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Highlights of the Business & Management Studies Courses in USA

The USA has long been the world leader in the economic landscape. Business and management studies have claimed the spotlight, with thousands of businesses running successfully in this country. 

Multiple Universities in the USA offer many courses related to this domain. Students willing to take up this stream will get thorough training regarding the functioning and operational methods of all departments associated with different businesses. 

Graduating in business and management studies from a reputed University in the USA can be rewarding for any student. The Universities in the USA also accept foreign students in various courses related to business management studies.

On average, these graduates and postgraduates get placed worldwide in coveted organizations with high salary packages. 

Why Study Business & Management Studies Courses in the USA?

There remain several reasons for choosing ness and management courses. In the USA, such reasons are the cultural diversity of the country, excellent universities, some of which rank within the top 10 universities in the world, and outstanding career opportunities. 

Besides, the Universities in the USA also offer career counseling, exposure to the real business world, and an opportunity to join a reputed organization as an intern.  The United States of America undoubtedly has the resources and faculty prowess necessary to run educational institutions without compromising quality. 

High-end infrastructural facilities, seamless research and development efforts, and global connections remain reasons to study business management in the USA. 

Types of Business & Management Studies Courses in USA

Business management studies encompass many domains, including accountancy, Human Resource management, marketing, strategy building, and project management. 

The top Universities in the USA offer several courses related to all these domains. Here is a list containing only a few courses foreign students can study. 

  • Graduate Certificate course in Accounting Foundations
  • Graduate Certificate course in Business Analytics
  • Graduate Certificate course in CPA Pathways
  • Graduate Certificate course in Strategic Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Graduate Certificate course in Financial Management
  • Graduate Certificate course in Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Graduate Certificate course in Value Chain Management
  • Graduate Certificate course in Taxation
  • Master of Business Administration
  • MS in Management MS in Science in Accountancy

Students can check the University websites carefully to learn more courses available in this domain. 

List of Universities Offering Business & Management Studies Courses in USA

The USA has some of the top educational institutions for higher education, which rank within the top 50 global institutions. Here is a list of the best Universities in the USA to pursue business management studies.  

  • University of Illinois

  • MIT

  • New York University 

  • Harvard University 

  • Stanford University 

  • Yale University 

  • University Of California, Berkeley

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • The University of Chicago

There are several other Universities in the USA where foreign students can enroll in business management courses. 

Admission Process to Business & Management Studies Courses in USA

Getting admitted to one of the best Universities in the USA is subject to following the admission process thoroughly. To begin with, the applicant must have a senior secondary mark sheet for the UG course and a graduate degree for Master's courses. The best Universities might also ask for language proficiency test scores. 

Admission generally takes place twice a year. Most international students apply to the courses during the fall season admission. Check the University website carefully to learn about the exact dates of admission. 

Eligibility Criteria

To get admitted to a UG course in business management, the applicant must have proof of passing senior secondary with high scores. 

Similarly, for MBA admission, the student must have a high score at the graduate level. 

Some Universities might even ask for GMAT scores. However, several institutions offer GMAT waivers to international students with impressive academic records. 

Most universities in the USA will require IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE scores. Some Universities do not ask for it if the students can produce proof of having completed the previous courses in English. 

However, the applicants should carefully check the eligibility parameters listed on the university websites. 

Documents Required

International students must have the following documents ready to apply to the top universities in the USA. 

  • Academic transcripts

  • ID proofs

  • Passport photocopies

  • CV

  • Letters of recommendation

  • English language proficiency test score

Proficiency Test

Most universities in the USA ask for language proficiency test scores from students from non-English speaking countries. However, certain institutions do not require this test score if the student has pursued previous courses in English. 

However, the Universities that ask for language proficiency test scores generally set the bar at 6.5 for IELTS and 90 for TOEFL. 

Visa Process

The visa process might take some time. Therefore, students should apply for a Visa right after getting accepted by one of the Universities. 

  • Fill out the study Visa application form online

  • Processing Fee For the Visa

  • Health Insurance

  • Accommodation Proof

  • A copy of your admission letter

  • Bank Statement

  • Passport's copy

  • Source Of Income

  • Tuition Fees Payment Confirmation

Cost of Business & Management Studies Courses in the USA

The cost of pursuing a business management course in one of the top Universities in the USA can be high. However, with a good scholarship offer, you can make the costs more affordable. 

Tuition Fees

Studying business management in the USA includes several courses involving multiple subjects. However, the average cost of pursuing a UG or PG course is as follows. 

  • Bachelor's Degree: $30000-$40000

  • MBA: $50000 to $ 60000

Cost of Living

Here is a rough idea about the cost of living in the USA. 

  • Accommodation: $150

  • Transport: $100

  • Food: $150 to $200

  • Miscellaneous: $500 to $600

The monthly cost of living in the USA can be between $1000 and $1500. 

Scholarships for Business & Management Studies Courses in USA

Almost all top Universities in the USA offer scholarships. Some of these scholarships cover the entire tuition fee, while some provide partial coverage. However, even with a partial coverage scholarship, studying in the USA becomes more affordable for foreign students. 

  • Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program offered by Stanford Business School

  • McKinsey Award offered by MIT Sloan School of Management

  • Donald P. Jacobs International Scholarships offered by Kellogg School of Management

  • Dean's Scholarship offered by Stern School of Business

  • Consortium for Graduate Study in Management Fellowship offered by Tuck School of Business

Only a few scholarships are available for foreign students for business management courses. Check out the universities' websites in detail for more such options. 

Job Opportunities on Completing Business & Management Studies Courses in USA

Students get absorbed in high-paying jobs immediately after completing their UG and PG courses in business and management studies. 

Various companies of global repute belonging to multiple domains like accounting, banking, e-commerce, finance, and more hire from the top USA universities. 

Graduates and postgraduates from these universities generally get excellent career opportunities once they complete their courses successfully. 


1. How safe is the USA for foreign students?

The USA is very safe for international students. Every year, millions of international students choose the USA as their higher study destination. 

2. Can foreign students live in the USA after their studies?

Sure. Most international students join jobs in the USA and stay there permanently after their courses.  

3. Are all parts of the USA equally cold?

No. The USA is a large country with substantial geographical variation. Therefore, different parts have different climates. While some parts have extreme climatic conditions, some feature moderate weather.  

4. Is getting admitted to US universities for an MBA demanding?

If the applicant is eligible and has impressive academic records, admission will not be difficult. However, the competition can be intense for top universities like MIT, Stanford, or Harvard. 

5. Is the USA a culturally accepting country?

It is very much a culturally accepting country. International students will find people there quite friendly and cooperative. 

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