MBBS
  • Aspirants must have an offer letter for academics

Felix Scholarships 

Felix Scholarships are offered to the deprived students in India. It is a top-rated scholarship program for Indian students aspiring to study medicine in the UK. Here is the list of eligibility criteria for this scholarship.

  • The aspirant must be below the age of thirty years
  • The candidate must be Indian  
  • After the completion of their MBBS degree, candidates must return to work in their home country

Chevening UK Scholarship

The Chevening UK Scholarship is one of the top-ranked scholarships in the UK. This scholarship offers complete financial support for one-year bachelor’s degree programs in the country. One of the key highlights of this course is that it covers more than 12000 courses. Here are the essential aspects to know about the eligibility criteria for this scholarship.

  • Good scores in English proficiency tests
  • Exposure to professional workplace settings   

With these UK scholarships for international students, one can seek admission to reputed medical colleges nationwide.  

Development Programs: Mentoring and Guidance for Indian Students Pursuing Medicine in the UK

The development programs required to become a doctor can vary based on each student's skill set. In the UK, it can take up to six years for an Indian student to become a doctor. Listed are the development programs for Indian medical aspirants in the UK.

Undergraduate Medical Training 

It is the first step for anyone wanting to pursue a medical career at the undergraduate level. Usually, it takes four to six years of study.

Postgraduate Medical Training 

All medical graduates must undertake and complete an integrated two-year general training program.

General Practice Training 

After completing the postgraduate medical training, Indian students can continue training in a specialist medicine area. They can also enroll for general practice in the UK.

Career Opportunities for Indian Students in the Medical Field in the UK

While pursuing MBBS, summer jobs, and part-time work can significantly benefit Indian students. There are three main options when it comes to working in the UK as a clinician.

Evolving into the Role of a GP or Consultant 

Indian students aspiring to become UK-recognized consultants must be present on the GMC Specialist Register.

Working as a Doctor in the UK without Becoming a GP 

Medical aspirants can also explore the job role of non-consultant doctors in the UK. This job role has a good salary and flexible work patterns.

Short-Term Fellowship Training and Returning to the Home Country 

Many medical aspirants wish to gain experience and training in the UK to improve their skills to serve patients better.

Diverse Medical Fields and Future Perspectives for Advancement & Growth

Selecting the right career option after Higher Secondary is pretty crucial. Moreover, a career in the medical field is up-and-coming. The medical field has a broad range of degrees other than MBBS. It comprises certificate courses, Master’s courses, etc. Here are the types of degrees Indian students can pursue after the 12th.

  • MBBS
  • BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)
  • BMLT (Bachelor of Medical Lab Technicians)
  • B Pharma ((Bachelor of Pharmacy)
  • BPT (Physiotherapy)
  • Optometrist

The UK is a medical research hub whose universities often conduct groundbreaking studies. Indian medical aspirants can fine-tune their career prospects by studying medicine in the UK. However, they must know about UK scholarships for international students to seamlessly continue their studies.

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